Ellen’s 12 Days of Giveaways Winners 2018

Are you today's Ellen 12 Day winner?

Ellen's 12 Days Of Giveaways 2018

Wondering who are the winners of Ellen’s 12 Days of Giveaways? Think you might be among the lucky ones? You can find the list of winners by visiting ellentube.com/12days but you can also easily find the answer to your question here on Winzily.

Ellen winners are announced each day during the show and the names of the 12 Days of Christmas winners are added at the bottom of each giveaway page on Ellentube. To make things easier for everyone, we are listing every single Ellen 12 Days Winners in the chart below.

Who Are The Ellen 12 Days Of Giveaways Winners?

Days Names
12 Days Preview Winners Howard B. — Corryton, TN
Cory T. — Billings, MT
Leann F. — Roxboro, NC
Stefanie S. — Severn, MD
Ana M. — Kentwood, MI
Markella G. — Chapin, SC
Melissa M. — Lindenhurst, IL
Carol Y. — Celina, OH
Maureen L. — West Milford, NJ
Melanie R. — Norman, OK
Black Friday Winners Betty W. — Des Moines, IA
Tiffany J. — Seattle, WA
Carrie D. — Bartonville, IL
Maryjane S. — Depoe Bay, OR
Alison W. — Sunnyvale, CA
Karen T. — North Port, FL
Pat C. — Pierre Part, LA
Whitney T. — Houston, TX
Renee J. — Jersey City, NJ
Jesse M. — Sand Springs, OK
Day 1 Winners Debra R. — Johnstown, PA
Tiffany M. — Fayetteville, AR
Jill X. — Fairfield, IL
Sal V. — Macungie, PA
Aeisha H. — White Plains, MD
Charlene T. — Antigo, WI
Kathy M. — Elmwood Park, IL
Julie W. — Arlington, TX
Karyn S. — West Bloomfield, MI
Tama P. — Greensburg, PA
Day 2 Winners Taylor M. — Vernon, CT
Alison S. — Flushing, NY
Linda R. — Clive, IA
Delilah R. — Rialto, CA
Nancy H. — Logan, UT
Joseph M. — Lincoln, NE
Katie N. — Miltonvale, KS
Noel W. — Tallassee, AL
Amanda P. — Daphne, AL
Cate P. — Indian Wells, CA
Day 3 Winners Charles B. — Colorado Springs, CO
Ally T. — La Palma, CA
Lesia A. — Lithonia, GA
Kim P. — Lincoln, NE
Rich F. — Green River, WY
Stacy B. — New Braunfels, TX
Courtney K. — Land O’ Lakes, FL
Tamatha P. — Nashville, TN
Robin H. — Cincinnati, OH
Arthur B. — Ballard, WV
Day 4 Winners Mary G. — Metamora, IL
Marie C. — Huntersville, NC
Janine N. — Dingmans Ferry, PA
Pam W. — Santa Clarita, CA
Carla H. — Montrose, MN
Katherine J. — Old Hickory, TN
Vivianna J. — Maplewood, MN
Stephanie B. — Valdosta, GA
Annie D. — West Allis, WI
Maribelle S. — Willimantic, CT
Day 5 Winners Shelly B. — Martinsville, VA
Angela R. — Houston, TX
Rosalie D. — Arlington, VA
Theresa A. — Cypress, CA
Staci T. — Chattanooga, TN
Judy C. — Eugene, OR
Karem N. — Media, PA
Laurie G. — Freeport, ME
Kimberly W. — Greenwich, RI
Kylie Z. — Aberdeen, MD
Day 6 Winners Teri S. — Valley Springs, SD
Sharon K. — Conneaut, OH
Tanya H. — Franklin, TN
Janet C. — Murrieta, CA
Jessica W. — Lane, KS
Sharon L. — Bullhead City, AZ
Bennett C. — Dallas, TX
Julie L. — Seven Hills, OH
Tammy T. — Marcellus, MI
Dawn V. — La Crescent, MN
Day 7 Winners Nicole D. — Carson City, NV
Dawn G. — Pittsburgh, PA
Carolyn R. — Mishawaka, IN
Kim S. — The Villages, FL
Yvonne D. — Newton Falls, OH
Darby K. — Sugar Hill, GA
Jessica G. — Houston, TX
Robin N. — Weaverville, NC
Elizabeth P. — Encino, CA
Maria D. — Revere, MA
Day 8 Winners Brent H. — Berryville, VA
Janet R. — Avenal, CA
Michelle R. — Marion Center, PA
Julia A. — Elko, NV
Krystal T. — Hollywood, FL
Susanne P. — Long Beach, CA
Tameika C. — Spring, TX
Sue K. — Rochester, MN
John C. — Maumee, OH
Sarah L. — Cynwyd, PA
Day 9 Winners Mercedes T. — San Antonio, TX
Angeline M. — Duluth, GA
April B. — Battle Creek, MI
Yonica L. — Clio, MI
Karen C. — Pembroke Pines, FL
Darcy O. — Apple Valley, MI
Joanne S. — Lihue, HI
Renee H. — Highland Lakes, NJ
Kandy S. — Yakima, WA
Mary G. — Bel Air, MD
Day 10 Winners Ami R. — Chino, CA
Bekah P. — Oak Ridge, TN
Lisa C. — Lake Oswego, OR
Pearl A. — Honolulu, HI
Laura C. — Albany, OR
Barbara S. — Eaton, OH
Macey M. — Deer Park, TX
Cindy T. — Jefferson City, TN
Kali T. — Whiteville, NC
Elizabeth B. — Overland Park, KS
Day 11 Winners Vanessa J. — Clarkdale, AZ
Pam D. — Yarmouth Port, MA
Jocelyn C. — Los Angeles, CA
Cecile F. — White Lake, MI
Jennifer W. — Lincoln, NE
Ivory M. — Sedro-Woolley, WA
Kelly B. — Dunedin, FL
Alverna H. — St. Louis, MO
Amanda H. — Grand Rapids, MI
Laura F. — Winter Springs, FL
Day 12 Winners Vanessa J. — Clarkdale, AZ
Pam D. — Yarmouth Port, MA
Jocelyn C. — Los Angeles, CA
Cecile F. — White Lake, MI
Jennifer W. — Lincoln, NE
Ivory M. — Sedro-Woolley, WA
Kelly B. — Dunedin, FL
Alverna H. — St. Louis, MO
Amanda H. — Grand Rapids, MI
Laura F. — Winter Springs, FL
Grand Prize Winners

