Instagram Secret Code

Are you following Ellen on Instagram already? Follow her and be on the lookout for the Instagram Secret Code to enter Ellen’s 12 Days of Giveaways this year.

But if you don’t want to use Instagram, you can still have a chance to win. Simply visit us each and every day during the 12 Days of Christmas from The Ellen DeGeneres Show to get Ellen’s secret code and access the Instagram Entry Form by visiting

What Is Today’s Instagram Secret Code?

  • Day 1: igCHESTNUTS
  • Day 2: igCHRISTMAS
  • Day 3: igCIDER
  • Day 4: igCOLD
  • Day 5: igELVES
  • Day 6: igFIREPLACE
  • Day 7: igGINGERBREAD
  • Day 8: igGIFT
  • Day 9: igORNAMENTS
  • Day 10: igDECORATIONS
  • Day 11: igRED
  • Day 12: igLIGHTS
  • Day 13: igLOVE
  • Day 14: igNORTHPOLE
  • Day 15: igSNOWFLAKE

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How To Enter At

Once you found the daily Instagram Secret Code, go to and register by providing all requested information. Then, enter the secret code displayed in the app.

For complete details and official rules, visit



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