McDonalds Monopoly Canada 2017

The McDonalds Monopoly Canada 2017 is on and it’s that time of the year where you keep wondering what are the rare pieces that you need to fill the game board.

From Sea To Sky Highway (#827) to Rideau Canal (#801), our Canadian McDonalds Monopoly experts analyzed the odds of collecting each game piece and built the ultimate list of the rarest Monopoly McDonalds stickers 2017.

Not sure if you found winning Coast To Coast McDonald’s Monopoly pieces 2017? Be sure to check our list below each time you get your hands on a game piece at McDonald’s to find out if you found a rare one. Maybe you are the winner of 3,000 Westjet Dollars, 3 months of Texture, Shell free gas, or even $150,000 cash.

Which McDonalds Monopoly Canada 2017 Pieces Are Rare?

The rare stickers are as follows:

Property Sets 2017 Rares Pieces Common Stickers Odds McDonalds Monopoly Prizes
Brown Rideau Canal (#801) Parliament Hill (#802) 1 in 481 442 760 $150,000
Light Blue Mackenzie River (#804) Lake Louise (#803), Lake Athabasca (#805) 1 in 96 288 552 Pair of Yamaha
SnoScoot Snowmobiles
Magenta Percé Rock (#806) Miles Canyon (#807), Columbia Icefield (#808) 1 in 169 419 625 $10,000
Orange Tunnels of Moose Jaw (#811) Signal Hill (#809), Peggys Cove (#810) 1 in 48 144 276 One year of free movies
Red Confederation Bridge (#812) Baffin Island (#813), Bay of Fundy (#814) 1 in 96 288 552 $5,000 Vanilla prepaid Mastercard
Yellow Whistler (#817) Algonquin Provincial Park (#815), Wapusk National Park (#816) 1 in 6 113 559 Cabela’s camping package
Green Portage & Memorial (#820) Robson Street (#818), Sainte-Catherine Street (#819) 1 in 91 703 377 $2,000 Hudson’s Bay gift card
Dark Blue Fairmont Le Château Frontenac (#821) Niagara Falls (#822) 1 in 15 201 383 2018 Volkswagen Atlas SUV
 Airports Vancouver Airport (#826) Montreal Airport (#823), Toronto Airport (#824), Halifax Airport (#825) 1 in 32 561 987 3000 WestJet Dollars
 Highways Route Transcan Highway(#828) Sea To Sky Highway (#827) 1 in 4 560 415 Shell Free Gas for a year

Here’s a simplified list of the McDonalds Monopoly Canada 2017 rare pieces ordered from the rarest sticker to the most common of rare ones.

  • Rideau Canal (Brown – #801): 1 in 91 208 297
  • Mackenzie River (Light Blue – #804): 1 in 18 141 660
  • Confederation Bridge (Red – #812): 1 in 18 241 660
  • Portage & Memorial (Green – #820): 1 in 18 241 660
  • Fairmont Le Château Frontenac (Dark Blue – #821): 1 in 15 201 338
  • Rocher percé (Magenta – #806): 1 in 9 120 830
  • Tunnels of Moose Jaw (Orange – #811): 1 in 9 120 830
  • Route Transcan Highway (#828): 1 in 4 560 415
  • Vancouver Airport (#826): 1 in 1 824 166
  • Whistler (Yellow – #817): 1 in 1 216 111

Personally, I’ll be looking for Fairmont Le Château Frontenac for a chance to drive home a 2018 Volkswagen Atlas SUV or Rideau Canal to score $150,000 cash. What about you?


  1. Hi: Well let’s get the party going I’lol trade my #802 Parliament hill for Vancouver airport or better yet a # 828 Sea to Sky gas card, or a #804 Mackenzie River or a # 820 Portage Menorial. Ok

  2. I was curious, I travel throughout Canada quite a lot as my Husband is a long haul professional truck driver and was wondering if different provinces give out different game pieces? Can I use game pieces from other provinces and are they separated and dealt out that way?

    Thanks and p.s: The most I ever won was a small fry and a pie.

    Good Luck to all!

  3. I have Toronto Airport #824 and
    Wapsuk National Park #816.
    How does this work? So I need to collect the rest of the pieces?
    Help…never played this before

  4. I have every single common in the game, no rares. I’ve won 3 prizes which include texture and 2 food prizes.
    how many prizes are able to be won? (rare or instant)

  5. I have the following
    -Peggy’s cove #810
    -signal hill #809
    -Toronto airport #824
    -Colombia ice field #808
    -sea to sky highway #827
    -lake Louise #803
    -Montreal airport #823
    -parliament hill #802
    – Niagra falls #822
    -Sainte Catherine street #819
    -Robson street #818
    -Halifax airport #825

  6. I have
    -Toronto airport #824, Halifax Airport #825 and Montreal Airport #823.
    -Lake Louise # 803, Lake Athabasca # 805
    -Algonquin Park #815, Wapsuk Park # 816
    -Signal Hill #809, Peggys cove#810
    -Sainte-Catherine Street #819, Robson Street #818
    -Columbia Icefield #808, Miles Canyon #807
    -Parliament Hill # 802

    pls email me if you are interested in sharing the price/buy off from me.

