Yoplait 100 Ways Codes

As you may already know, the Yoplait 100 Ways To Win is now running. In order to participate, you need to purchase specially-marked Yoplait single serve or multipack yogurts because Yoplait 100 Ways Codes are printed on top of lids. These codes are needed to enter a purchase online at www.yoplait.com/100ways for a chance to win.

Of course, you could always request free codes. However, you have to request them by mail until May 1, 2017 as email requests are allowed only starting on May 2, 2017. What if you could get a list of Yoplait lids codes for the Yoplait 100 Ways Contest without having to request them one by one?

We figured out that 5-digit alphanumeric product codes found on top of lid are not unique. Using a “not-so-scientific” (but totally accurate) experiment, we successfully found a way to discover the lids codes. Check out our growing list below and be sure to come back for more codes and more chances to win!

Yoplait 100 Ways Codes

The following Yoplait 100 Ways Codes have been tested and are working. Each of these codes will earn you one Sweepstakes Entry and one Instant Win Game Play.

  • R1000
  • R1001
  • R1002
  • R1003
  • R1004
  • R1005
  • R1007
  • R1008
  • R1010
  • R1011
  • R1012
  • R1013
  • R1014
  • R1015
  • R1017
  • R1018
  • R1020
  • R1021
  • R1022
  • R1023
  • R1024
  • R1025
  • R1027
  • R1028
  • R1030
  • R1031
  • R1032
  • R1033
  • R1034
  • R1035
  • R1037
  • R1038
  • R1040
  • R1041
  • R1042
  • R1043
  • R1044
  • R1045
  • R1047
  • R1048
  • R1050
  • R1051
  • R1052
  • R1053
  • R1054
  • R1055
  • R1057
  • R1058
  • R1070
  • R1071
  • R1072
  • R1073
  • R1074
  • R1075
  • R1077
  • R1078
  • R1080
  • R1081
  • R1082
  • R1083
  • R1084
  • R1085
  • R1087
  • R1088
  • R100F
  • R101F
  • R102F
  • R103F
  • R104F
  • R105F
  • R107F
  • R108F
  • R100H
  • R101H
  • R102H
  • R103H
  • R104H
  • R105H
  • R107H
  • R108H
  • R100K
  • R101K
  • R102K
  • R103K
  • R104K
  • R105K
  • R107K
  • R108K
  • R100M
  • R101M
  • R102M
  • R103M
  • R104M
  • R105M
  • R107M
  • R108M
  • R100N
  • R101N
  • R102N
  • R103N
  • R104N
  • R105N
  • R107N
  • R108N
  • R100P
  • R101P
  • R102P
  • R103P
  • R104P
  • R105P
  • R107P
  • R108P
  • R100R
  • R101R
  • R102R
  • R103R
  • R104R
  • R105R
  • R107R
  • R108R
  • R100T
  • R101T
  • R102T
  • R103T
  • R104T
  • R105T
  • R107T
  • R108T
  • R100W
  • R101W
  • R102W
  • R103W
  • R104W
  • R105W
  • R107W
  • R108W
  • R100W
  • R101X
  • R102X
  • R103X
  • R104X
  • R105X
  • R107X
  • R108X
  • R10F0
  • R10F1
  • R10F2
  • R10F3
  • R10F4
  • R10F5
  • R10F7
  • R10F8
  • R10FF
  • R10FH
  • R10FK
  • R10FM
  • R10FN
  • R10FP
  • R10FR
  • R10FT
  • R10FW
  • R10FX
  • R10H0
  • R10H1
  • R10H2
  • R10H3
  • R10H4
  • R10H5
  • R10H7
  • R10H8
  • R10HF
  • R10HH
  • R10HK
  • R10HM
  • R10HN
  • R10HP
  • R10HR
  • R10HT
  • R10HW
  • R10HX

[Updated on October 14, 2016]

  • R20FF
  • R20FH
  • R20FK
  • R20FM
  • R20FR
  • R20FT
  • R20FX
  • R20FP
  • R201F
  • R201H
  • R201K
  • R201M
  • R201N
  • R201P
  • R201R
  • R201T
  • R201W
  • R201X
  • R202F
  • R202H
  • R202K
  • R202M
  • R202N
  • R202P
  • R202R
  • R202T
  • R202W
  • R202X
  • R203F
  • R203H
  • R203K
  • R203M
  • R203N
  • R203P
  • R203R
  • R203T
  • R203W
  • R203X
  • R204F
  • R204H
  • R204K
  • R204M
  • R204N
  • R204P
  • R204R
  • R204T
  • R204W
  • R204X
  • R205F
  • R205H
  • R205K
  • R205M
  • R205N
  • R205P
  • R205R
  • R205T
  • R205W
  • R205X
  • R207F
  • R207H
  • R207K
  • R207M
  • R207N
  • R207P
  • R207R
  • R207T
  • R207W
  • R207X
  • R208F
  • R208H
  • R208K
  • R208M
  • R208N
  • R208P
  • R208R
  • R208T
  • R208W
  • R208X

We are still working on discovering new working codes each day so be sure to check back for new codes soon.

