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All this week, watch theΒ Ellen DeGeneres Show every day for the Ellen Whale Word Of The Day and a chance to win $25,000 in the Watch And Win A Whale Of A Prize Contest.

Once you took note of the Ellen’s Whale Word Of The Day, visit EllenTV.com/MattressFirm to enter the contest in order to win.

Can’t watch Ellen today? No worries! We are watching it for you so you don’t miss Ellen Word Of The Day.

Just come back here daily through July 15th to find the latest whale word of the day and enter the contest for a new chance at a whale of a prize.

Ellen Whale Word Of The Day

  • June 20: BIEBER
  • June 21: SOUTH
  • June 22: BOOK
  • June 23: RING
  • June 24: AIRPORT
  • June 27: PANDA
  • June 28: SONG
  • June 29: SCARE
  • June 30: CAT
  • July 1: BIRTHDAY
  • July 4: FUNNY
  • July 5: VACATION
  • July 6: FAN
  • July 7: MIAMI
  • July 8: BABY
  • July 11: CARPET
  • July 12: STATUES
  • July 13: SQUAD
  • July 14: MARRIED
  • July 15: WOMAN

About Ellen’s Watch And Win A Whale Of A Prize Contest

  • Ellen’s Mattress Firm Watch and Win a Whale of a Prize Contest runs from Monday, June 20, 2016 until Friday, July 15, 2016.
  • This Contest is open only to legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia who are 18 years of age or older.
  • There is a limit of 1 entry per contestant per day during the Contest Period.
  • A total of 4 grand prize winner will each receive a check for $25,000.


  1. I see that there are no words for this week and that the contest is still on for July 18th to the 2oth. On todays show the word was not shown but on her web site the word is bieber , bieber, bieber, so I guess any one is correct.

  2. ~Hello and Happy Saturday to everyone! I wanted to stop by here today to thank you again Richard Cloutier. What you’ve done is soooooooo thoughtful! Give yourself a giant hug please! With all the sad and horrid things going on in our world these days – you doing this is an excellent reminder how there is ALWAYS much beauty in our world no matter what else is going on. You doing this – seeking nothing in return, simply doing this act of kindness for strangers is such a beautiful thing! There were times when I saw the “whale word of the day” myself on the show and other times, I simply missed it. To have found this site and the resulting comfort in knowing the whale word would be here was totally awesome! So yes indeed, thank you again Richard for your kind and selfless act!! Good luck to all who entered and especially to those who are also kind and thoughtful people! Hopefully the four winners are also those whose lives would be changed so very much to be blessed as one of the winners. I know my life would change drastically if I am blessed to be one of the winners!! Whoever wins, I do hope they are grateful souls too! Best wishes in your life Richard and may you be blessed with good things too! Thanks again! =)β™₯

    • Thank you very much D for your message. Giving myself a giant hug βœ”οΈ πŸ™‚
      I really hope someone here can win one of the $25K prizes. We all deserve to win one day or another. I know you all work hard to enter as many sweepstakes as you can in order to win prizes that you can give to your family and friends. This is why I’m doing my best to help you all.
      We need to help each others more, day after day. And if publishing a list of whale words to help you win something is what it takes, count me in!
      Again, thank you very much for such a nice and heartwarming message. I appreciate.

  3. For me for the last two days it’s showing the options as:
    A. Bieber
    B. Bieber
    C. Bieber
    Why there’s no “woman” as an option to select!!!?

  4. Hey everyone,

    Did anyone catch the word of the day??? I was watching and I’m thinking my niece distracted me from catching the word. If anyone could help I’d sure appreciate it.

  5. ~Hello there Richard Cloutier – Thank you so very much for being thoughtful you, doing this for us! What an awesome thing for you to do! Bravo and thanks again! Good luck to everyone! And I hope whoever wins are people who truly need it. =)

  6. I didn’t get to watch Ellen on July 11th to send in the Whale of the day word, recorded it and watched it on July 12th, the word was carpet.

  7. I wish that I had better luck with contests. We need a new roof. >.< Thank you for your commitment to helping people, Richard!

  8. Wow, what a nice share! I did watch but I also did not see today’s word, July 4, 2016!
    Since it was a repeat, I was not sure there would be one.

  9. Richard, I just want to say THANK YOU. It is a wonderful blessing too new able to rely on this site and you for those of its who are full time student, asst work and the like. I pray your reward to be heart felt and glorious.

  10. that is so nice of you to do this, I missed the word for yesterday because of the storm weather interruptions and I guessed the word and now today I see I got it right asI did not know about your page here. Good to know.

    • It’s a good thing you successfully guessed the word because the official rules say: “In the event that Contestant enters an incorrect Whale World of the Day that appeared on that day’s Show, Contestant will be disqualified.”

      Know that you know about Winzily, be sure to check out this page before entering… just in case πŸ™‚

  11. My goodness, Richard, you have the patience of a saint! Thank you for being so nice to all these people who can seem to read beyond their own sentence… I hope YOU win!! ;}

  12. Hello Richard…are we being forced to use Snapchat to get the word of the day? Can you give us July1 word? Please and thank you. I won’t ever be ankle to access Snapchat nor do I want all the virus and junk that would come w these step by step instructions to change the protection of my phone for this. Is there some other alternative? I go to Winzily daily but it’s 6:30 p…still no word for today

    • Hi Priscilla,

      Of course not! There’s no Snapchat here and I will NEVER force our beloved readers to use Snapchat for this. We are here to help! πŸ™‚

      The word of the day is : BIRTHDAY

      Sorry for the delay!

  13. I had to work and missed the show and the whale word – June 28 – would be grateful if someone told me


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