Rare Safeway Monopoly Pieces 2017

Are you playing the Monopoly Game at Safeway this year? The game starts on February 8th and you are probably already wondering what are the rare Safeway Monopoly pieces 2017.

The Monopoly Game 2017 can be played at Safeway, Albertsons, Vons, Shaws, Jewel Osco, ACME Markets, Randalls, Pavilions, Carrs, Eagle, Pak ‘n Save, Tom Thumb, Star Market, United Supermarkets, Market Street, Amigos, United Express, Albertsons Market, Lucky and Super Saver. No matter where you do your grocery shopping, you will receive a free game ticket each time you make a purchase at a participating. However, only a few game tickets will contain a rare Monopoly piece that will help you win a bigger prize. That is the tricky part of the game.

Not sure if you found a common or rare piece? Below is a list of rare game pieces for the Safeway Monopoly game board 2017. The list will be updated as we gather information about this year’s semi-rare and rare game pieces so check back often.

What Are The Rare Safeway Monopoly Pieces In 2017?

The Safeway Monopoly 2017 rare pieces are as follows:

[Updated on February 9, 2017]

Prize Rare Pieces Odds With 1
Game Ticket
Odds With 13
Game Tickets
Odds With 65
Game Tickets
$1,000,000 Cash 8Z07G, 8Z08H 413,100,000:1 31,776,923:1 6,355,385:1
$1,000,000 Vacation Home 8Y14F, 8Y16H 413,100,000:1 31,776,923:1 6,355,385:1
$100,000 Cash or Luxury Car 8E82B8E85E 82,620,000:1 6,355,385:1 1,271,077:1
$40,000 Home Makeover 8D86A, 8D87B 49,572,000:1 3,813,231:1 762,646:1
$35,000 Vehicle of Your Choice 8C91A, 8C93C 49,572,000:1 3,813,231:1 762,646:1
$20,000 College Tuition 8B99D, 8B00E
24,786,000:1 1,906,615:1 381,323:1
$10,000 4-Wheeler 9A03B, 9A04C 24,786,000:1 1,906,615:1 381,323:1
$10,000 Family Vacation 9B07A9B10D 24,786,000:1 1,906,615:1 381,323:1
$5,000 Cash 8F77A 24,786,000:1 1,906,615:1 381,323:1
$5,000 Groceries 8G75C 24,786,000:1 1,906,615:1 381,323:1
$1,500 Gas Grill & Groceries 8H72D 12,393,000:1 953,308:1 190,662:1
$1,500 LED HD TV 8J66B 12,393,000:1 953,308:1 190,662:1
$1,000 Cash 8K64D 12,393,000:1 953,308:1 190,662:1
$1,000 Grocery Gift Card 8L57A 12,393,000:1 953,308:1 190,662:1
$1,000 Laptop Computer 8M54B 12,393,000:1 953,308:1 190,662:1
$500 Grocery Gift Card 8N51C 3,540,857:1 272,374:1 54,475:1
$300 Smart Watch 8P47C 2,065,500:1 158,885:1 31,777:1
$200 Family Picnic 8Q41A 1,652,400:1 127,108:1 25,422:1
$200 Cash 8R40D 1,652,400:1 127,108:1 25,422:1
$100 Grocery Gift Card 8S34B 495,720:1 38,132:1 7,626:1
$100 Cash 8T32D 495,720:1 38,132:1 7,626:1
$50 Grocery Gift Card 8V27C 247,860:1 19,066:1 3,813:1
$25 Grocery Gift Card 8W21A 123,930:1 9,533:1 1,907:1
$25 Gift Card Mall 8X18B 123,930:1 9,533:1 1,907:1
$25 Cash 9C15D 123,930:1 9,533:1 1,907:1
$25 Fandango Gift Card 9D16A 123,930:1 9,533:1 1,907:1
$15 Grocery Gift Card 9E22C 49,572:1 3,813:1 763:1
$10 Grocery Gift Card 9F26C 33,048:1 2,542:1 508:1
$10 Cash 9G31D 33,048:1 2,542:1 508:1
$5 Grocery Gift Card 9H32A 1,549:1 119:1 24:1
$5 Cash 9J37B 1,549:1 119:1 24:1

Odds of winning are based on the likelihood of obtaining the one rare game marker needed to win, plus there will be a semi-rare game marker that is printed with odds of 1 in 5,000 game tickets.

Here’s what the Game Board 2017 looks like once it’s filled. Special thanks to Lee Kniewel who sent us the photo and helped us complete the rare pieces chart above.

Filled Monopoly Game Board 2017
Filled Monopoly Game Board 2017 (only missing the rare Monopoly pieces) / Photo Credit: Lee Kniewel

Found common, semi-rare, and/or rare game pieces? Feel free to comment below to help us build the list.


  1. Well, I got my first 10 tickets this morning, which gives me 40 individual markers. Of those, I got 3 of 8W24 and 2 each of 8W24, 8H71, 8J68, 8M53, 9H33, and 9J39 so it’s unlikely any of those are rares.

    It’s too early to tell, but for the college tuition I am missing 8B99 & 8B100 so it’s probable one of those is the rare, but I only have one each of the others. Who knows, maybe I already won… 😉

  2. This makes the game so much more fun for me. Thank you for doing this last year and getting the site up so fast this year, so I can bookmark it right away!

  3. This is what I have so far that I am missing:
    $25 Gift Card Mall – missing piece 8X18B
    $1500 Gas Grill & Groceries – 8H72D
    $1000 Laptop – 8M54B
    $500 Grocery Gift Card – 8N51C
    $200 Family Picnic – 8Q41A
    $200 Cash – 8R40D

    I know it’s not the intent for them to make it easy, for marketing purposes, but it would be easier to look for the missing pieces instead of looking through thousands of the readily available ones.

  4. semi-rare pieces known so far: $5000 cash 8F77A, $100 grocery gift card 8S34B, $300 smart watch 8P47C, $500 grocery gift card 8N51C., will update when I get more pieces

    • To win a Game Board Prize, you have to collect all markers to complete a prize play area on official game board.

      To claim a prize:

      1) Participants must initial the front of all Collect & Win potential winning original official game markers of the Major Prizes in the lower right hand corner.
      2) Transfer the original potential winning official game markers to a new official game board.
      3) Sign their full legal signature on the new official game board, all in the presence of an authorized Market Store representative who will provide information for the potential winner to send the prize form and game board to the Administrator for verification.
      4) The Sponsor will notify the potential winner of the Administrator’s decision within twenty-one (21) days after receipt of the prize claim materials.
      5) Once the submitted prize claim has been verified a winner by the Sponsor, the prize will be awarded.

      It is recommended that you keep a copy of your Major Prize Form, and submitted promotion materials, for your files.

  5. 8B99D 8B00E
    8C91A 8C93C
    8D86A 8D87B
    8E82B 8E85E
    8Y14F 8Y16H
    8Z07G 8Z08H

    9A03B 9A04C
    9B07A 9B10D

  6. Just read somewhere else the rare piece will always have the semi-rare piece in the same row. So, unfortunately my 8Y16H is the semi-rare piece and is worthless. 8Y14F is the rare piece for the $1 million vacation home.