Safeway Monopoly 2021

The Monopoly Safeway 2021 starts on March 3, 2021 and this year, you will need these Safeway Monopoly Rare Pieces 2021 to win over $230,000,000 in prizes during the game.

Not sure if you found a common or rare piece? Below is a list of rare game pieces for the Safeway Monopoly Game 2021. The list will be updated as we gather information about this year’s semi-rare and rare game pieces so check back often.

These are the Safeway Monopoly Rare Pieces 2021

[Updated on February 15, 2021]

These are officially all the Rare and Semi-Rare Game Pieces you need to win the Safeway Monopoly 2021!

PrizeSafeway Monopoly Rare PiecesSemi-Rare PiecesCommon Game PiecesOdds With 1
Game Ticket
Odds With 13
Game Tickets
Odds With 65
Game Tickets
$1,000,000 CashA606FA601AA602B, A603C, A604D, A605E, A607G552,501,000: 142,500,077: 18,500,015: 1
$250,000 Vacation HomeB611DB614GB608A, B609B, B610C, B612E, B613F368,334,000: 128,333,385: 15,666,677: 1
$100,000 Cash or BoatM656AM659DM657B, M658C, M660E, M661F110,500,200: 18,500,015: 11,700,003: 1
$40,000 Vehicle of ChoiceJ643BJ646EJ642A, J644C, J645D, J647F55,250,100: 14,250,008: 1850,002: 1
$25,000 Home TheaterF630DF631CF633A, F632B, F629E, F628F36,833,400: 12,833,338: 1566,668: 1
$10,000 CashC615EC618BC619A, C617C, C616D18,416,700: 11,416,669: 1283,334: 1
$5,000 GroceriesP667DP670A, P669B, P668C22,100,040: 11,700,003: 1340,001: 1
$1,000 CashN663CN665A, N664B, N662D4,420,008: 1340,001: 168,000: 1
$500 Portable Grill & GroceriesL653BL652A, L654C, L655D1,473,336: 1113,334: 122,667: 1
$250 Grocery Gift CardK649BK648A, K650C, K651D1,105,002: 185,000: 117,000: 1
$100 Grocery Gift CardH641AH640B, H639C, H638D442,001: 134,000: 16,800: 1
$50 Grocery Gift CardG635CG637A, G636B, G634D221,000: 117,000: 13,400: 1
$20 Grocery Gift CardE625CE627A, E626B, E624D55,250: 14,250: 1850:1
$5 CashD623AD622B, D621C, D620D1,105: 185:117: 1

Found common, semi-rare, and/or rare game pieces? Feel free to comment below to help us build the list.


  1. 2021 Monopoly is a joke. It is too time consuming and even confusing to understand. Why can’t you still do Monopoly as you have over the years. Why the change? There needs to be firings in the Safeway marketing department.

    • I actually liked that all items were added onto card so you did not have to bring winning ticket to be scanned by clerk! Other than that the game seemed the same to me…….I won $200 worth of stuff which is roughly the same I win each year!

  2. FYI, first time so far, when you pick 3, (I did not match them tough), there was a $ 10 off on groceries. Wish I matched that one. In the past, I won the $ 5 prize 2 times, (in two different games). I think last time I did not win anything except the instant winner items.

    • When I match 3, I mainly win water bottles! The $10 off or $2 off or even the $1 off are always some place else. Isn’t t that strange?

  3. Are used to love playing Monopoly I was so hooked but like you guys all said this year is a joke I hate it I totally gave up on it

      • Hi, I have found the game to be as fun as in any year and actually easier to get FREE and discounted items because they are loaded onto your card! I have received just about the same amount of awards as I usually do……gas rewards, $ and FREE items……

  4. I do not think there are game pieces. Just coupons, occasional free items and then the match 3 or get tokens. I hate that most of the time you only get 1 or 2 tokens most of the time. You used to get anywhere from 1 to 15 or more before.

  5. I was gonna say the game is terrible this year until I randomly hit the right 3 boxes and got $100 in groceries. However, I never got a piece for the board out of like 30 tickets.

  6. Worst game ever! Most of the tickets give you 50 cents discount in useless items. You are lucky if you match 3 boxes and get a free bottle of water that you cannot find in the stores. The game sucks!

    • I feel the same. Coupons for 50 cents off don’t do it for me either. I have not seen a game piece yet. In my opinion, this Monopoly game is worthless.

  7. I am really confused by this list of rare pieces. Where are the pieces? All I have gotten are codes to scan and coupon.

  8. I do not understand why there is a list of rare and semi rare game tickets for the 2021 monopoly game? Did somebody just screw up and the liat is a mistake? I spend a bunch of extra money buying game ticket items.. this sucks.

  9. The letters and numbers that are on the blue side of the ticket correspond to the box that the tickets came in to the store. They identify what box they came from. I have talked to several friends who have played this game for years and none of them have gotten a game piece yet.
    I have gotten close to 50 tickets now and all they are is mainly $.50 off items I do not purchase. So I started entering the tickets online and they give you nine boxes to choose from. You have to get the three that match. So far I have won a free bottle of water. I used to stock my pantry with products so I could play the game, but not this year. It appears they do not want to give away to many prizes. They took all the fun out of the game.

  10. Nooooo, I was wrong. You just enter the code on the game piece into the or app after you login with your justforu or rewards account info. Then the app or website will tell you if you’re an instant winner or something. All the smaller prizes, coupons, etc go into your justforu or rewards account and happen (digitally) at the checkstand. The bigger prizes are where you have to (somehow) print a claim form and mail it in to confirm your win status.
    JustForU ;¬{

  11. The 2021 Monopoly boardgame piece is on the blue side in the middle. There is a product picture and a little “A601A” type number hiding along the seam. I had to ask my kids.
    The game board is virtual. You can print one.
    Good Luck!

    Appreciate U Winzily

    • On all of my slips, that number only has two digits like “A79B” it does not have enough digits to match the rare piece list.

    • How do you print the board l looked at the Monopoly website and can’t find anywhere to load and print it.

      I’m also not seeing a 3 digit code on the side. Im seeing an A70b for example. I give up

  12. Bonjour, Richard. I got my first game pieces this morning (14) and I don’t see any type of collect-and-win game this year. So I’m not sure what the list above represents.


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