2017 Wheel Of Fortune Secret Santa Sweepstakes

Think you have a winning SPIN ID number for the Wheel Of Fortune Secret Santa Sweepstakes? Starting on December 10th, watch Wheel of Fortune and if you see your SPIN ID appears on TV. You could win the same cash and prizes as a contestant during the Wheel Of Fortune Secret Santa Holiday Giveaway.

Check our Wheel Of Fortune SPIN ID List to find out if you are a SPIN ID winner.

What Are The Winning Wheel Of Fortune SPIN ID Numbers

Day Spin ID Number #1 Spin ID Number #2 Spin ID Number #3
December 10, 2018 MS2960212
Mike S.
$1,000 cash
Alicia N.
$15,250 cash & prizes
Anna Marie P.
$54,665 cash & prizes
December 11, 2018 LO5461760
Loretta O.
$1,000 cash
Nicholas B.
$15,365 cash & prizes
Shelly K.
$18,514 cash & prizes
December 12, 2018 SR6715482
Stacy R.
$6,400 cash & prizes
Emma C.
$8,350 cash
Dianne S.
$51,700 cash
December 13, 2018 CC06256
Charlene C.
$6,750 cash
Jennifer C.
$14,000 cash
Jaime M.
$14,850 cash & prizes
December 14, 2018 RM4839674
Robin M.
$8,051 cash & prizes
Maryellen M.
$20,598 cash & prizes
Rex C.
$71,000 cash
December 17, 2018 VN0387990
Vanessa N.
$1,000 cash
Kim T.
$2,000 cash
Napolean C.
$18,576 cash & prizes
December 18, 2018 RF04077
Roy F.
$2,250 cash
Martha G.
$12,050 cash
Albert Z.
$54,750 cash & prizes
December 19, 2018 BP7319692
Bob P.
$2,500 cash
Donald S.
$14,272 cash & prizes
Marissa P.
$15,300 cash
December 20, 2018
December 21, 2018

What Is The Wheel Of Fortune Secret Santa Sweepstakes

The Wheel of Fortune Secret Santa 2018 Sweepstakes is an Holiday Giveaway sponsored by Quadra Productions, Inc. The Giveaway is open only to permanent legal residents of the 50 states of the U.S. and D.C., who are currently physically located and residing therein, who are 18 years of age or older as of November 19, 2017. Participants must also be registered and active Wheel Watchers Club members.

The Sweepstakes begins at 11:59:59 p.m. PT on November 19, 2018, and ends at 11:59:59 p.m. PT on November 25, 2018. You can only register and participate in this Sweepstakes under one email address and one SPIN ID Number.

Wheel Of Fortune Secret Santa Sign Up

If you are already a registered Wheel Watchers Club member, you can obtain your SPIN ID by logging into the Wheel Watchers Club website located at www.wheeloffortune.com using your Wheel Watchers Club email address and Password. If you are not a registered Wheel Watchers Club member, you can register by accessing the Website and following the online instructions to join.

For the Sweepstakes drawing, 3 SPIN ID Numbers for each day (from Monday to Friday) of the Show Weeks will be randomly selected from all eligible SPIN ID Numbers at the time of the Registration Deadline.

Each SPIN ID Number selected will be randomly assigned to one of the 3 contestants appearing in the respective episode of the Show and will be eligible to receive matching prizes won by said Show contestant.

For complete details and official rules, visit www.wheeloffortune.com.



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