Monopoly Game At Safeway 2018

Are you playing the Monopoly Game at Safeway this year? The game starts on February 7th and you are probably already wondering what are the rare Safeway Monopoly pieces 2018.

The Monopoly Game 2018 can be played at Safeway, Albertsons, Vons, Shaws, Jewel Osco, ACME Markets, Randalls, Pavilions, Carrs, Eagle, Pak ‘n Save, Tom Thumb, Star Market, United Supermarkets, Market Street, Amigos, United Express, Albertsons Market, Lucky and Super Saver. No matter where you do your grocery shopping, you will receive a free game ticket each time you make a purchase at a participating. However, only a few game tickets will contain a rare Monopoly piece that will help you win a bigger prize. That is the tricky part of the game.

Not sure if you found a common or rare piece? Below is a list of rare game pieces for the Safeway Monopoly game board 2018. The list will be updated as we gather information about this year’s semi-rare and rare game pieces so check back often.

What Are The Rare Safeway Monopoly Pieces In 2018?

The Safeway Monopoly 2018 rare pieces are as follows:

[Updated on February 10, 2018]

PrizeRare Game PiecesOdds With 1
Game Ticket
Odds With 13
Game Tickets
Odds With 65
Game Tickets
$1,000,000 Cash 108AH625,000,000:148,076,923:19,615,385:1
$1,000,000 Vacation Home 110BB, 116BH312,500,000:124,038,462:14,807,692:1
$100,000 Cash or Luxury Car 181TA, 182TB83,333,333:16,410,256:11,282,051:1
$40,000 Vehicle of Choice 189VD, 190VE50,000,000:13,846,154:1769,231:1
$25,000 Kitchen Makeover 193WC, 194WD35,714,286:12,747,253:1549,451:1
$20,000 College Tuition 199XD, 200XE25,000,000:11,923,077:1384,615:1
$10,000 Cash 203YB, 206YE25,000,000:11,923,077:1384,615:1
$7,500 Family Vacation 207ZA, 209ZC16,666,667:11,282,051:1256,410:1
$5,000 Cash 179SC25,000,000:11,923,077:1384,615:1
$5,000 Groceries 173RA25,000,000:11,923,077:1384,615:1
$2,600 Movies For A Year 172QD25,000,000:11,923,077:1384,615:1
$1,500 Gas Grill & Groceries 166PB25,000,000:11,923,077:1384,615:1
$1,000 Cash 164OD12,500,000:1961,538:1192,308:1
$1,000 Grocery Gift Card 159NC12,500,000:1961,538:1192,308:1
$1,000 Weekend Getaway 154MB12,500,000:1961,538:1192,308:1
$1,000 Laptop Computer 149LA12,500,000:1961,538:1192,308:1
$500 Grocery Gift Card 145KA3,571,429:1274,725:154,945:1
$300 Spa Day 144JD2,083,333:1160,256:132,051:1
$200 Family Picnic 138HB1,666,667:1128,205:125,641:1
$200 Cash 135GC1,666,667:1128,205:125,641:1
$100 Grocery Gift Card 132FD500,000:138,462:17,692:1
$100 Cash 126EB500,000:138,462:17,692:1
$50 Grocery Gift Card 121DA250,000:119,231:13,846:1
$25 Grocery Gift Card 119CC125,000:19,615:11,923:1
$25 Gift Card Mall 213AB125,000:19,615:11,923:1
$25 Cash 218BC125,000:19,615:11,923:1
$20 Cash 220CA100,000:17,692:11,538 :1
$15 Grocery Gift Card 227DD50,000:13,846:1769:1
$10 Grocery Gift Card 228EA31,250:12,404:1481:1
$10 Cash 235FD31,250:12,404:1481:1
$5 Grocery Gift Card 237GB1,389:1107:121:1
$5 Cash 242HC1,389:1107:121:1

Odds of winning are based on the likelihood of obtaining the one rare game pieces needed to win, plus there will be a semi-rare game marker that is printed with odds of 1 in 5,000 game tickets.

Found common, semi-rare, and/or rare game pieces? Feel free to comment below to help us build the list.


  1. I have all the pieces so i only need the last piece 108AH we will divided prize in half i live in Seattle. you can call me at 206 271 0202

    thank you

  2. Can we all take a moment to talk about how DISAPPOINTING this Monopoly season was? All season long just free gravy and 8oz tomato sauce. EIGHT OUNCES! Not even the decent Signature Homes $1.00 jars. Last season I was swimming in free donuts/bagels/aspirin/tissues/salt. This year…2 donuts. On top of that, the online contest…wow. Just converting my hard earned tokens into sweepstakes opportunities.

    I could write volumes about how disappointing this season was, but you guys get the idea. It feels like the creators gave away too many good things last year and this year they had to make up for it by churning out a smorgasbord of free tiny canned tomato sauces. Womp.