Found Yoplait lids codes we don’t list? Let’s help each others and add your codes in the comments below!


  1. A lot of you people are IDIOTS and LAZY! Read the website – THIS SITE IS GIVING YOU EXTRA CODES – YOU DO NOT ENTER THE CONTEST HERE! Wanna know how to enter the contest?? Stop being so lazy and READ THE LID THAT YOU GOT THE CODE FROM!

    You can lead the horse to water, but you can’t make it drink…

  2. R1031 R105W R203F R1051 R20F2 R1042 R103X R208M R1057 R1081 R107X R103W R1070 R1037 R1034 R10FX R1012 R1073 R10F5

  3. When is the draw? Hope they will post the winner cos ive been religiously buying ang taking pictures of the codes.. They have codes on the d big boxes as well..

  4. Here r more of my codes from more of my personal purchases… R1014, R1035. What happens when my codes r on the list!? R we going to get notified??? How will I find out of i one? I took pictures of all my codes!

    • It doesn’t matter if your codes are or are not on this list as this website is in no way affiliated with Yoplait. The website you go to enter your codes is located directly on the lid where you got your code. Enter your code on that website and they will notify you in you won an instant prize or if you won the $100,000 after they do the drawing.

  5. R20F0

    Some lids have two different codes, so pay attention (although chances are most are here by now).
    Great page, thanks!


  6. I am missing two items from my refrigerator, Cherries N Cream Whips, and Strawberries N Cream Whips. Does anyone know which codes unlock them?

    • Go to the official 100 Ways to Yoplait Sweepstakes Website located on top of this website or your yogurt container and enter it there.

  7. So: What is the catch? I see others having the same code number I don’t get it! Should I wait to get notified by you on what is to follow? Do I need to keep the proof forever and keep on dreaming? Please reply.

  8. Hi my code is R102T and my favorite Yoplait is Strawberry/Bananas.
    I would love to win 100.000, it would paid our house off or we would pay it down and travel since we are retired and my husband and I could use a get away. Of course pay off BILLS!

  9. Because I was not directed to a site where I could simply input my code and discover the results I will no longer purchase Yoplait yogurt. This marketing scheme backfired this time. Your loss.

    • You mam are stupid. This site is in no way affiliated with Yoplait. The website where you can enter your code is directly on the lid where you could “simply enter your code and discover the results”. It’s more like your loss because they will continue making their millions a year.

  10. it all is a gimmick to get you buy their stuff. How could I having R1014 and some one else having the same number win one $1mil the product is not that amazing but we pay toomuch for it anyway they even want us to buy more and more and more

    • They can’t enter you into the sweepstakes you have to enter yourself by going onto the official 100 Ways to Yoplait website. This website is in no way affiliated with Yoplait. It’s just a website where you can get extra codes.

  11. Trying to enter my codes from the lids of yoplait i purchased but i cant even enter the flavor let alone the code tells me i have 2 of 4 steps to go but i keep trying to select the arrow nothing is happening i press and press and it just sits there im never gonna get thru my registering i need your help have los of codes to enter

  12. This is a mess. I have a code. Make it simple. . So , we have to have lots of codes to win???? Again. Keep it simple. Most people don’t register anyway


  14. Is this Sweepstakes a scam? I have not seen one single winner, any prize notification, nothing. I will buy the product just because I like it, but would like to know if anyone has or knows of anyone who has won a prize??

    • It’s certainly not a scam as it’s from Yoplait, a well-known brand. According to the rules, you can visit http://bit.ly/1QJEUg9 for a list of winners. The winner list will be posted after winner confirmation is complete for each Phase. The first phase ended on August 15, 2016 so we can probably except the first list soon.

  15. This is cheating!!!!! You all should be ashamed of yourself!!! If you win using codes from here you shouldn’t be able to collect!!!! And I bet you wouldn’t tell anyone this is how you got your codes!!!!

  16. Not cool that you can only enter 5 codes a day! My hubby and I eat 6 total a day! (3 each) Sometimes more if we make something with them so I buy alot and have all of these codes! 5 a day only!!!! Really!!??? Since it fills your refrigerator at same time, why not be able to enter as many as you like per day, just not same codes everyday!

  17. I am trying to enter more code with my purchase of Yoplait at no avail. Website took me to Sweepstake , I need advise to guide me thru the entry from yesterday when I first entered my 5 code, Which were
    R 1014
    R 1035
    R 1084
    R 10H4

    Please confirm the receive of the entry ? I am trying to enter another 4 with different code at no avail? Pls email me proper procedure. Thank you


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