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Cash Sweepstakes 2016 are promotions offering you the chance to win cash or money, often awarded in the form of checks, to do whatever you want like pay off your bills or buy something you've been saving money for. HGTV Sweepstakes like the 25 Grand In Your Hands Sweepstakes or the Monopoly Game at McDonald's are some of the best cash & money sweepstakes.

Monopoly Game At Safeway 2017 (

The Monopoly Game Safeway 2017 is here! Learn how you can play Monopoly Safeway at for your chance to win over $200 million in prizes.

CTV Watch To Win Super Bowl Contest (

This Sunday, don't miss Super Bowl 51 and the CTV Watch To Win Super Bowl Contest because you could win BIG! And yes, we have the winning keywords!

Bags2Riches Game 2017 At Price Chopper (

The Price Chopper Bags2Riches Game at is your chance to win $250,000 cash, gas and groceries for a year, a brand new 2016 Ford Escape Titanium, and other great prize.

AutoZone Tax Time Sweepstakes 2017 (

The AutoZone Tax Time Sweepstakes 2017 at is your chance to win up to $30,000 cash or AutoZone gift cards.

Wheel Of Fortune V8 Sweepstakes 2017

With the Wheel Of Fortune V8 Sweepstakes, Wheel and V8 are giving away thousands in cash prizes, all next week. Look for the V8 Puzzle Of The Day to win!

Sears Secret Santa Sweepstakes: Watch Wheel Of Fortune To Win!

It's the Sears Secret Santa Sweepstakes on Wheel Of Fortune! Keep looking for your SPIN ID for your chance to win whatever a contestant wins!

Travel Channel Winter Escape Sweepstakes 2016

Now through January 3, 2017, enter this new Travel Channel Sweepstakes 2016 and you could win a winter escape valued at $10,000!

Culver’s Arctic Puzzle Adventure Sweepstakes (

The Culver's Arctic Puzzle Adventure Sweepstakes is here! Enter your cup code at for a chance to win $25,000 plus $1,000 daily prizes.

Old Navy 100K Giveaway (

The Old Navy 100K Giveaway is here! Got a scratch card at Old Navy between November 18th and November 25th? Scratch the surface and claim your prize at now!

Irving’s Pump Up The Fun With The Irving Fun Game 2016

This Summer, visit or to enter your PIN for a chance at up to $25,000 in cash and collect Irving Pump Up The Fun Stickers for a chance to win $100,000.

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