mcdonalds monopoly 2016 park place boardwalk
Image Credit: @davidmcook78 / Instagram

If you are here, there’s a good chance you are already aware of the McDonalds Monopoly Rare Pieces. You know exactly which ones are hard to find, which ones are not. Like most of McDonalds Monopoly fans, you are probably dreaming of finding those two Dark Blue Properties – the Park Place game piece (#621) and ultimately, the Boardwalk game piece (#622). However, you know that it’s not easy.

This year, the odds of finding Park Place are 1 in 11 while the odds of finding Boardwalk are 1 in 513,591,720. Yes, that is many burgers and fries to buy! But it could earn you $1,000,000.

A lot of people are ready to share the prize if someone else is ready to provide the missing game piece. Would you trade McDonalds Monopoly pieces?

We searched on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to see how many McDonalds Monopoly enthusiasts are looking for the most desired McDonalds Monopoly Game Piece of 2016 and we are listing them below. Come back on a regular basis as we will update the list with new halfsies throughout the Game Period.

These are people who have the Park Place (#621) game piece and are searching for people who have the Boardwalk (#622) game piece.

This one who is offering you to make this money all together.

Ike Isringhausen
Twitter: @ikeizzy10

This girl who swear to God she will split the $1,000,000 with you… if you have number #622.

Instagram: @kvshd

This person who has a proposition for you if you have Boardwalk…

Instagram: @callmecota

This woman who wants to make this quick million with you!

Instagram: @phillysown_jasycakez

This girl who please you to hit her up if you have Boardwalk.

Instagram: @xxepicemoxx

This guy who is calling all halfsies.

Instagram: @nayiro

This one who’s looking for the other part of the famous combo.

Instagram: @davidmcook78

This man who’s about to spend all his money at McDonald’s if he can’t find someone with the other precious Dark Blue Property.

Instagram: @kmiecikt

This one who’s searching for a match.

Ds Smith
Facebook: Ds Smith

This guy who is ready to form an alliance with whoever has Boardwalk.

John Holey
Facebook: John Holey

Searching for Boardwalk too? Have Boardwalk and need Park Place? Let us know below!