Cash & Money

Cash Sweepstakes 2016 are promotions offering you the chance to win cash or money, often awarded in the form of checks, to do whatever you want like pay off your bills or buy something you’ve been saving money for.

HGTV Sweepstakes like the 25 Grand In Your Hands Sweepstakes or the Monopoly Game at McDonald’s are some of the best cash & money sweepstakes. Take The Tell Pizza Hut Survey To Win

Did you know you can tell Pizza Hut how they are doing and get a chance to win $1,000? Find out how you can share your experience at and be entered into the Pizza Hut Survey Sweepstakes 2016. Every Valvoline Receipt Is A Chance To Win The Valvoline...

During the Valvoline 150 Giveaway, every Valvoline receipt is a chance to win the grand prize of $150,000. Find out how to upload receipt and enter at to get started.

Doritos Flamin Hot Game

Snap the codes on specially marked Doritos bags with the Snapchat app or go to for your chance to win the Doritos Flamin Hot Game.

2017 The View Holiday Cash Sweepstakes

The View's Holiday Cash Sweepstakes is your chance to win some winter cash to help your holiday budget and rock the season.

2017 Newport Pleasure Payday Sweepstakes

The 2017 Newport Pleasure Payday Sweepstakes is here! If you are a tobacco smoker, visit for your chance to win up to $100,000!

Raising Cane’s Peel The Love Game 2019

Collect game pieces, find rare letters and play Raising Cane's Peel The Love Game 2019 for your chance to win $100,000 cash.

Investigation Discovery Labor Day $5K Giveaway

Investigation Discovery is celebrating Labor Day by inviting you to enter the Premieres All DeLong Day $5K Giveaway at

Staples For Students Sweepstakes 2017

Received a code for the Staples For Students Sweepstakes 2017 at Staples? Find out how to enter it at for a chance to win $50,000.

Tops Monopoly 2016: Decision To Win

Discover the many ways to win the Tops Monopoly 2016. Collect & Win rare pieces and semi-rare game markers, instantly win $10,000 cash, play online at, and more.

McDonald’s Trick Treat Win Game

This Halloween, get a Game Piece at participating McDonald's restaurants and you could win big by entering your codes at during the McDonalds Trick Treat Win Game.

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