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Safeway Monopoly 2019 Rare Pieces: Are you playing the Monopoly Safeway 2019 at or via the app this year? The Safeway Monopoly starts on February 6th and you are probably wondering what are the Safeway Monopoly 2019 Rare Pieces. We have the answer.

The Safeway Monopoly Game 2019 can be played at Safeway, Albertsons, Vons, Shaws, Jewel Osco, ACME Markets, Randalls, Pavilions, Carrs, Eagle, Pak ‘n Save, Tom Thumb, Star Market, United Supermarkets, Market Street, Amigos, United Express, Albertsons Market, Lucky and Super Saver. No matter where you do your grocery shopping, you will receive a free game ticket each time you make a purchase at a participating. However, only a few game tickets will contain a rare Monopoly piece that will help you win a bigger prize. That is the tricky part of the game.

Not sure if you found a common or rare piece? Below is a list of rare game pieces for the Safeway Monopoly game board 2019. The list will be updated as we gather information about this year’s semi-rare and rare game pieces so check back often.

What Are The Safeway Monopoly 2019 Rare Pieces?

The Safeway Monopoly 2019 Rare Pieces are as follows:

[Updated on February 6, 2019]

Prize Safeway Monopoly 2019 Rare Pieces Common Game Pieces Odds With 1
Game Ticket
Odds With 13
Game Tickets
Odds With 65
Game Tickets
$1,000,000 Cash 335CI, 336DI 333AI, 334BI, 337EI, 338FI 404,000,000:1 31,076,923:1 6,215,385:1
$1,000,000 Vacation Home 341CJ, 343EJ 339AJ, 340BJ, 342DJ, 344FJ 404,000,000:1 31,076,923:1 6,215,385:1
$100,000 Cash or Boat 394BW, 397EW 393AW, 395CW, 396DW 80,800,000:1 6,215,385:1 1,243,077:1
$30,000 Pair of Jet Skis 398AX, 401DX  399BX, 400CX, 402EX 40,400,000:1 3,107,692:1 621,538:1
$25,000 Home Theater 403AY, 404BY 405CY, 406DY, 407EY 34,628,571:1 2,663,736:1 532,747:1
$20,000 College Tuition 408AZ, 411DZ 409BZ, 410CZ, 412EZ 24,240,000:1 1,864,615:1 372,923:1
$10,000 Cash 416D$, 417E$ 413A$, 414B$, 415C$ 20,200,000:1 1,553,846:1 310,769:1
$7,500 Family Vacation 419B#, 420C# 418A#, 421D#, 422E# 16,160,000:1 1,243,077:1 248,615:1
$5,000 Cash 302BA 301AA, 303CA, 304DA 24,240,000:1 1,864,615:1 372,923:1
$5,000 Groceries 308DB 305AB, 306BB, 307CB 24,240,000:1 1,864,615:1 372,923:1
$2,000 Gift Card 309AC 310BC, 311CC, 312DC 24,240,000:1 1,864,615:1 372,923:1
$2,000 Fandango Movies for a Year 315CD 313AD, 314BD, 316DD 24,240,000:1 1,864,615:1 372,923:1
$1,000 Cash 318BE 317AE, 319CE, 320DE 8,080,000:1 621,538:1 124,308:1
$1,000 Grocery Gift Card 321AF 322BF, 323CF, 324DF 8,080,000:1 621,538:1 124,308:1
$500 Portable Grill & Groceries 327CG 325AG, 326BG, 328DG 4,848,000:1 372,923:1 74,585:1
$500 Grocery Gift Card 332DH 329AH, 330BH, 331CH 4,848,000:1 372,923:1 74,585:1
$300 Wireless Headphones 391CV 389AV, 390BV, 392DV 2,020,000:1 155,385:1 31,077:1
$200 Family Picnic 388DU 385AU, 386BU, 387CU 808,000:1 62,154:1 12,431:1
$100 Grocery Gift Card 381AT 382BT, 383CT, 384DT 484,800:1 37,292:1 7,458:1
$100 Cash 379CS 377AS, 378BS, 380DS 484,800:1 37,292:1 7,458:1
$50 Grocery Gift Card 374BR 373AR, 375CR, 376DR 242,400:1 18,646:1 3,729:1
$25 Grocery Gift Card 372DQ 369AQ, 370BQ, 371CQ 121,200:1 9,323:1 1,865:1
$25 Cash 365AP 366BP, 367CP, 368DP 121,200:1 9,323:1 1,865:1
$20 Cash 362BO 361AO, 363CO, 364DO 48,480:1 3,729:1 746:1
$10 Grocery Gift Card 358BN 357AN, 359CN, 360DN 24,240:1 1,865:1 373:1
$10 Cash 353AM 354BM, 355CM, 356DM 24,240:1 1,865:1 373:1
$5 Grocery Gift Card 351CL 349AL, 350BL, 352DL 1,310:1 101:1 20:1
$5 Cash 348DK 345AK, 346BK, 347CK 1,310:1 101:1 20:1

