Emoji Exploji Secret Code

Ellen’s 12 Days Of Giveaways is on! This year, Ellen is giving you 14 ways to win 12 days! One of these ways is to get the secret code from Ellen’s Emoji Exploji app and enter it online at EllenTube.com/12Days for a chance win.

One of Ellen’s viewers will receive one prize pack containing gifts given to The Ellen DeGeneres Show’s live studio audience during the 12 Days of Christmas. That includes amazing gifts, incredible trips, thousands of dollars in gift cards, and more.

Are you this lucky viewer? There’s only one way to find out! And remember you can participate daily through December 8th.

What Is Today’s Emoji Exploji Secret Code?

  • Day 1: PINECONE
  • Day 2: ICICLE
  • Day 3: MITTENS
  • Day 4: COCOA
  • Day 5: FROSTY
  • Day 6: BRIGHT
  • Day 7: TINSEL
  • Day 8: GARLAND
  • Day 9: MISTLETOE
  • Day 10: NUTCRACKER
  • Day 11: CHIMNEY
  • Day 12: ANTLERS
  • Day 13: SNOWY
  • Day 14: DECEMBER
  • Day 15: EVERGREEN

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How To Enter At Ellentube.com/12Days

Once you found Ellen’s Emoji Exploji Secret Code, go to www.ellentube.com/12days and register by providing all requested information. Then, enter the secret code displayed in the app.

For complete details and official rules, visit ellentube.com/12days.


  1. I have try everything to win. But all I want is to meet Ellen. I always wanted a honeymoon but a trip to meeting Ellen would be a honeymoon for me and my husband. I want more than anything in this world to meet Ellen. Love Syana.

    • I’m having the same problem and can’t enter. I sent them a message earlier today and another one now. Let’s hope they respond before the entry time period.

  2. Thank you so much for helping us out. I have watched every day and I still have yet to see the emoji pop up! Just a quick question about today. Day 6… I believe your picture is Mistletoe? The picture on Ellen’s page is a different picture than what you have posted. She has a Holly berry, a snow flake and a pic of Ellen with heart eyes… Could you let me know which picture to choose – Thanks again!

  3. Never mind! I actually just caught it on my own. Its the holly leaf emoji for others playing along.

    I just got SUPER excited that I saw it on my own. 🙂

  4. The one you show for today is not an option on the form! There’s a holly leaf trio with berries in the middle, a snowflake, and Ellen in a Santa Hat with hearts over her eyes. I’ve been watching all episodes and have YET to actually see the emoji, so I was excited to find your site! Any idea what’s going on today?

  5. Hey how do you know if you Won if You only watch it on youtube …Coz I wrote a story and sent it and on YouTube it doesn’t even show of anyone who won through the 12 ways they shiw on the link.

  6. So you can only enter 1 way 1 time everyday? Or can you enter 1 time per each method of entry? I’ve been entering everywhere everyday

  7. I never saw either of the first two icons. Where do they appear? The one that stays on next to ellen, was her standing next to a day 1 or day 2 sign. I guess I’m not too bright. 🙁

    • They often pop up after a commercial break. They displayed the first emoji (ellen in santa hat) with a mention about the Giveaway. But they simply displayed the second emoji (mistletoe) without any mention. Don’t worry if you miss them. We will update the post with the daily holiday emoji every day during the 12 Days of Giveaways so just make sure to come back.

  8. I can see the emoji only if I watch it like live? Cause I recorded on my tv and I can’t see any emoji, not yesterday neither today :/


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