    P.s. Did anyone else check out the details for the Universal sweepstake options? Front and center, each flight is “coach”. For goodness sakes, Universal/Vons couldn’t spring for first class after all of this painstaking token organizing and code punching in?? womp womp. /rant

      • I am the proud owner of 25 cans of tomato sauce! lol I got any freebie I could get. Made homemade spaghetti sauce out of some of it. Some went in food storage. YAY!
        Not….(rolling eyes at the thought of one more can!)

  3. I have 116BH and 194 WD.If any one need contact me I have :101-102-103-104-105-106-107-109-111-112-113-114-115-116-117-118-120-122-123-124-125-127-128-129-130-131-133-134-136-137-139-140-141-142-143-146-147-148-150-151-152-153-155-156-157-158-160-161-162-163-165-167-168-169-170-171-174-165-176-177-178-180-183-184-185-186-187-188-191-192-194-195-196-197-198-202-204-205-212-214-215-216-217-219-221-222-223-224-225-226-229-230-231-232-233-234

  4. Need all of the listed pieces in the chart at the top of this thread. Even the “smaller” prizes would be cool to win. Had someone offering a 144JD but it’s probably gone by now. But that would be an example of one id would be looking for. Thanks in advance. Email at

  5. I need some pieces below as I’m willing to exchange or look for any of my duplicates. I live and purchased tickets in the Safeway and Acme grocery stores in Delaware. email is

    1million WHAT everyone needs 108AH lol
    1million Vacation home 110BB & 116 BH
    5,000 Groceries 173RA
    2,600 Movies for 1yr 172QD
    Gas Grill 166PB
    1,00 Cash 159NC
    1,000 Weekend Getaway 154MB
    500 Grocery Gift Card 145KA

    Thanks, I look forward to working with you and or helping us or yourself advance. Honestly we need to communicate and collaborate otherwise its just tickets down the drain..

    • Hi so to everyone out there I’m giving my pieces up I have everything except the rare pieces but I do have 116BH other than that missing all the other ones it’s already crunch time and instead of letting my tickets go to waste rather someone utilize them . I live in sandiego and please only serious inquires email at

  6. Just so all of you that are splitting a prize are aware, Albertson’s will only allow one person to claim the prize. It doesn’t matter if you both turn it in together or not. Also, remember high-dollar prizes take a month or longer to get funds. So please, be careful and fair with others! 🙂

  7. Just so all of you that are splitting a prize are aware, Albertson’s will only allow one person to claim the prize. It doesn’t matter if you both turn it in together or not. Also, remember high-dollar prizes take a month or longer to get funds. So please, be careful and fair. Congratulations to anyone who has won anything!

    • $100K ****** I have one rare game piece (15 were issued of each 181TA and 182TB for this prize). I have the 181TA. I’m not sure how to get on this page with everyone else, so I’m replying here. I have some of the common pieces for the $100K as well.

      I’m a criminal justice major and I’ve worked out how this can be done. I’m willing to give up my rare game piece to the one who has the other rare game piece so we can therefore split the $100K evenly. Keep in mind there will be taxes that take a chunk out of it. Nevertheless, let’s get this done!!! : )))

  8. I have 2 semi-rare pieces I will sell very reasonably or split prize with someone 90/10 (90 for you since you have the rare piece. Please email me

    I have 206 for $10,000; If you have 203, please email me!

    I have 116 for $1,000,000 vacation home; If you have 110, please email me!

  9. I have semi-rare pieces 209ZC (Family Vacation) and 194WD (Kitchen Makeover), looking for 207ZA or 193WC to buy/sell/trade at mutually agreeable rate.

  10. So I just found out something that really sucks. I still had scanning codes left over and it says on the ticket that you can enter them until the 18th. What they fail to tell you is that the jackpot ended on the 8th and all of the codes that you enter until the 18th will be for the Fandango and Universal Sweepstakes! I must have had about 150 chances lost that I could have had to get the jackpot if I did them yesterday! Grrrrr!!!!

    • Lisa,
      I just read thru all the rules on the back of the board and it says you have to be registered by the 9th but you have til the 18th to enter codes for second chance sweepstakes.
      I really hope I’m right bcuz I have a lot still to scan! Did someone tell you that you had to have them scanned earlier to count? Please let me know.

      • On the app as of yesterday, you have until the 16th to register and the 18th to enter codes. It is strange that on the employee game, a jackpot came back up. I have no idea what that is about. In any event, I did not see the 18th deadline when I first read it, so my apologies. And the deadline to turn in boards with the marker pieces is the 29th.

  11. I am looking for 182TB (I have 181TA). Not looking to get rich, just don’t want to throw away a semi-rare at the end of the day! Would be happy to negotiate with anyone interested. Thank you for the opportunity!

  12. Need 207ZA I have 209ZC and ALL the commons
    Iwill pay BIG for 207ZA I will sell 209ZC and all the commons.
    I am in Nortern Illinois (close to Chicago) 630631 9141

  13. I have all 181TA,183TC,184TD,185TE except 182TB.

    I am ready to share the prize

    Email – “”

  14. I have 116BH. Looking to sell for a very fair price, because let’s be honest, it’s not worth anything without the 110BB.

