3 Months Of Texture - McDonalds Monopoly Canada 2016
Photo Credit: thefrostaspect9 / ebay

The McDonalds Monopoly Canada 2018 is in full swing. Some of you collected several game pieces. Some may even found a rare piece. And a lot of people got that famous game piece everyone is talking about – the game piece that say “3 Months of Texture“.

But what is it? What does it means?

First, you have to know that the 3-Months of Texture game piece is an Instant Win Prize. This means that you are a winner! That’s a good news, right?

A total of 1,500,000 prizes are available during the McDonald’s Monopoly 2018 Canada. According to McDPromotion.ca, over 27,000 3-Months of Texture prizes have been claimed and 1,472,089 are still available to be won as of October 11th. The odds of winning are approximately 1 in 61.

What Is 3 Months Of Texture?

Everyone is wondering what is 3 months of Texture. Texture is the only digital reading experience that gives you an all–access pass to the world’s best magazines. When you subscribe to Texture, you get unlimited access to all weekly magazines, monthly magazines and back issues using your tablet or smartphone.


But what did you win? In short, you won a 3-Month Digital Magazine Premium Subscription valued at $44.97.

This means that for a 3-month period, you will get access to weekly and monthly digital magazines such as People, US Weekly, Sports Illustrated, Car and Driver, Chatelaine, Elle Décor, and more for free.

How To Claim Your Prize

3 Months of Texture Game Piece | Photo Credit: thefrostaspect9 / ebay
3 Months of Texture Game Piece | Photo Credit: thefrostaspect9 / ebay

As a winner of a three-month premium subscription to Texture, you must go to the Online Redemption Site at iwonatmcd.ca to claim your prize.

When you successfully complete the online Prize claim process, check your emails for a link to Rogers’ redemption site to access the Texture Prize. The email will also contain instructions to redeem your prize as well as a PIN which may only be used once to redeem your 3-Month of Texture prize.

Simply follow the instructions in the email to complete the redemption process by no later than December 5, 2018 in order to access your Texture subscription.

Did you win 3-Months of Texture? Let us know and tell us if you are going to claim it or sell it! Yes, many are selling these.


  1. Just visited the official Texture site. Can get 14 days free texture and then 3 months for $10. McDonalds says this is a free prize valued at around $45. Since the real value is less than $10 – can get the remaining $35 in free coffee???

  2. I’m giving all of my prizes out for Christmas gifts this year. Wish they weren’t so small – probably going to take 50,000 or more to fill even the smallest stocking.

  3. I will buy all that anyone wants to sell – will pay fifty bucks. Plan to use them up over my retirement years. Plan to retire at sixty. If i live to be eighty-five i will need to purchase 100 coupons. Can i please get a seniors discount on them – call me.

  4. I just enabled mine and wow lots of good reading ahead, perfect for a cold winters night. Thank you McDonalds your so good to us here in Canada.

  5. McDonalds can shove my free texture where the sun don’t shine. Someone must think we who purchase a coffee at the franchise like to spend our time figuring out what this prize is – it’s not a prize at all. Anyone can get a free trial anywhere here in Canada or the entire world. I will go back to Tim Hortons for my coffee in the future. McD you got me – ha ha.

  6. I did something like that one time….and after the free 3 months they still keep sending them and was charging me…..I had a big bill run up by the time I could get them to cancel. ….

  7. Youre kidding right! McDs signed up with Texture cause theyre both stupid. Jump thru hoops to claim a “free” prize?? McDs should exchange this for a combo of anything in their “restaurant”. Its a waste of everyones time. No bloody wonder more people are selling this piece of crap “free prize” than redeeming it.

    Toss it in the garabage.

  8. selling mine if no one in the family wants it. never been into magazines. I agree, it’s like the useless snapfish prize.
    Now ebook downloads would have been useful….

  9. Why sell it. It’s a free prize to claim and 3 months is good that would be your down time to read what you like at night. Better than waiting on a pull tab that’s harder to get. I won the texture.

  10. I have won two and threw them both away. I have two friends who have also won. One who could not redeem her prize because the contest was over?????. The other won 2 as well, redeemed one and says he cannot redeem the second (so to all those asking, no it does not add on to your first win, you actually win nothing if you get more than one).

  11. I won a 3 month texture and I will NOT claim this. I would rather some money for it but not sure if I can get a buyer to sell it.

  12. My 3 Months of Texture, I will be donating to my public library.
    Someone who enjoys reading, may see the value.
    What goes around, may come around.

  13. I tried to redeem my Texture prize, and it said the contest was over. What I just read , was that for the Texture prize you have to claim it by Jan. 31,2017. WHAT’S GOING ON?

  14. I’m big into mags *not cheap* so I redeemed my 3 months of texture , not too mention the convenience of having it on my iPad , thank you to texture and McDonald’s !

  15. I’ve never seen a bigger group of illiterates and complainers. You got something for free (you were gonna buy the meal anyways, so don’t use that), and moan that it’s a shitty prize.
    I’ll enjoy the articles I read.

  16. I won 3 months of texture, but have no time to read a magazine right now. I have a 1 year old. Lol
    I would like to sell it.

  17. Are you kidding me. I wouldn’t give you a dime for this prize. I’ve got one and anyone can have it for FREE in you’re anywhere in Cloverdale, BC it’s yours.

