TLC Dragnificent Trivia Answer

TLC Dragnificent Trivia Answer: Watch Dragnificent on Mondays at 10/9c for the answer to the trivia question and a chance to win $1000 cash.

Not sure you’ll be able to tune in to TLC? Below is a list of each answer for the Dragnificent Queen for a Day Sweepstakes. The list will be updated every Monday during the Sweepstakes Period so check back weekly and enter at

What Was The TLC Dragnificent Trivia Answer Tonight?

The answers for the TLC Dragnificent Queen for a Day Sweepstakes are as follows:

DayTrivia QuestionTLC Dragnificent Trivia Answer
April 19, 2020What is Corinne’s profession?Professional Wrestling
April 20, 2020Danyale has been named Queen for what big event?30th High-School Class Reunion
April 27, 2020What big accomplishment is Amy celebrating?Lost 300lbs
May 4, 2020What significant life event do the Queens help Kari prepare for?Wedding
May 11, 2020Laura needs the Queens’ help because her son aspires to be a _______?Drag Queen
May 18, 2020What is the theme of the wedding of Sarah’s dreams?Mermaid


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