Starbucks For Life 2021

Starbucks for Life 2021 is your chance to win more than 3 million prizes but you will need to get Starbucks For Life Rare Pieces 2021 to win Starbucks for Life Coffee Collection.

Wondering what are the Starbucks For Life Rare Pieces 2021 and how to win Starbucks for life? Have a look at the chart below to help you figure out which game pieces are the rare pieces.

These are the Rare Starbucks For Life Pieces 2021 (USA):

PrizesStarbucks For Life Rare PiecesCommon Game PiecesNumber Of Rare Pieces
Starbucks for LifeYour Favorite Ornament, Gingerbrad
Starbucks for 1 YearHot Cocoa, Betty The Yeti
Starbucks for 6 MonthsSnowflake, Waddles The Penguin
Starbucks for 3 MonthsProfessor Owl, Gingerbread House
Starbucks for 1 MonthVickers The Cat, Canberry Sauce
15,000 Bonus StarsPenelope the Polar Bear, Holly Jolly Pickle
$100 Starbucks CardSnowy Mountain, Yule Goat
Ravensburger PuzzleStockingsPuppermint Chip, Jingle the Bunny
1,000 Bonus StarsHoliday LightsBasil the Mouse, The Perfect Gift
Starbucks For Life TumblerJuniper The ReindeerMelody The Bird

These are the Rare Starbucks For Life Pieces 2021 (CANADA):

PrizesStarbucks For Life Rare PiecesCommon Game PiecesNumber Of Rare Pieces
Starbucks for Life
Starbucks for 1 Year
Starbucks for 6 Months
Starbucks for 3 Months
Starbucks for 1 Month
Bose QuietComfort Earbuds
Air Canada Economy Class round trip promotional ticket
Starbucks for Life Limited Edition Puzzle from Ravensburger
400 Bonus Stars
Starbucks for Life Coffee Collection

Want to help us? Tell us which game pieces you think are common and rare ones in the comments below!


  1. Anyone experiencing disappearing plays? Happened three times now. Log in with 2 plays, shake the globe once, one game piece revealed, and upon attempting to repeat with second “chance” denied only to show no plays remain. There are no additional game pieces nor additional duplications. Called Starbucks, was told the “lost” chances would be replaced yet there has been no action.
    Any ideas or similar experiences?
    Side note, also unable to receive the “no purchase required” game plays.
    Both scenarios are new this round after playing previous games without issue.

    • Yes this happened to me yesterday. I tapped the globe and the game paused for a long while, and I almost thought maybe I got a rare piece, but nothing ever happened. I hit the refresh button to hope it would help. I discovered that my “disappeared” play was actually a duplicate piece that ended up giving me the 3 duplicates for another roll. But that’s the only way I was able to figure out what happened – when I saw my 3 duplicates had rolled into a new turn.

    • I am fairly certain that I have the rare Starbucks for Life game piece (US)!! It is a red skier man (Common pieces are the ornament and gingerbread). I got it weeks ago…and am playing twice a day. I still need the gingerbread “common” piece. I feel like even with a coveted rare piece- I might not win! It’s making me crazy!! So close !

  2. For Canada, I have:
    Starbucks for life: gingerbread man
    6 months: penguin, snowflake
    3 months: Professor owl
    1 month: Vickers the cat
    Aeroplan points: Christmas pickle

  3. I have played 12 times and got the “Perfect Gift” game piece in the 1000 stars prize each time. This has happened on various browsers and devices. Seems like a bug.
    I tried different devices in different states (PA and FL), same result. Every game play results in the 3rd 1,000 Stars piece. Help!


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