HGTV Great Holiday Giveback Sweepstakes 2020

HGTV Great Holiday Giveback Code Words: Watch HGTV nightly from Nov. 23 to Dec. 31 for the HGTV Holiday Giveback Code Word and a chance to win $10,000 cash during the HGTV Great Holiday Giveback Sweepstakes.

Not sure you’ll be able to tune in to HGTV? Below is a list of each On Air Code Word for the HGTV Great Holiday Giveback Sweepstakes. The list will be updated every day during the Sweepstakes Period so check back daily and enter at

What Was The HGTV Holiday Giveback Code Word Tonight?

HGTV code words for the HGTV Sweepstakes are as follows:

WeekHGTV Sweepstakes Code Word
November 23, 2020THANKS
November 24, 2020TURKEY
November 25, 2020GIVING
November 26, 2020PARADE
November 27, 2020CRANBERRY
November 28, 2020YAMS
November 29, 2020***
November 30, 2020TINSEL
December 1, 2020WREATH
December 2, 2020ORNAMENT
December 3, 2020BELL
December 4, 2020SLEIGH
December 5, 2020PINE
December 6, 2020SNOW
December 7, 2020LIGHTS
December 8, 2020JOY
December 9, 2020SILVER
December 10, 2020SNOWFLAKE
December 11, 2020STAR
December 12, 2020WARMTH
December 13, 2020GARLAND
December 14, 2020PRESENTS
December 15, 2020WISH
December 16, 2020TIDINGS
December 17, 2020PEACE
December 18, 2020CALM
December 19, 2020TOYS
December 20, 2020GREETINGS
December 21, 2020SANTA
December 22, 2020RUDOLPH
December 23, 2020BRIGHT
December 24, 2020FROSTY
December 25, 2020REINDEER
December 26, 2020SNOWMAN
December 27, 2020WINTER
December 28, 2020CHEER
December 29, 2020CELEBRATE
December 30, 2020TOAST
December 31, 2020MIDNIGHT

Good luck!