Ellen's Snapchat Secret Code

As you may already know, the Ellen DeGeneres Show 12 Days Of Giveaways Sweepstakes has started on Monday, November 20. Among the 14 ways to win 12 days, there is one that require you to follow Ellen for today’s Snapchat secret code then enter at www.ellentube.com/12days.

If you are here, there’s a good chance you are looking for those secret codes. Following Ellen is fun but Snapchat can be complicated. Or maybe you just don’t want to install the app on your smartphone.

The good news is that you don’t need to follow @ellen on Snapchat for the codes. You simply have to check back with us every day for the newest secret code and a new chance to win. Simple enough, isn’t it?

What Is Today’s Snapchat Secret Code?

Every day, Ellen is going to snap a secret code. We follow her on Snapchat and we will list those codes right here in order to help you increase your chances of winning all those fabulous prizes! Make sure to come back every day during the 12 Days Of Giveaways.

  • Day 1: SNOWMAN
  • Day 2: HOLLY
  • Day 3: JINGLE
  • Day 4: BELLS
  • Day 5: MERRY
  • Day 6: REINDEER
  • Day 7: SANTA
  • Day 8: SLEIGH
  • Day 9: STOCKING
  • Day 10: WINTER
  • Day 11: SNOW
  • Day 12: ANGEL
  • Day 13: TREE
  • Day 14: BOX
  • Day 15: CANDY

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How To Enter The Codes At Ellentube.com/12Days

First, copy the applicable Snapchat Secret Code above then, visit www.ellentube.com/12days to access the Giveaway Entry Form. Enter the secret code and click submit. Finally, register by completing and submitting the registration form to receive one entry for a chance to win.

For complete details and official rules, visit ellentube.com/12days.


  1. Hi Ellen I love your show.You are a blessing to people and make people laugh.When I’m having a bad day I watch your show.Im a single mother of two boys I lost my job and I am financially struggling.It hurts me that this year I may not have a Christmas for my boys.It would make me happy to see a smile on their faces.My kids and I have been through many obstacles in life and I don’t give up .I hope for one day things will get better.

  2. Hi Ellen I think your an inspiration for everyone I love that you have a positive impact on the people that you come in contact with .I hope to one get to meet you and feel that positive vibe for my self an others around me .Your one of the best people on the planet earth

  3. Dear Ellen love your show, your kindness is no match for anybody, I woukd love to win prize it woukd help so much deb tarnawa

  4. Hello Ellen, as we give thanks this holiday season you are a great example of why we give thanks and show graditude during this time. You are the gift that keeps giving changing lives and making people laugh and smile along the way. Thank you for unconditional love that you show daily.

  5. Ellen we are your biggest fans we were wondering If we can come on your stage my mom and me what to come to your stage we all love you Ellen Happy thanksgiving Ellen

  6. I will would love to win this, I spend every holiday alone .Dec 1st I am having surgery to remove tumors from my bladder and in Jan I am having my kidney removed,this would truly cheer me up .God really blessed you Ellen but you do good works with your blessing.

  7. Hello Ellen I am very disappointed your time slot changed. I use to watch your show everyday and no I am at work when you are on:(

  8. Hi Ellen!! My name is JoAnn Bassin and I am one of your biggest Ellen fans, because of your kindness, compassionate, and so damn funny. I watch you every day with my daughter. And if we can’t watch it right away we record you so we can watch you later. I was born April 5th, 1962 with severe scoliosis. I have restrictive lung disease caused my kyphoscoliosis. I have 3 children Meghan 29 years old, Tesa is 27 years old and Danny is 21 years old. Meghan has two children. My granddaughter is 6 years old and grandson 4 years old. Meghan lives in Adairsville, GA and Tesa, Danny and myself live in Northern Virginia, just outside Washington, DC.


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