Monopoly Safeway 2019 (

Monopoly Safeway 2019: The Monopoly Safeway 2019 has started at Safeway stores near you! You can now shop, play and win Safeway Monopoly at Over $250 million in prizes and money saving offers.

But if you want to win the $1,000,000 cash prize, the $1,000,000 vacation home or any of the incredible prizes featured on the Safeway Monopoly game board 2019, you’ll have to find the Safeway Monopoly 2019 rare pieces first. Find rare Monopoly pieces at Safeway and you’ll be on your way to win the biggest prizes.

Wondering when does the Safeway Monopoly Game end? The Safeway Monopoly Game 2019 ends on the earlier of either the date on which all game tickets are distributed or May 7, 2019. This means you have 3 months to play the game, starting on February 6, 2019. Good luck!

How To Shop, Play, Win Safeway Monopoly 2019 At

First, be aware that the Safeway Monopoly Game 2019 is being conducted in over 2,000 participating locations operating under the names of Albertsons, Safeway, Pavilions, Carrs, Vons, Randalls, Eagle, Pak ‘n Save, Tom Thumb, Jewel-Osco, ACME Markets, Shaw’s/Star Market, United Supermarkets, Market Street, Amigos, United Express, Albertsons Market®, Lucky (Southern California only) and Super Saver.

From February 6 to May 7, 2019, receive a free game ticket each time you make a purchase or for each purchase of a bonus game ticket product. You may also purchase 10 bonus game ticket products in one transaction and receive one additional game ticket.

Open the game ticket by tearing off the perforated portions to reveal 4 official game markers which can be used on the official Safeway Monopoly game board 2019. Moisten the glue strip on the back of the official game markers. Place the official game markers on the exact corresponding matching prize play area spaces on the official game board.

More Ways To Win

In addition to official game markers, each game ticket will contain either a special discount offer, SHOP, PLAY, WIN! Online Code, Instant Win Grocery Gift Card, Instant Win Cash, Instant Win Free Product coupon or two (2) free game tickets coupon.

Online Game:

  1. To play your Online Coupon Code found in certain game tickets, log onto the website.
  2. Follow the directions on the screen and enter your alphanumeric Online Coupon Code found on the online game coupon.
  3. To enter the Online Coupon Code on the SHOP, PLAY, WIN! app available for iPhone and Android, follow the directions on the screen and enter or scan your alphanumeric Online Coupon Code.
  4. The site will reveal if you are a potential winner of a specified prize. Potential winners will be provided details on how to verify the prize.

The last day to register for the Online Game is May 15, 2019.

2nd Chance Sweepstakes:

A random drawing for each Division from all eligible SHOP, PLAY, WIN! online codes entered and all MON-12 Sweepstakes mail-in entries will occur on February 28, 2019 for one (1) $20,000 College Tuition Prize, March 21, 2019 for one (1) $10,000 Cash Prize, and April 11, 2019 for one (1) $5,000 Grocery Gift Card Prize. In addition, a weekly drawing will occur for each Division for one (1) $1,000 Grocery Gift Card Prize beginning February 13, 2019 through May 1, 2019 plus one (1) on May 30, 2019.

To Enter by Mail:

  1. Affix your MONOPOLY Online Coupon Code coupon to a 3″ X 5″ index card.
  2. Hand print your full name, address (including city, state and zip code), contact phone number, age, and sign your full legal name on the index card.
  3. Mail your entry in a 1st class-stamped, hand addressed envelope to: MON-12 Sweepstakes, P.O. Box 441208, Kennesaw, GA 30160.

Last Chance Drawing:

If none of the six (6) $1,000,000 prizes [three (3) $1,000,000 Cash (30-year annuity) prizes or three (3) $1,000,000 Vacation Home (30-year annuity) prizes] as described in Section 5, Paragraph A and collectively referred to as $1,000,000 Prizes, are claimed by May 28, 2019, ONLY THEN will a random last chance drawing from all valid MON-12 Sweepstakes entries (as described in these rules) occur on or about June 18, 2019 for one (1) $1,000,000 Cash (30-year annuity) prize. An award of one (1) $1,000,000 prize is guaranteed.

