Wheel Of Fortune Spin ID Numbers

Wheel Of Fortune Spin ID: All this week, if your Wheel Of Fortune SPIN ID for Wheel Of Fortune Secret Santa Giveaway 2021 appears on TV, you could win the same cash and prizes as a contestant.

If you see your Wheel Of Fortune SPIN ID number, be sure to check in at WheelofFortune.com within 24 hours of the show’s airing to win. Disney vacations and $1,000,000 are up for grabs.

Here are the Wheel Of Fortune Spin ID Winners for tonight.

Day Secret Santa Wheel Of Fortune Spin ID Number #1 Secret Santa Wheel Of Fortune Spin ID Number #2 Secret Santa Wheel Of Fortune Spin ID Number #3
July 12, 2021 BS0660403
Bob S.
$2,000 cash
Judy C.
$4,600 cash
Julie T.
$32,706 cash & prizes
July 13, 2021 CK3921386
Carol K.
$7,500 cash
Bruce B.
$9,500 cash & prizes
James L.
$15,000 cash
July 14, 2021 MM4913061
Maureen M.
$8,000 cash
Bonnie K.
$10,700 cash
Debbie P.
$20,500 cash & prizes
July 15 2021 IH00681
Iris H.
$1,000 cash
Eli G.
$12,052 cash & prizes
Melissa C.
$52,700 cash
July 16, 2021 DS1081764
Donna S.
$8,000 cash
Janet H.
$16,150 cash & prizes
Patty W.
$26,180 cash & prizes
July 19, 2021 JJ2551918
James J.
$4,100 cash & prizes
Debra R.
$6,850 cash
Emogene H.
$15,988 cash & prizes
July 20, 2021 HC7376110
Helaine C.
$3,950 cash
Stacey N.
$7,000 cash
Kelly B.
$57,850 cash & prizes
July 21, 2021 LA8860671
Leticia A.
$2,000 cash
Gwen B.
$3,000 cash
Hilda V.
$25,920 cash & prizes
July 22, 2021 MS9889723
Marilyn S.
$2,000 cash
Angelica G.
$4,000 cash
Marvin K.
$39,816 cash & prizes
July 23, 2021
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  1. After several years of being away, I have tried to enter my Wheel of Fortune ID but am unable to enter it. I keep tapping on thw Wheel sign on the site but nothing happens. Please advise me where to go to sign in to play. Is there a time limit or does my number expire within a time limit?? Thanks.

  2. I wish you would bring back $5000 a day!!!! I watched everyday then.
    Odds go down drastically for the $10,000. I’m sure a few have won it, couldn’t be that many. Because not that many contestants win it.
    Bring Back 5K a Day

  3. Wheel of Fortune was not shown on NBC last evening because of the Olympics coverage. Your winning list shows winning ID numbers up to July 22nd. Prizes have to be claimed by 2:00 the following day. It is now 1:00, July 24, and the winning ID numbers still are not posted. This is unfair to the entire Pittsburgh viewing area.

  4. Wheel of Fortune was suddenly not shown tonight (Friday, July 23, 2021) on the usual NBC Channel 4 WDIV in the Detroit area. Jeopardy was broadcast instead, then the Olympics. Will this final night’s Wheel of Fortune Secret Santa game & winners be shown over this weekend or next week? Very sad.


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