  7. I have
    -Toronto airport #824, Halifax Airport #825 and Montreal Airport #823.
    -Lake Louise # 803, Lake Athabasca # 805
    -Algonquin Park #815, Wapsuk Park # 816
    -Signal Hill #809, Peggys cove#810
    -Sainte-Catherine Street #819, Robson Street #818
    -Columbia Icefield #808, Miles Canyon #807
    -Parliament Hill # 802

    pls email me if you are interested in sharing the price/buy off from me.

  8. Hello everyone,
    I am looking for Vancouver airport and or Canal rideau and or Fairmont le château frontenac and or Rocher Percé and or Pont de la confédération and or tunnels de Moose Jaw. Willing to split the price in half. It it sounds like a good deal for you, contact me at

  9. if anyone has the rare pieces, I’ll gladly mail you the other pieces you need.
    MUST email me a picture of their piece, though, to prove you have it (you can block out the code)
    I’ll pay the postage and everything. I just want to see people actually win 🙂

  10. I got Rideau Canal…is that one rare? I don’t eat at McDonald’s very often lol so don’t think i will even collect all in time

  11. I have a full board all pieces except the rare ones above. From what I read they’re no longer giving out the pieces, but we can still claim for another week… if anyone has any rare piece and wants to split prizes let me know! Laurie

  12. I have the following if anyone wants them: FREE
    Robson Street #718
    Peggy’s Cove # 710
    Columbia Icefield # 708
    Toronto Airport # 724
    Montreal Airport # 723
    Halifax Airport # 725
    Algonquin Provincial #715
    Saint-Catherine #719
    Niagara Falls # 722
    Miles Canyon # 707
    Parliament Hill #702
    Lake Louise # 703
    Baffin Island # 713

  13. I literally have all the pieces except for the rare pieces in every category LOL (plus the extras I keep collecting). Anyone willing to part with a rare piece? 😀

  14. I need cash I have all of these :
    – Niagara falls #722
    – Toronto airport #724
    – 2 of Signal hill #709
    – 3 of peggys cove #710
    – parliament hill #702
    – lake Athabasca #705
    – miles canyon #707
    – Baffin island #713 and bay of fundy #714 I need #715
    – 3 of wapusk national park #716 and Algonquin provincial park #715 I need #717
    – 3 of saint catherine street #719
    in Toronto

  15. i have every piece with every piece double or triple except the rare ones’ lol. If I find a Rare piece I am not going to share it on social media, I see a guy saying he has the a rare piece and all the fools on this are sending him his email and contact info. I think they should be a little bit more smart, specially the ladies, you may be asking for trouble. good luck to all the people who are looking for that one rare piece including me.

  16. you guys are going to get so sick eating all that mcdonalds food while trying to get those rare monopoly pieces you may have to be sent to the emergency in an ambulance

  17. Hello guys and girls. Me and my wife need Ome of the following. Yellow – whistler, Blue – Chateau, Megents -Pierce Rock. We have the accompanying two to all those. Also have 3 airport prices. And two of He orange properties. Let us know if anybody wants to work with us or anything. Thank you.

  18. I have spares of: Miles Canyon 707, Bay of Fundy 714, Robson Street 718, Peggy’s Cove 710, Sainte Catherine Street 719, Wapusk National Park 716, Lake Louise 703, Toronto Airport 724, and Montreal Airport 723. If you need any of these contact me.

  19. Hi , me and my Fiancé are willing to sell or trade our stickers
    Halifax airport, 725 ( Montreal airport, 723
    Lake Louise ,703
    Parliament hill , 702
    Peggy’s cove, 710
    Niagara Falls, 722
    In Edmonton , and selling the 3 months texture sticker

  20. I got Miles Canyon # 707 ($10,000) good luck to me to find the other 2 pieces.
    I also got:
    Montreal airport # 723
    Halifax airport # 725
    Sainte Catherine street # 719
    Lake Louise # 703
    Niagara Falls # 722

  21. I have #721 and will sell for $38,000 – $2000 less than the posted $40,000 value to avoid having my name published by McDonald’s. This price is firm. The best is how I got it – I ordered McNuggets on their own and there was no game piece attached the container so I went back to the counter and asked for it and they gave me a loose play card and here I am 🙂

  22. I don’t really understand the purpose of trading pieces here. If you have a rare one, just keep buying medium drinks until you get the commons. It’s pretty easy to fill the board with commons.