Odds of winning are based on the likelihood of obtaining the one rare game pieces needed to win, plus there will be a semi-rare game marker that is printed with odds of 1 in 5,000 game tickets.

Found common, semi-rare, and/or rare game pieces? Feel free to comment below to help us build the list.


  1. I have 416D$ if anyone can prove to me that they have 417E$ I will give them my 416D$ for free. no strings attached. Prove you have 417E and and 416D$ is yours. Text me at(925) 303-9921

  2. Has anybody noticed that their Safeway receipt specifies what color game pieces you will receive from the cashier? I noticed the cashier grabbed a stack of different colored game pieces and handed them to the person in line in front of me.
    I wondered why, then I noticed my receipt said “Blue ticket customer”. Does anyone know what that’s all about???

  3. Hi I have the semi rare 401 if you have 398 for the jet skis
    I have the semi rare 408 if you have 411 for the collage
    I have the semi rare 343 if you have 341 for 1 million vacation home
    willing to sell you may email me if interested

  4. Are you people just plain dumb as a rock? Anyone who has a rare piece everyone is looking for is pulling a prank on your gullible selves. Lol

  5. Hi All, I just put up for auction on Ebay 975+ unopened tickets plus a gameboard which includes all non-rare pieces as well as the semi-rare 401DX Jet Ski and all pieces to win the $5. I don’t have time to keep opening tickets so I’m listing them for someone else to enjoy. Thanks in advance for looking!

  6. I HAVE 343EJ $1,000,000 vacation home.

    Does anyone have 341CJ ?

    We can split or I may consider selling for the right price.

  7. Hello I only need 341 CJ for vacation home and 397EW for 100,000 cash or boat. Please let me know if anyone has these. Will split prize.

  8. Hi I’m im puyallup wa but cab travel anywhere in state have every piece except for the rare one on list if anyone want to share price feel free to text me at 2533594101 i won 1000 last year so in familiar with process so can be helpful to someone.
    Also can email me at my name is Sarah

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  10. I have 403AY, 405CY, 406DY, 407EY for the $25,000. Home Theater, Need 404BY. If you have 404BY I will sell the ones I have to you.

  11. * Willing to pay/split prize for any of these:
    335, 336
    340, 341, 343
    394, 397
    408, 411
    403, 404
    419, 420

    Please reply here

  12. Hello Everyone,

    I only need one piece to win the prices below and I am willing to share.

    $5,000 cash

    $5,000 grocery

    $2,000 Priceplate Gift Card

    $2,000 Fandango Movie Ticket

    $1,000 cash

    $1,000 grocery

    $500 Portable Grill

    $500 Grocery Gift Card

    If you have any of those pieces about, please reach out to me and we can work out a deal that’s mutually beneficial.



  13. Hello Everyone. I have the following

    Vacation Home $1 Million

    I need 341CJ to win this price and I’m willing to share. My email is

    My cell is 909-726-2125 text only

  14. I’m looking for
    I have all pieces, except 315CD for $2000 Fandango Movies. I’m not really interested in winning that prize,so I will trade all those pieces for 1 of the pieces I need, posted above.