  15. I also just found kitchen makeover 194WD! Still missing C…. I know it’s late but happy to work with someone if we can figure this out! Crossing my fingers since it’s the last day! Email me if so,

  16. Hey people – why do people keep asking to split 50/50 if someone has the rare piece? Anyone who actually DOES get the rare piece probably has hundreds of all the other ones and would have no reason to “split”!

    • People would split if there are 2 rare pieces for the price and one person has one and likewise. Make sense? But let’s say for 1mill only one rare. Wouldn’t make sense. Unless the person wanted to remain anonymous or something…..

  17. I have a Semi Rare “116BH” Game Piece Vacation Home

    Odds for piece 116BH are 1:312500000 extremely rare piece

  18. Just to let you all know, the deadline to enter any codes from the tickets is tomorrow, May 9th. Get those codes in!! I won a $25 grocery gift card on them so far, so there are chances to win stuff. Good luck to all at this crazy end of the game!
    PS-Anyone with any word on employee codes (specifically Z701B) please get back to me. I have the other rare. If you are friendly with your cashiers at your local store, ask them if they have it. If anyone can help me find it, I will give them a cut of the winnings just for their help. Thanks!

  19. I have all except for 108ah for the million dollars.

    Will split winnings if you have it.
    Only about 36 hours left……Nothing a plane ticket can not fix.

    I am in Phoenix az.

    I need the following pieces for some of the low value awards.
    Would you have them and what are you asking?
    If you are in the DC area we could meet or if not you can send them to me.
    121 DA – $50 gift card
    126EB – $100 cash
    132FD – $100 grocery card
    135GC – $200 cash
    144JD- $300 spa day
    145KA – $500 grocery

  21. As the game is coming to an end, the only prize I’ve won is the $5 gift card. With that said I’m 1 away on most, but I think it’s easier to offer what I have than try and search out what I’m needing.
    I have everything except those listed,
    If you don’t see a number your looking for in this list I have it. Feel free to let me know what you need, and we will go from there.
    Only serious inquiries only, I don’t have time for BS. Email:
    Cell: Text only 907-891-3196
    First come first serve, no holding, first deals made.

    • I have 116bh in Montana semi rare but will sell it to someone with the rare so they can get the vacation home. 4065651431

  22. Metro Washington DC area:

    I know that some of these are rare and probably out of reach but if you have them please contact me at

    I have a number of not so rare extras beyond the sets listed below that may be of use so let me know what you are looking for.
    I am sure that we can make a reasonable arrangement.
    I went into Safeway yesterday and the nice cashier actually scouted out some extra tickets on the last day.
    I have one or two free things to pick up before the end of the month and some NBA store discounts which I will not use.

    This is sort of winding down the whole thing for me so good luck to all!



  23. For $1,000,000 Cash I have 101,102,103,104,105,106,107 but missing only 108
    For $1,000,000 Vacation Home I have 109,111,112,113,114,115,116(rare),117 but missing only 110
    If anybody wants to match the game, I like to go for any deal.
    Email me

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    attempting to fin things to enhance my site!I suppose its ok to use some off your ideas!!

  25. Hi! I’m looking for
    If you have them I’ll split the prize with you! Text (907) 414-2102 if you’re interested!

  26. For $1,000,000 Cash I have 101,102,103,104,105,106,107 but missing only 108
    For $1,000,000 Vacation Home I have 109,111,112,113,114,115,116(rare),117 but missing only 110
    If anybody wants to match the game, I like to go for any deal.
    Email me

  27. I have semi-rare piece 206 ($10k). I’ll let it go cheap……like 10%. 203 is the rare piece, so if you have it, you deserve most of the prize.

  28. Hello everyone.

    I am looking for any of these:

    I will split the prizes if you have the game pieces! Email me at .

    Thank you!

    • Hi to every one I have 181TA , 200XE , 194WD, 189VD, 116BH, 178SB, IF YOU HAVE ANY OF THE MATCHING RARES TICKETS,
      PLease contact me , I also have all other tickets to the square prize Please ASAP as time is running out.
      please be serious , we all are busy people. call me at 661 201 1753 ca. text a pic of your ticket, than I will
      text a picture of mine , than we talk about how to move forward it is time to win now. ThanK yOU GOOD LUCK
      TO ALL.

  29. I need these pieces: 108AH, 110BB, 116BH, 119CC, 121DA, 126EB, 132FD, 135FD, 138HB, 144JD, 145KA, 149LA, 154MB, 159NC, 164OD, 166PB, 172QD, 173RA, 179SC, 181TA, 182TB, 189VD, 190VE, 193WC, 194WD, 199XD, 200XE, 203YB, 206YE, 207, 209, 213, 218, 220, 227, 228, 225. If you have any of these pieces, please let me know, and tell me how much is the price. I will pay you right away via Western Union. Only serious responses, please.

  30. I have semi-rare 116 for $1,000,000 vacation home; Who has 110???

    I also have semi-rare 206 for $10,000 cash; Who has 203???