Check back every day for the latest winners and let us know if you are one of them by commenting below.


  1. I got this message from Facebook this morning that I was winner in Ellen Gift Away although I never registered, Is this real or fake???

  2. I got this from my facebook message page…I just received this message…what do you think? I think it’s fake…I am not that lucky..
    .Ellen Givæways
    1:48 AM
    Congratulations!!! Ellen DeGeneres Has Chosen You To Be Among Our Winners. You Have Won $10,000.00 In The Ellen DeGeneres’s Give Away Fans Promo. Your Name Has Been Shortlisted, You Are Truly Lucky Fan.
    Here is your box number XH ADSA…. Ensure its safe.
    Can you come pickup in person here in Metairie, Louisiana or have it rather delivered?

    Is this a scam or is it real?

  3. As an adult I feel like a kid hoping to win or even be a part of the audience with the 12 days of Christmas! I’m a dreamer!!! Pick me!!

  4. ellen my name is amanda Campbell am form Jamaica i try enter your Christmas given away and it didn’t happen because am form Jamaica my wish is to come on your show i love your show

  5. Hello there, I was wondering if entries for the 12 days are applicable to North Vancouver British Columbia, Canada residents? I’ve entered every year and it doesn’t seem like anyone in an other country wins. Am I wasting my time?

  6. Merry Christmas ellen. It is so awesome you do this every year. My wife loves you and all your shows. I am trying to win her something this yr. Please choose me. Thanks

  7. I would love to win ellen it would make me be so happy me an my husbond do every thing we can do to make ends meet an now a grandbaby on the way its giong to be a very ruff time for me an him so please i would do anything to win. I love watching your tv shows every day monday threw friday .

  8. Congratulations to all the winners maybe next year will be our turn. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to everyone the winners and the ones who didn’t win, But look at the bright side we all have something in common we all love Ellen and want to win,

    Mary Diggs,

  9. Congrats to all the winners sorry I was not one of them. Ellen is an the Hearts she touches all year not just a around the holidays she’s a warmer an caring I’m very sorry to hear that her home is in the path of the fire. I pray for and all though effected by the fire

  10. I have emailed about me not being able to do the 12 days because it keeps telling me that my phone number format is wrong.havent had any problems besides today

  11. Thank you Ellen and your staff for DAY ONE winnings. They arrived last week and couldn’t be happier.
    I watch your show every day after work from my VCR recording and you bring laughter to my life after
    many tough days! God bless you and yours for the Merry Christmas season.

  12. I’ve been registering for several years and I’ve never been lucky enough to win.Well Ellen I’m asking for prayers for My cat Sam who is very sick And 6:00 p.m. today I have to lay him to rest,I can’t let him be in this pain.No vets would help me with a payment plan to treat him,so I have to let the love of my life go (Sam)..In the meantime I’m not giving up hope on winning 12 days.Never see winners from Alabama.

  13. Hi. I just wanted to say Ilove Ellens show but for me, only58 but my MS makes it too hard for me to understand how to do this. I see above this on another post the codes, are these real or a trick to get ones not watching? If it is thats cool. Its just i do watch but I cant fiqure it all out. Maybe someday I will get it. Hopefully next yr.

  14. Ellen is awesome for doing these giveaways every year! I’m just a little disappointed that I’ve never seen someone in Canada win 🙁 However a huge congrats to all the winners!

  15. Love the Give way. 12days of Christmas is so sweet of ELLen to do this. Just wish I could win. Love watching her show. Thanks for being sweet kind. Thanks Barbara White.


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