Win Over $250 Million In Prizes And Money Saving Offers

Game Board Prizes (2,008,371 Prizes; total ARV $25,167,500)

  • (3) $1,000,000 Cash
  • (3) $1,000,000 Vacation Home
  • (15) $100,000 Cash or Boat
  • (30) $30,000 Pair of Jet Skis
  • (35) $25,000 Home Theater
  • (50) $20,000 College Tuition
  • (60) $10,000 Cash
  • (75) $7,500 Family Vacation
  • (50) $5,000 Cash
  • (50) $2,000 Fandango Movies for a Year
  • (150) $1,000 Cash
  • (250) $500 Portable Grill & Groceries
  • (600) $300 Wireless Headphones
  • (50) $5,000 Groceries
  • (50) $2,000
  • (150) $1,000 Grocery Gift Card
  • (250) $500 Grocery Gift Card
  • (1,500) $200 Family Picnic
  • (2,500) $100 Grocery Gift Card
  • (5,000) $50 Grocery Gift Card
  • (10,000) $25 Grocery Gift Card
  • (50,000) $10 Grocery Gift Card
  • (925,000) $5 Grocery Gift Card
  • (2,500) $100 Cash
  • (10,000) $25 Cash
  • (25,000) $20 Cash
  • (50,000) $10 Cash
  • (925,000) $5 Cash

Instant Win Prizes (117,289,723 Prizes; total ARV $102,363,490)

  • (3) $10,000 Cash prizes
  • (5) $5,000 Cash prizes
  • (5) $5,000 Grocery Gift Card prizes
  • (50) $1,000 Grocery Gift Card prizes
  • (1,500) $100 Grocery Gift Card prizes
  • (2,500) $50 Grocery Gift Card prizes
  • (5,000) $25 Grocery Gift Card prizes
  • (25,000) $10 Grocery Gift Card prizes
  • (200,000) $5 Grocery Gift Card prizes
  • (67,055,660) Free Product Prizes will be awarded by product
  • (50,000,000) Two Free Game Tickets

Instant Discount Offers (332,119,505 Discount Offers)

  • (8,750,000) $29.99 Shutterfly Photo Book
  • (4,600,000) $22.99 Shutterfly 20 X 30 Large Format Print
  • (8,750,000) $19.99 Shutterfly 16 x 20 Collage Poster
  • (4,500,000) $16.99 Shutterfly Pencil Case
  • (8,750,000) $16.99 Shutterfly Shopping Bag
  • (2,600,000) $14.99 Shutterfly Pet Bandana
  • (3,500,000) General Mills Box Tops for Education

Online Game Prizes (13,376,678 Prizes; total ARV $45,942,500)

  • (2) $100,000 Cash or Boat prizes
  • (3) $75,000 Corvette prizes
  • (8) $30,000 Pair of Jet Skis prizes
  • (15) $7,500 Vacation prizes
  • (50) $1,000 Cash prizes
  • (1,030,000) Grocery Gift Card prizes ranging from $25 to $500
  • (50,000) $25 Fandango Promotional Codes

About The Monopoly Safeway 2019

The Online Game is open only to legal U.S. residents who are 18 years of age or older and who have legally obtained an official game ticket at a Market Store or by mail. This Promotion will end on the earlier of either the date on which all game tickets are distributed or May 7, 2019. A total of 1,250,000,000 game tickets may be distributed in the participating locations.

For complete details, see official rules starting February 6, 2019.


  1. Willing to trade a rare game piece

    Have $30,000 Pair of Jet Skis 401DX and want to trade it for $20,000 College Tuition 411DZ and $10,000 Cash 417E$. I am an unemployed student and this even trade can benefit both parties. Can provide pics. Please let me know ASAP!!!

  2. I have all the million cash pieces except 335 and 336 also all the vacation home except 341 and 343 let’s make a deal

    • Hi, I need 411DZ for college tuition and because I am not working it will help pay for my classes this year. I would be willing to trade my rare piece 416D$ $10k … Let me know.

  3. Hi. I have all pieces for $100k including 394BW. Also have all pieces for $1M including 343EJ. All I need is 397EW and 341CJ Game is almost over. I am willing to take 30%. Can meet at a Safeway. Pls contact me 408.849.6866. -Jamie C.

  4. This has been my most difficult year playing the Monopoly game. I had two rare peces one for a100000 397 and one for 1000000 number 336. Both were taken by my roommate. I am working with local authorities to reclaim the tickets although I believe they have been cashed in.

  5. I am trying to register to see if any of the Monopoly coupons are a winner. It says I am already registered but it doesn’t like my email or my password so I tried to sign up and it wont let me do that either. What can I do or what can you do.

    Thank you.

    Karen Hutchinson


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