    We can split the prize(s) 15/85 (85 for you since you have rare piece).
    If you prefer, you can buy my piece(s) or I can buy yours. Time is running out – I’m open to suggestions
    Please contact me!!!

    • I have 206 if some one wants to team up with me with a 203? Any takers? Willing to split. mrf79@yahoo please put monopoly in subject title.

    • Weird — I am also from SW Washington and just got the 209zc “rare” piece.
      There are over 20+ 209zc game pieces being offered on ebay for as low as $10 (with most asking $100 — which they aren’t getting).
      My bubble got burst with websites incorrectly stating that for winning the $75000 Family Vacation you would need the semi-rare 207za and the rare 209zc… It looks like those sites got it backwards. We need the 207za.

  31. Hi , my name is giselle i have 18 years so,
    I need your help a lot, I have my monopoly board filled with the only thing that I need, just like 1 or 2 pieces in each painting, I really wanted to ask who has these rare pieces that I love the most:
    – 110BB, 116BH and 181TA, 182TB are the ones that I need the most please if someone has some of these pieces you can tell me this is my email:

  32. For anyone that knows any employee board players out there, I have the rare Z700A for the $100k prize, if anyone can come up with Z701B I will make it worth their while. Thanks.

    • I am a employee and I play, only missing z700A and B… if I have B I will let you know or hopefully we are able to come across somebody that does

      • Ask around. Even if you can help find it and someone else has it, let me know. I will give you a 1/3 of the cut if someone else has it that you help find, or half if you get it. Something is better then nothing!

  33. I need
    110bb 116bh
    181ta 182tb
    193wc 194wd
    199xd 200xe
    203yb 206ye
    207za 209zc
    These are the pieces I need I have hundreds of the duplicates so let’s trade

  34. I need these rare pieces. Please help!

    • Hi everyone I have no idea how to post my own comment on here so I had to reply to someone else’s comment lol sorry whoever you are. Anyway, we live in Fresno, California we are a family of 7 I’m Monique my husband is Bernard. We’ve been playing this game for 3 years now, but have not won anything…. Yet lol that’s where u come in
      *I’m looking for the rare 108AH willing to negotiate a deal.
      *Looking for 179SC.
      *Looking for 1640D.
      *Looking for 203YB and 206YE.
      *Looking for 181TA and 182TB.

      No trades, only split the money whichever prize we end up winning. Once verified a winner.

      Please email us at and we will go from there. Serious people only, this would be a blessing for all of us it’s a win/win for whoever we partner up with! Thank you for your time reading this

  35. Looking for one of these:


    Let me know if you one or more of the above.

  36. Of the main board i have everything on each except 1 piece on each including the million. I also have ever piece on the inner gold flap except 2 on each. I don’t want to be greedy and I have duplicates. Is there anyone that is willing to work on getting multiple boards filled with me so that we can split prizes? My current life is like a few people in this country and being homeless with my small family and kitty stinks sometimes. Good luck to everyone!! Please let me know ASAP if we can help one another.

  37. hi all
    I have semi-rare 116 for $1,000,000 vacation home; Who has 110???

    We can split the prize 20/80 (80 for you since you have rare piece).
    If you prefer, I will buy your piece or you can buy mine.

  38. My two sons, daughter in law and grandbaby live with me. We barely get by with the wages my son and I make. I have all common pieces and none of the rare pieces listed above (except 242 for $5.00 cash). If anyone has any rare pieces that you are willing to part with, I’ll take them. I will even split and appreciate you for the rest of my life.

  39. I think either they have not printed 108AH at all or whoever finds it should have all other pieces by now. Good luck. I’m also waiting on that piece too. Split in half right down the middle.

  40. I have semi-rare 116 for $1,000,000 vacation home; Who has 110???

    I also have semi-rare 206 for $10,000 cash; Who has 203???

    We can split the prize 20/80 (80 for you since you have rare piece).
    If you prefer, I will buy your piece or you can buy mine.

    Please contact me!!!

  41. Today I opened 181TA which I read here is a Semi-Rare piece. I have all the others for the $100K except 182TB. Please let me know here if you have 182TB and we can share the winnings? Peace!

  42. I have 177SA, 179SC and 180SD pieces. If anyone has 178SB, please contact me ASAP. I am willing to either buy it from or we can discuss splitting the $5000 prize! Thanks

  43. I have 181TA if anyone has 182TA and wanna split $100k in half. $50k for each one. Please email me
    Serious only. We both go and present our pieces to claim the price. No mailing or any other scamming bs.
    I’m in California but I can travel.

  44. STILL LOOKING FOR THE 110 BB. I HAVE THE $1,000,000

  45. I have 181TA but I don’t have 182TB for the 100,000 prize. I have the other non-rare 100,000 prize pieces (183TC, 184TD, 185TE). If anyone has 182TB which is obviously more rare, I’d be willing to sell the set including 181TA or take a smaller percentage of the prize.