  15. My daughter went to Safeway and came home with a whole new set oof tickets these have a germ back and all numbers are 500 or larger…..Did the put out a different game board?

    • Hey I am interested in the college tuition one! I am currently saving for the teaching credential and at the moment have no money to pay for it so would be nice if I could won’t thay

      • Check below

        I do not/not have rare pieces.
        I do have pieces that may be of use to those who do have the rare pieces.
        Contact me if you are interested.
        I am quite reasonable about these things.
        One Million
        333AI, 334BI, 337EI, 338FI
        Vacation Home
        339 AJ, 340BJ, 342 DJ, 344FJ
        Cash or Boat
        393AW, 395CW, 396DW, 399BX
        Jet Skis
        400CX, 402EX, 405 CY
        Home Theater
        406DY, 407 EY, 409BZ
        College Tuition
        410 CZ, 412EZ, 413A$
        10 K Cash
        414B$, 415C$, 418A#
        Family Vacation
        421D#, 422E#, 301AA
        5K Cash
        303CA, 304DA, 305AB
        5K Groceries
        307 CB, 310BC (missing 306BB)
        310BC, 311BC, 312 DC
        313AD, 314BD, 316 DD
        1K Cash
        317AE, 319CE, 320DE
        325AG, 326BG,328DG
        5K Grocery Card
        329AH, 330BH,331CH
        $100 card
        382BT, 383CT, 384CT
        $100 cash
        377AS, 378BS, 380DS
        $50 card
        375CR, 376DR, 369AQ
        $25 card
        370BQ, 371 CQ, 366BP
        $20 cash
        363CO, 364DO, 357AN

        For the following, I will mail them to you.
        Give some cash to the homeless or needy near you.
        $10 card
        359CN, 360DN, 354 BM
        $5 card
        349AL, 350BL, 352DL
        $5 cash
        345AK, 346BK, 347CK

  16. The prizes used to have one rare piece but now they have two. Does anyone know if both rare pieces are needed for a prize? I have one of the $25k home theater rare pieces.

  17. If anyone out there has any of the following cards please contact me. Willing to split winnings on any large prize or buy your pieces from you!


    Serious inquiries only please!

  18. We have 394BW and 408AZ. $100,000 rare piece and $20,000 tuition rare piece. Received these today, in California. (Safeway piece). Text if interested: 209-262-0479

  19. The $25,0000 Home Theater last piece should be 407EY, not DY.

    Damnit. I thought I had the rare $100,000.00 game piece.

    Still can’t figure out why you would post all of the game pieces in the common list when one of those obviously is not going to be common.

  20. Hi, Richard, thanks for providing this valuable info once again.

    Can you remove the old posts from 2017 and 2018? Or at least make sure the new comments show at the top and aren’t buried below the oldies?

      • Thanks, that’s OK. As long as the newest ones are at the top, I’m good.
        I think it was last year that the old ones were at the top, and I had to keep scrolling way way down to get to the 2018 posts.
        For a few moments this afternoon, I thought I had the rare piece for the Fandango $2K movie prize. Last week I put a black dot on my game board for all of the rare spots I saw on your site (which has since been updated nicely). I put a dot on 314 and got that piece today. Now I see that 315 is the rare one, not 314. Either I marked it wrong, or it was erroneously listed above and later corrected. In either case, it’s not a prize i’d really want to pay the tax on, so i’d try to sell it if i got the rare one.

  21. 2/08/19. I’m looking at the $100,000 prize and the first game piece listed is 393AQ.
    393AQ is not on my 2019 game board from Vons. Instead, it shows 393AW.
    You have 394BW, 395CW, 396DW and 397EW listed as common game markers.
    Is this a typo?
    If so, why are you listing all 5 $100,000.00 game markers in the common game piece column on this web page? There are only 5 total. So one of those five has to be the rare and hard to find one.
    I was hoping it was the 393AW as I got that one today and it is not on the common pieces list.


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