Trade McDonalds Monopoly Pieces 2016

To trade McDonalds Monopoly Pieces 2016 or not to trade. That is the question! Some customers exchange rare pieces for years. Others are willing to do a common game piece swap only while many prefer not to trade at all.

The McDonalds Monopoly 2016 runs until April 25, 2016. This means you have just a few days left to get game pieces in-store and hopefully peel a McDonalds Monopoly Rare Piece.

According to, over 4,000,000 prizes have been claimed so far. With new winners every day, you may be tempted to trade McDonalds Monopoly Pieces 2016 and join the winners circle. Or maybe not.

Winning the McDonalds Monopoly 2016 can be satisfying and rewarding.

Vermont Avenue
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It takes a lot of patience and luck.

Virginia Avenue
Instagram: visionaryjones_

Especially when you got every game pieces except the McDonalds Monopoly rare pieces.

Missing Mcdonalds Monopoly Game Pieces
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You can be really close to winning big prizes.

Pennsylvania Avenue
Instagram: rickyrossthaboss

And of course, many have Park Place and are desperately searching for Boardwalk.

park place
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We want to know if you exchange McDonalds Monopoly 2016 Game Pieces with other fans of the game to win prizes and split the money.

monopoly game piece

So tell us: Do you trade McDonalds Monopoly Pieces 2016?


We want to hear from everyone. No matter if you are a McDonalds Monopoly Expert, a long-time participant or a beginner. Your answer might help us all.

We are also interested in hearing about trades you may have made in the past. Did it ended being a scam? Was that a success story. Share with us.

Post your answer in the comments below and it might be featured in an upcoming Winzily post.


  1. I would share what are you guys looking for… I have everything but the rare let me know


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