    • Well Lisa, That is the winning piece for that set!
      The other pieces of 177, 178, and 180 are freely available.
      I’m sure I have duplicates. For a small cut, I would mail them to you
      Email MontJon88

  46. I have all of the pieces for the $40,000 vehicle except the 190VE. If anyone has the 190VE and wants the rest in one shot, contact me and let’s talk! Wendystreit at workmail dot com 🙂

  47. I have rare piece 116BH for $1,000,000 vacation home. I will sell it for $25,000. Or, I will pay serious cash for 110BB.

    If you have 110BB and want to make a deal, please contact me! I have all pieces for $1,000,000 vacation home accept 110BB. They are useless without 110B.

    Please email me

  48. I have 206YE is this a rare piece ? I only need 203YB … Or is that the rare one? In confused…. Did I fucking win or not!

  49. I need 1 piece for several different prizes:
    #119CC – $25 Grocery Gift Card
    #121DA – $50 Grocery Gift Card
    #132FD – $100 Grocery Gift Card
    #135GC – $200 Cash
    #138HB – $200 Family Picnic
    #144JD – $300 Spa Day
    #145KA – $500 Grocery Gift Card
    #149LA – $1,000 Laptop Computer
    #154MB – $1,000 Weekend Getaway
    #159NC – $1,000 Grocery Gift Card
    #164OD – $1,000 Cash
    #166PB – $1,500 Gas Grill & Groceries
    #172QD – $2,600 Movies for A Year
    #173RA – $5,000 Groceries
    #179SC – $5,000 Cash
    #203YB – $10,000 Cash
    #108AH – $1,000,000 Cash

  50. I have all pieces for the $1,000,000 prize. $$$ talks.

    I can either meet you personally if the price is right, or mail them to you.

    Leave your name and number, and I’ll text you.

  51. I have 116BH (and all other common pieces for $1,000,000 vacation home). If anyone has 110BB, let’s team up to win this prize! I’ll take smaller cut since I have semi-rare piece. I have photo proof of my pieces and will need the same from you.

    Please email me

    • Hi every one , I have all tickets for 20, 000 college tutition I just NEED 199XD if you have it? Let Partner.

      ” ” I have all tickets for 40,000 Vehicle Choice I just NEED 190VE if you have it? Let Partner.
      ” ” I have all tickets for 25,000 Kitchen makeover I just NEED 193WC If you have it? Let Partner.
      ” ” I have all tickets for 1, million vacation home I just NEED 110BB If you have it ? Let Partner.
      ” ” I have all tickets for 100,000 cash I just Need 182TB if you have it? Let Partner.
      Please just serious folks, email a picture of your ticket. Jennifer C.
      (I have 8 tickets for 1,million cash will sell all for best offer, don’t have the rare

  52. need these:

    104AD, 108AH
    110BB, 116BH
    189VD, 190VE
    193WC, 190VE
    199XD, 200XE
    203YB, 206YE
    207ZA, 209ZC

  53. I have semi rare Ticket # 206YE for prize $10,000 cash. I would l like to sell it. Please text me for a photo of it and to make an offer. 781-866-4133. Thanks.

  54. Hello! I have rare piece 116BH for the 1 Million Dollar Vacation Home. I am willing to work together with someone who has 110BB to claim the prize and split the profits. Please contact me if you have rare piece 110BB. My name is Joy and my phone number is 2818836875. Text me if interested, and we will work out the details.

  55. Hi, I will negotiate a fair deal & take the tax hit for game piece 108AH. Surely someone could use $500,000.
    I can make this happen for anyone that has game piece 108AH.
    I will also negotiate & take the tax hits on 179SC if someone needs help.
    email me at and we will work this out where everyone wins.

    • The one million dollar prize will be paid over 30 years. It make take 15 years to make $500,000.
      Splitting the prize may be very difficult. Even if someone can come up with the 108AH. Even better, buy the other numbers on eBay for the million dollar prize and add in the 108AH. No need to split the prize then.

      • I agree. Really no point in people even asking for that piece. If someone is lucky enough to find that piece they will get there $1,000,000 over a LONG period of time. Prize really isn’t that great when you think about it.

  56. I just got 116BH too. I need to review what other tickets I have in the series. It does say it is a rare ticket on the official Safeway Monopoly site too.

    I am sure I need 110BB. I would love a new vacation home so if anyone has it I’m willing to work out an offer for the 110BB ticket. Closest I have ever come to winning anything this big! I live on the west coast.

  57. I have 189VD Anyone have 190VE willing to team up and be winners together. Split 40,000 vehicle of choice 20,000 each. Lmk. 9705396962

  58. If anyone is interested. I have 2 semi-rare pieces, I have 2 of 189VD for the $40k Vehicle, AND 1 of 181TA for the $100k Cash or Car. I am willing to talk for serious ppl who need these pieces. in southern CA (LA area.). email me @ thanks….