    • The #724 is the Toronto Airport game piece (common game piece). To win a prize, you still need to get Vancouver Airport (#726) which is the winning rare piece for this combination as well as Montréal Airport (#723) and Halifax Airport (#725). Good luck!

  23. Seriously guys!? If the people who found rare pieces aren’t trolling then why on earth would they “split” a prize with you? All you’re offering is cash worth much less than the prize OR totally worthless common game pieces. The owner of the rare piece could go buy a handful of cheap coffees and get those pieces. GTFO with your sob storries and begging. Plus I’m 99.9% sure the people with “rare” pieces are trolls anyway so the joke’s on you lol.

  24. In previous Monopoly Canada contests, the pattern has been exactly repetitive year after year for each color set for a prize. The pattern is that, on every property set except the dark blue, the rare game piece is the last one in Alphabetical Order in reference to the first “word” in the game piece title.

    HOWEVER! Before you get your hopes up, there are two property sets on the 2016 Monopoly Canada where the rare game piece is the First One in Alphabetical Order. The Dark Blue AND the Green sets. I got my hopes up when I got the last one in alphabetical order on the green set which is Saint-Catherine Street. But I ended up getting two of these in one McDonalds meal. There and then, the odds of me having two rare pieces were astronomical. From what I have gathered, it is Portage & Memorial that is the rare piece on the green set.

    To sum it all up, it is the last one in Alphabetical Order on all sets including the airport set but first in Alphabetical Order for the Dark Blue and Green sets.

  25. Most of the big prizes are given away directly to the customer. If you read page 11 and onward of the rules, you don’t need to collect all the tiles to win that category. A Restaurant is selected, and a guy tells you that you’ve won if you make a purchase. So unless you are happy with small prizes, there is no point of playing anymore.

    • There are 3 ways to win in the McDonalds Monopoly. The one you are talking about (the giveaway) is just one of the 3, not the only one.

      1) Instant Win Game Stamps: Some game pieces will let you win prize instantly (3 months of texture, food items, etc..)

      2) Collect and Win Game Stamps: You need to specific game pieces must be collected to form
      a potential Winning Combination. (Fairmont Le Château Frontenac (#721) and Niagara Falls (#722) to win a Gold SportWagen)

      3) The Giveaway: On a Selected Day, the Giveaway Manager will attend at the Selected Restaurant and will identify the first Participant who makes an “Entry” at the Selected Place in the Selected Restaurant on or after the Selected Time. At the time the Participant makes that Entry, the Giveaway Manager will notify that Participant that he or she is the potential winner of the applicable Giveaway Prize.

      While some big prizes are awarded with the “Giveaway” part of the Promotion, there are still great prizes to win instantly such as $10,000 cash, Polaris ATV, and Xbox One Console. Not to mention gift cards, video games, consumers electronics, etc…

      Same for the “Collect And Win” part that is offering you the chance to win $10,000 cash, cars, travel vouchers, and more.

  26. Drew I will give you 5000 cash for it. Would need obvious proof of you having it but would travel to meet you. Would give you a large chunk of cash without the process of hoping to find the other pieces.

  27. Found a 706 percent rock I think?, i almost threw it out my buddy said it might be a rare can’t find it up there can you tell me how to find out maybe I’m looking at wrong spot

  28. Hi its marriam here i need Vancouver airport only other three airports i have plz share the cash with me 50/50 if someone wants to cuz i don’t want to go on vacation only this one i can’t find it contact me ifu r interested thanks

  29. Hi, i have all three airports except Vancouver airport i really need it if somebody wants to sell it plz contact me We can share the money 50/50 i don’t want to go on vacation so plz i will wait for ur reply thanks…

  30. All I need is the Vancouver airport. I’ve got the other three. Can I please buy it off you. I’m a single mom and can’t afford to take my son on a trip and that would make him the happiest boy ever to surprise him with a trip. Please please.

  31. Thanks for sharing Im missing most of rare piece and now I have an idea. I buy coffee everyday at Mcdonalds and I am so excited to peel my cup. Usually I have no luck in any contest.

  32. Heyy I just purchased a medium coke from mcdonalds and I got a dark blue monopoly that’s says 2017 VW Golf alltrack does that mean I won a car! The number is #722

  33. Thanks for sharing this. I figured someone would have it. I have tossed pieces in past years wondering if they might be one of the magic rare pieces. Ever heard what percentage of the big prizes get claimed each year? I assume many people get rare pieces and either never check them or don’t know they are rare.

    I assume they still have the instant win pieces?

    Cheers, Bill

  34. I purchased a medium root beer and my monopoly piece is yellow #716. Now I just have to find #715 and #717. what do you think my chances are????


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