Ellen 12 Days Of Christmas 2021

Wondering who are the winners of Ellen 12 Days Of Christmas 2021? Think you might be among the lucky ones? You can find the list of winners by visiting ellentube.com/12days but you can also easily find the answer to your question here on Winzily.

Ellen winners are announced each day during the show and the names of the 12 Days of Christmas winners are added at the bottom of each giveaway page on Ellentube. To make things easier for everyone, we are listing every single Ellen 12 Days Winners in the chart below.

Who Are The Ellen 12 Days Of Giveaways Winners?

Day 1 Winners
Day 2 Winners 
Day 3 Winners 
Day 4 Winners 
Day 5 Winners 
Day 6 Winners 
Day 7 Winners 
Day 8 Winners
Day 9 Winners 
Day 10 Winners 
Day 11 Winners
Day 12 Winners
Grand Prize Winners

Check back every day for the latest winners and let us know if you are one of them by commenting below.


  1. I entered all 12 days, don’t know if my name was chosen and can’t find a list of winners anywhere.. I’ve been trying for the 12days for years and haven’t won anything. I think all entries should receive some type gift, just for participating…thank you!!

  2. We love ellen all seasons! I know everyone wants to go but I had a hory3 years and would love to go with my daughter. Is there any way we could make it happen . Linda Robert 617 7997594 huge animal lover


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