The Doctors Word Of The Day 2017

If you have The Doctors Word Of The Day for today, you could win an amazing prize because The Doctors TV Show is giving away great gifts all season long. Tune in every weekday for the Word Of The Day and a chance to win the daily giveaway.

And if you are wondering what was the word of the day on The Doctors yesterday, you can find it in our complete list that includes all answers for The Doctors Word Of The Day Giveaway 2018.

What Was The Doctors Word Of The Day Today?

The answers for the Doctors Word Of The Day Giveaway (Season 10) are as follows.

Dates Prizes The Doctors Word Of The Day
05/29/18 Win a Skyn Iceland Beauty Bundle BREATHE!

Come back every weekday for the latest Word Of The Day to enter The Doctors Giveaways.


    • Hi, Jim: I actually wrote to The Doctors TV Show once to ask them the same question, but I never got an answer … so we’re not the only ones asking about this! I’ve never won anything, with or without the exclamation point – but I decided to use the exclamation point from now on, just because that’s how they’re showing it on TV. Hope you have better luck than I’ve had, LOL!! Susan in Wisconsin

  1. Hi! Slight correction, don’t know if it matters or not, but the word today, May 3rd, is actually MEMORIES because it is a thing to record your family history and memories. Does anyone know yesterday’s, May 2nd, word? I was actually watching, but somehow missed the word. Thanks!

  2. Hello, ladies: I missed The Doctors Word of the Day on Tuesday, February 20, 2018 because of a doctor’s appointment (what a coincidence)! Might one of you be good enough to tell me what the Word of the Day was on Tuesday? And was that for the Philips Hue White Ambiance Starter Kit (lights)? Thank you very much šŸ™‚ Happy Hump Day!

  3. Did you hear the word of the day in Wednesday’s show? Enter it below, along with your contact information, for a chance to win a RapidLash beauty bundle.

  4. What was the word of the day for Feb. 13, 2018??! Today is the 14th but the site is still asking for the word of the day from yesterday… is that typical? I’ve never done it before so idk if you have 2 days to do it or what… help plz? Thank you!! Ps… dingle berry skin tags- lmao!

    • Hi, Samantha: Tuesday’s word was RECOVERY. I don’t know if we have to type in the exclamation point, though! I guess there won’t be a word today (Wednesday) because The Doctors program was pre-empted by the awful school shooting in Florida.

  5. What was the word of the day for November 21 and 22?
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