  59. I will pay you $125,000 for 108AH.

    I will also pay you for any of the following; happy to give you your share of the prizes also:
    -110BB, 116BH,
    -181TA, 182TB
    -189VD, 190VE
    -191WA, 193WC, 194WD
    -199XD, 200XE
    -203YB, 206YE
    -207ZA, 209ZC

  60. Does anyone have 194LA? It’s the last one I need. My son has been wanting a laptop for his birthday I can’t afford one so it would be a blessing to win it for him!! Please let me know if you do and are willing to get rid of it.

  61. I got a semi-rare piece 189VD today at local store. 190 is the rare piece for the $40,000 vehicle of choice. Email if you have 190 and want to make a deal for 189. Serious inquiries only please.

  62. who has 172qd and 171qc for all of the tickets except the movies for the year i just want to with this only one because i can finally go out to the movies with my friend and if your wondering i have all tickets on my 1 million dollar winner except for 108ad which doesn’t exist

  63. I have 2 rare pieces 116BH (vacation home) and 200XE (college tuition) looking for the missing pieces.

    I have pictures to prove, and require pictures from you to prove it as well!

    Reply or email me for inquiries, willing to split prizes!

    Thanks and good luck all!

  64. I just found one of the rare pieces for the College tuition. I have piece number 200XE. Anyone have the other piece needed for this prize? I am located in Oregon.

    • These comments are so full of idiots. Nobody is going to give or trade a rare piece of which EVERYONE has the rest of the pieces. Common sense….. Please stop being so greedy and stupid.

      I didn’t even wanna comment here, but considering it’s the first page that pops up on searching – I assume it gets high traffic thus why I’m commenting despite the massive amount of idiotic people.

      I do have a rare piece I am willing to sell. Why? Because due to my current situation (don’t want to go on about personal life details) there is kinda of an emergency situation that I need to pay for as quickly as possible….. I have been incredibly lucky, and blessed to randomly acquire a winning piece (not any of the SUPER high prizes – but still…) and due to my situation I honestly could not take care of what I need to if I had to sit and wait to receive the prize money……

      If you aren’t aware, it’s not like you just hand in the game pieces and get your money and walk out. You gotta fill out the claim / tax paperwork and file that, and then wait and wait and wait. It’s probably a MINIMUM gonna be about a month I’d think until you would see the money.

      That’s why I’m willing to let this go for less as opposed to waiting and getting more money…. I’m not a greedy person, and it’s a really stressful situation trying to come up with the amount of money I need as quickly as possible…

      So, that’s my reasoning for willing to give up a rare piece. In most situations anyone who says that is probably full of it and looking to take advantage of people stupidity and ignorance. Though, there are people out there that have their reasons for genuinely willing to trade it away.

      If anyone wants the piece in exchange for the amount I need now – I’m willing to arrange the transaction in a way that is safe. I’d only want to use a payment method in which “hypothetically” if you as the buyer get scammed – you’d at least be able to have the protection of knowing you can 100% get your money back. I’ll discuss that more with someone if they’re legit about making a transaction.

      I have the rare piece 199XD which means you’d only need the semi-rare 200XE. The prize amount for those pieces is the $20,000.

      The amount of money I currently need and have been trying to come up with is $5000. I’m willing to use as I said, a safe payment method that would allow you to feel safe knowing you’d get your money back if you truly needed to (obviously I’m not trying to screw you – but Jesus after looking at these comments….. skepticism is needed…) to trade the rare piece for that $5000.

      Now, since as I said – it does take a month or so to finally get the prize money. And, honestly I’d like to make an agreement that once you receive that prize money we could arrange to give me another $5000 of it. Since that’s MORE than generous considering I have the RARE and you’d only need the SEMI-RARE which is insanely easier to get.

      I know if I try to make an agreement such as that, where you could pay me the other $5000 later on once you receive the prize money – there’s a risky chance someone would just screw me and I’d never hear from them again. I understand that…. though, the situation in my life is important enough that I’m willing to risk only ending up with $5000 if someone really wanted to be a scumbag.

      I’d certainly wish people would be kind, honest people but in the end – I’m not greedy and I’m more than thankful to have come across this random opportunity when it was when I truly needed it.

      I can discuss more in detail if anyone out there is SERIOUS about making an exchange – don’t bother if you’re looking for freebies or thinking I’m stupid enough to fall for some sketchy bs.

      I don’t expect much luck posting here due to the other comments..,. But like I said before, since it’s the first page that pops up on a search then unfortunately that of course brings in idiots too but that’s where the highest traffic is…..

      If you send anything that is just pure stupidity – you’ll be ignored.

      If you’re legit trying to be honest and straight up about making an exchange then I’ll gladly hope to work something out…

      Contact Info –
      silverxsolari at g mail

      (obviously I wrote the email address that way so it’s not as easily picked up by the spam bots…. can’t believe the idiots posting their emails, phone numbers and even home addresses…. like….. wow)

      • I have the 200XE. Maybe we can work something out. The problem is that they probably apply the money to actually going to college? I am going to look into it, to make sure. It would be great if they actually gave you the $20,000. I highly doubt it, then there’s the IRS?