  18. Hey is anyone selling there 3 months of texture prize!!? I’m a hurting unit and can’t find anything to read anywhere!!!!

    (sarcasm for those who don’t know…. DON’T REPLY!!)

  19. A prize is a prize.. take it or leave it.. stop complaining. I got one, doesn’t work for me so I’d like to make someone’s day and give it to them. None of this “selling” stuff. Be happy people.

  20. Wish I had looked up what it was before going through the hassle of claiming my PRIZE. Sheesh, that’ll teach me after spending over 8 hours in the ER to find out I had pneumonia. Might as well keep it I guess.

  21. I have one I would like to sell too….. c.rathbone@hotmail.com I think 20 dallars is a proper price.. but then as my uncle once told me…. Charlie if you 20 dallars for something ask for 30 and let the buyer talk to you down… this way the buyer feels good and about talking you down…. The buyer gets what he wants and the seller gets what they wanted in the first place….. oh ya if your reading this….I am asking 1.99 for my tip.. please send money order to 9 Radford Brampton ON,,, L6V-2Y8.. Thank you and greatly appreicated… My monthly income is 40 dallars a month to live on.. I am trying to get by without doing any thing thats elllegal……lol,, Have a wonderful day, oh ya Its a 3 month subscriptiuon to This means that for a 3-month period, you will get access to weekly and monthly digital magazines such as People, US Weekly, Sports Illustrated, Car and Driver, Chatelaine, Elle Décor, and more for free.

  22. Everyone selling is just hard up for cash, or just lazy. im claiming mine. Love to read. don’t care if its online (everything is anyways almost nowadays)

  23. It is a marketing scheme, Texture already offers 1mo free tryout so that 3mo free service = really 2mo free @$14.95/mo. If Rogers wanted to attract new customer they could/should have offered at least a 1yr membership for free and McDonald’s should have said no to something so stupid. I got 3mo free of Apple Music and didn’t had to “win” anything for it.

    3mo free is a promo not a prize!

  24. I won, and I’m happy! I can’t wait to use this. I feel like I’ve hit the jackpot as I love to read and learn new things. Thank – you McDonalds, I will be keeping!!!! Take that negative Nancies! Go fly a kite 🙂 🙂 🙂

  25. Unfortunate that people don’t clearly read either a) what they won, or b) Richard’s very clear description of what they won.

    a) You’ve won a subscription for full, 100% online access to about 100 magazines.

    b) Yes, online subscription – using your computer/iPad/iPhone/Android. THERE IS NO PRINTED COPY.

    c) You get access to ALL of their magazines. You know, Consumer Reports, Men’s Health, GQ … not just a few. That’s why it’s the PREMIUM version.

    d) Rogers has been offering this service for years now – I think it’s been renamed recently, but it’s popular because it’s incredibly cheap overall (Consumer Reports + Popular Science alone would cost the same as a monthly subscription to all 100 mag’s)

    So yeah, it’s not a $40,000 car. Too bad, keep trying. It’s literally worth the $15/month you’d pay for the service. But hey, if you don’t like to read, go ahead and sell/trade. I’ll be using mine.

  26. Here’s my question… when someone claims this “free” item do they end up with some auto renewal scam? I’ve bee burned too many times on so called free trials. Be careful folks.

  27. I just won as well and if anyone in the Prince Albert area wants to buy will sell for 20.00 $, and at least the person who buys it will have three months of free subscription to their favorite magazine. Anyone interested contact me on Facebook.

  28. Stop bothering to post that you want to sell it. No one will want to buy your “free” crappy subscription for $20, let alone the $40+ some of you want for it. I won it and threw it away. Another crappy prize that I bet less than 1/4 of the winners will bother to redeem.

    • It’s actually a pretty sweet deal if you like reading. There are a lot of sweet magazines. I like the car and photography and national geographic mags

  29. Lol..@end capitalism..your rite but it’s free I only spent 15$ on lunch and won 45$ worth of magazines that can go on my coffee table. But I see ur points

  30. Lame marketing scheme to get the company noticed. Doesn’t cost them 10 penny’s to serve this garbage as a free 3 months. Then turn around charge a rediculous amount. This is just a “trial offer” Their hopes is the “winners” will buy more subs. In the end the “winners” loose by being ripped off. Since no one gives a crap about magazines other then waiting in line to pay for more over priced food and merchandise. Thanks #mcdonalds #texture.

  31. Who the eff wants bloody magazine subscriptions in 2016?! FFS this “$47.50” prize is worse than a “please play again” voucher, I’d happily trade it for a small fries and consider myself better off! It’s an utterly retarded and worthless “prize”… I feel like I just won free junk-mail for a year! (although, Mike, asking $50 for it at the bottom of an article that plainly says it’s worth less than that, seems a bit, let’s say, odd as well)…

        • Yes, you can sell for whatever you want but good luck finding a buyer. I know many people are scum without any morales so think their junk like this prize will be in demand.

          So, a more correct answer is a person can ask for whatever they want but can sell only in the amount to what the market deems. Safe bet this is worthless.

      • Woooo hooo, wop de doo, 3 months of texture, What comes out of the back of me has texture, Sometimes it doesn’t. Mine is in the garbage.


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