      • Hi I’m 15 years old and because I’m actually am going to college this would really work for me please email me or give me a call this would change my life I’ve been busting my ass for scholarships but is just not enough please email me back I would love to chat about that piece and pay you please email me back I would love to chat about that piece and pay you Don’t worry my mom will be the one paying you there is an adult in this situation

      • To the anonymous person who posted this long, drawn out message about people trying to trade each others pieces for the rare ones, you’re a coward. You posted this ridiculous post and you hid your identity, didn’t even have enough sense to create a profile name because you don’t want to stand out like a soar thumb being a pessimist ass. Have you thought that maybe people are playing this game because it’s fun and exciting to dream of being able to provide aa better life for their families with more money? After reading your long, drawn out post I see you are cold, heartless, evil person to kill the hopes and dreams that anyone on this site has of ever winning. I don’t knock how you feel but if you don’t have anything nice to say you should keep your comments to yourself.

      • Just because your miserable that your life isn’t going the way you want it you want to rain on everyone else’s parade by judging and criticizing them for playing the monopoly game. You mad get a life and stop down playing everyone for wanting to win.

    • So if someone has the winning ticket for $100,000, you are willing to give them $20,000 for it? Gee, how …. “nice” of you. NOT

  65. Does anybody know when the grocery stores do “double” tickets? When I played the game a couple of years ago, Albertsons had days where you earned double tickets. I don’t know if it was all Albertsons? Maybe it was because it was towards the end of the sweepstakes?

  66. Read this article I found online.

    The Albertsons Monopoly game is back. Many people are trying to take advantage of the easy ways to win up to $1 million. Who wouldn’t? However, there may be a few people out there who are trying to win as well, but not the fair way. People are trading Monopoly pieces, however, not all people are being honest about what they have. It is important to know the scams that have circulated around the game if you are playing (and trying to win). Most of these scams have been around for the entire eight years the game has been played, but it is important for you to realize the signs of a scam.
    Some people would say the entire game is a scam, but believing that to be untrue, the only way you can get scammed during the Albertsons Monopoly game is by the other players. This can happen in a few different ways:

    Rare Piece Scam
    Trading Monopoly pieces online has not been uncommon in past Monopoly games run by Albertsons or any other company. Generally, message boards, forums and even comments underneath articles will allow for people to communicate about trading pieces.

    To win the bigger prizes, you have to encounter some of the more rare pieces of the game. There are some people that will try to trick you out of your prize though. The rare property pieces, like Boardwalk and Park Place, are hard to find. However, people will trade pieces online for money. If someone has Board Walk, they may ask for Park Place. In exchange for the game piece, the person may offer you half of the prize ($500,000).

    Albertsons Monopoly Rare Game Piece
    Here is where the red flag should go up in your mind. Why would someone be willing to give up half a million dollars for a board piece? Especially, because everyone has the same chances of finding a rare game piece, they would possibly be able to find the other piece need to have the entire $1 million. Also, they could potentially find that other piece for spending much less than $500,000.
    However, usually, they will start talking to you about having the $1 million all to yourself. They will simply ask for a small amount of money for the game piece. This seems kind of strange so, of course, you’ll ask why they are willing to do something like that. They will come up with something about a bad divorce or trouble with the IRS.

    They will usually only ask for about $5,000 to $10,000 for the rare game piece. Generally, they will ask you to send the money and then they will send the game piece. However, this is where the scam really comes alive. You will send them money, but you will never get the rare game piece, will never see your money again and will likely never be able to contact them again. In fact, most of the scammers have taken fake photos of game pieces to ensure that you will receive the game piece in the mail (but you never do).

    No matter what your current financial situation is, do not fall for this scam. Anyone who is claiming to be willing to trade rare Monopoly game pieces is likely scamming you. If you find that someone is trying to do this, contact the site administrator of where you are communicating immediately to alert them to this person’s intentions.

  67. GUYS stop asking people to split the 108AH prize with you. That’s like asking for free money. The other 7 pieces are very easy to get. You can even buy a 7-piece set on eBay for cheap.

  68. I just picked up 189VD for the $40K car. I’m assuming that’s the semi-rare piece and 190VE is the rare.
    If someone has the 190 and wants to sell it, or wants to buy the 189, answer here and I’ll respond.

  69. Hi! I’m looking for game piece 193WC. I have the corresponding semi-rare piece 194WD, plus the commons that go with this prize. Thank you for reading and good luck everyone!

    • Hi everyone so the game is real I won 1000 last year you can see my name on the winners list if don’t believe me and I also have a copy of the high limit prose form had to send in certified to get the money . how to win is cantshop at just 1 store you have to go to multiple location across state or even country to get all the pieces andthats exactly what I did.. So I am only short 12 or 3 pieces for every prize so I am seeking out some one who has rare or semi rare pieces on list as of course those would be ones I need. I have tons of every single other ticket besides those and will gladly give you 1 of all I have so we both can win…I’ve just messaged a ton of people claiming to have tickets and no responses so if you have tickets and want to work together email me I will gladly pay for shipping to exchange our ticket or if your in Washington state I am too and can drive to you…so please email me or text 2533594101…I will gladly send you any proof needed as I have all just want to get the ticket and not habe to go to any more locations if don’t have to and you won’t either.
      Thank you hope have good day if don’t hear from you

  70. Y’all are hilarious. I got the most priceless experience tonight while trying to purchase food items with extra chance monopolies for me and my 3 year old daughter. I didn’t have enough to pay and this lady that looked just like my mother was standing behind me at checkout and she offered to paid the rest of the total for my groceries and she gave me a 20 dollar bill on top of paying for the 30 dollars i was short. Thats not even the best part, see my mom past away in December of 2007 and i was only 16 I’ve been scared homeless and lost for the last 6 months and tonight my eyes were opened and my mother reached out to me to let me know not to be so scared and that this life is not the last life for there is hope. I love you Momma and I miss you!!!
    In loving memory
    Tammy Louise Shafer-Bertsche
    11-15-1964 to 12-12-2007

  71. It’s not new, remember PCHsweeps? How many times did I think I “might already be a winner? ” it’s just for fun. I surely hope people don’t get overly excited and make dangerous choices by investing in the idea of actually winning. It never works that way people please settle down!

  72. Has anyone had problems with the code reader? The code reader tells me I have ALL the numbers for $200 cash and another for a $50 grocery card… yet I really don’t have all the pieces. ARGH!

  73. If the comments on this board can be believed, every rare piece already has an owner. On a side note, many thanks to Richard for letting us post here, it is a lot of fun to read all the scam attempts.

  74. Somebody contact me ASAP or 2145582359!
    I need 108AH and will give the earrings 60/30 in your favor for it. I take 350k and you take 650k. I’m also looking for 181TA , 182TB. Same thing with winnings on that in the splitting. Message me pronto

    • What a deal !!!! If someone else has the winner Cosmo only wants 35% of it. Who could refuse that. Hey Cosmo if you win the powerball tonight, let me know I will go 35% 65%. I will only take 35% so remember if you win powerball let me know. I will bring over my losing tickets, you bring the winner. We split. Great deal.

  75. Please let us know if somebody won anything. Even 5 dollar grocery gift. It is very important to me to understand that this game is not fake ,

  76. i hav 181TA 183TC, dos anyone want them? I am moving out of the U.S soon so I would like to give these away before I go.

  77. Hello! I’m looking to see if anyone has piece#193WC, I have the other four including 194WD. I’ll buy the piece from you if you can provide satisfactory verification that you do in fact have the piece in your possession. I’m also looking for 173 & 179 if anyone has either of those. I’ve got all but one piece for almost every prize offered, and I have many duplicates if anyone needs any of them including some of the semi-rare pieces. Please email me to discuss- I don’t check it every single day, but I will respond within a few days. I can also be reached on Facebook messenger if you prefer or if it’s more urgent, as I’ll get those on my phone & iPad. Thanks for reading and good luck everyone! 😀

  78. Gertrude Manners……
    If you have these game pieces….. stop reading these postings and call your daughter, tell her you have tem and she will know what to do with them…..
    Best of luck

  79. I have game piece 116BH available if anyone is looking for it. I believe that’s a rare piece for the Vacation Home. Anyone want to split or buy me out if you have the other rate piece?

  80. Along with millions of others, I’m also one away from $1mil. Missing the 108AH. Need 179SC for the $5K in cash. Wouldn’t be a terrible split if someone has it 😉

    • Everyone needs 179sc- as it’s the only rare piece to that prize- unfortunately if someone finds it they won’t need to split it with you they can easily get those common pieces. The only prizes up for splitting are gonna be the ones that have TWO rare pieces so if two ppl each have one of the rare pieces then that would make a split feasible otherwise unless someone is a complete moron they arnt looking for any pieces except the ones listed above- we ALL have every piece except the ones listed above- who has the rare pieces???

  81. I have Rare Piece for 100k! With One game tickets chances of getting it are 83,333,333:1! Talk to me by email ,, if you are interested, Thanks!

    • I have 181 TA and 206 YE which are both rare. I only need 182 TB and 203 YB. I’m willing to pay the legal fees to have a lawyer write up an agreement that the net winnings will be split 50/50 within 24 hours of claiming the prize.

      Or, If you don’t want to do it that way, I’ll pay $3,000 for 182 TB or $1,000 for piece 203 YB. Verification of piece needed, piece can’t be ripped or destroyed. I’m willing to drive or fly to you if you can prove you have these pieces.

      Jennifer K.

    • I have 181 TA and 206 YE which are both rare. I only need 182 TB and 203 YB. I’m willing to pay the legal fees to have a lawyer write up an agreement that the net winnings will be split 50/50 within 24 hours of claiming the prize.

      Or, If you don’t want to do it that way, I’ll pay $3,000 for 182 TB or $1,000 for piece 203 YB. Verification of piece needed, piece can’t be ripped or destroyed. I’m willing to drive or fly to you if you can prove you have these pieces.