The Doctors Word Of The Day 2017

If you have The Doctors Word Of The Day for today, you could win an amazing prize because The Doctors TV Show is giving away great gifts all season long. Tune in every weekday for the Word Of The Day and a chance to win the daily giveaway.

And if you are wondering what was the word of the day on The Doctors yesterday, you can find it in our complete list that includes all answers for The Doctors Word Of The Day Giveaway 2018.

What Was The Doctors Word Of The Day Today?

The answers for the Doctors Word Of The Day Giveaway (Season 10) are as follows.

Dates Prizes The Doctors Word Of The Day
12/10/18 Oral Care Bundle from Dr. Brite DECOMPRESS
12/11/18 Gift Card to Country Archer Jerky Co. ROUTE
12/12/18 Bag from LiteGear CHILL
12/13/18 Weighted Blanket from SensaCalm COMFORT
12/14/18 Gift from Integrity Chef ATTENTION

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  1. Thursday, 12/14 – Prize: Integrity Chef Stainless Steel Cooking Utensils/Accessories (set of stackable magnetic measuring spoons, pair of long and shorter tongs, combination citrus zester and Parmesan cheese grater, and cold brew coffee maker/tea infuser carafe. Total retail value is about $80, but it might be a gift card, it didn’t actually say. The site also offers Free Shipping on orders totalling $50 or more. A percentage of all of their sales is donated to help fight deadly waterborne parasites and illnesses in Third World countries, and also to fight child trafficking. The site claims that they have been instrumental in saving/assisting over 33,000 children to date). Word of the Day: ATTENTION!

  2. Thursday, 12/13 – Prize: Sensacalm Weighted Blanket or other Sensacalm products ($100 Sensacalm gift card, most likely). They do have a very nice line of fairly inexpensive toys and accessory items as well, which are supposed to be beneficial for differently abled children, those with autism, etc. Caution: The actual weighted blankets themselves are not to be used with very young children, but do allegedly help those who have various sleep disorders and issues. Word of the Day: COMFORT! (C’mon, someone, let’s get a WINNER!) Good luck!

  3. Hi, all! πŸ™‚ Wednesday, December 12th – Prize: LiteGear Travel Bag (partially made from recycled products). Appears to probably be the Mobile Pro Model bag. Word of the Day: CHILL!

  4. By the way, each contest is evidently open for FIVE days for entries, not two or three as we had previously thought. The current one, 12/11, specifically says that it runs from today until 11:59 PM on Saturday, 12/15. So that’s nice in case anyone misses any of the shows or contests at this particularly busy time of year; we have a bit longer to submit our entries. Good luck to all! πŸ™‚

  5. Thank you, Ronnie! πŸ™‚ I REALLY actually want today’s prize, so… *crossing fi ngers and toes* : It is a Wild and Wise Sisterhood single (I would assume) subscription box. You actually pay $99 per box and receive them four times a year, but the handcrafted, socially conscious, ethically sourced, environmentally aware, sustainable sources artisan items contents are actually worth $150 – $200. There are 6 – 8 personally curated gifts per box, plus a frameable inspirational quote, story cards that introduce you to the actual artisans themselves and the traditional art forms employed, as well as a personal message from the founder, and a card that gives new members via you $10 off. Plus $15 of each box is re-invested back in the communities in India that are in need that this program supports. It empowers the female Indian artisans participating. It also enables their children to receive schooling as well. Even if I don’t win, I am going to subscribe to this for myself for my birthday in April; it sounds AMAZING! So, Word of the Day, Friday, 12/7 – EXPERTS!

  6. Hi, Susan! πŸ™‚ Geez, I wonder if there is any way that they could delete some of the older comments. Scrolling down is taking forever! Nope, I’m just a night person. Haven’t even begun wrapping yet! Aw, darn it! I’ll be honest, I actually fell asleep briefly (from 11:41 AM – 11:57 AM) and just missed the darn word yesterday 12/5! So, of course, it’s not there! XD I had today’s but I didn’t enter. I don’t really need a $150 water bottle, which is what I had thought that they had said the prize for today was. Oh well, better luck tomorrow!

    • Thank you, Debi … looks like you were up late last night!! Oh, that’s right … you were probably wrapping presents πŸ™‚

  7. I missed the Word of the Day today because of another doctor appointment (had back surgery almost 5 weeks ago). Might one of you please be good enough to send me Tuesday’s word (12/4/2018)? Thanks much πŸ™‚ !!

  8. Huzzah! There is, in fact, FINALLY a non repeat new show today, 12/3, with a new word of the day! It’s a custom jewelry gift card as the prize (Kennebug, I believe. Looks like they carry a lot of college sports team stuff, as well as occasions, etc.). The word for today 12/3, Monday is CHOICE!

  9. “I need to know what they was giving away?” I don’t think a response is necessary to that quip. What I want to know is how can The Doctors repeat a show without the regular disclaimer such as recorded earlier or recorded 06/06/2018. And what’s up with Dr. Stork missing half the shows? Is he negotiating a salary beyond reason or is he ill or is the show ending soon and he’s taking sick days? I’m really interested in the logistics of the show!

  10. Okay, I just checked and I was, in fact, correct. They give one of the prize per day. However, it also says that you have only five days after they notify you that you have won to respond. After that they choose another entrant, so that the prize is definitely given every day. However, it doesn’t actually say how they notify you. Maybe via phone or, more likely, via e-mail. (I don’t even check my e-mail that often, definitely not even once a week. Guess maybe I should start, just in case. You never know…). It also says that the magnetic mask contest opened on 11/27 and ends at 11:59 PM on 11/30, and will be drawn, and the winner notified, on 12/03.

    • TX for the info , Debi
      Food for thought , buuuuuut regarding your email comment , I have my several Gmail accounts hooked up with my Android G-4 Lenovo phone , making it waaaaaay easIER to know when I get emails …

  11. For those of you who have computers that block the word grid above, yesterday’s word for 11/27 for the magnetic mask is CHEESE, which I previously posted, but I guess some people either didn’t or couldn’t scroll down the comments. Monday’s show was a repeat, as was today’s evidently. (There was also no word last Friday,as it was one of their hour long special topics (going to Mexico for cheaper plastic surgery procedures and the inherent dangers thereof), as well as possibly also a repeat). Let’s see what happens tomorrow, as this is becoming quite confusing, as they do not seem to be putting the usual “This giveaway is CLOSED” message lately. (I did recognize the prize from Monday, the unique Dune jewelry, as I had save the actual site so I could buy a piece in future). Good luck in future everyone! πŸ™‚ (I would assume that one person per day actually wins from a randomly generated draw from all of the entries, since they do give all of the audience members whatever it is as well). But maybe it might be more than one; I don’t believe that they’ve ever actually stated.

  12. Did anyone by chance get the word of the day for Tuesday , 11/27/18 ?
    In reciprocation , the word of the day for Wednesday , 11/28/18 , is JOY! , the prize being a $100.00 gift certificate for Omiani make-up …
    TX in advance

  13. Hi, Susan! Same here. I even waited all day to see if anyone was ever going to put it up, as it definitely didn’t say closed like the one last week did. However, today’s went through just fine; the word was CHEESE! for some sort of a $110 magnetic facial mask.
    Jim – I used to be on another board like this, and at least four people on it said that they had won. One that I can recall won St. Croix canned sparkling water, I believe. I keep hoping that someone in here will post that they won something eventually. (I personally only enter the ones for prizes that I actually want, so not every day for me). Let’s all cross our fingers! XD

  14. Hi: I watched The Doctors TV Show today (11/26/18) and wrote down the Word of the Day as RESULTS! However, when I went to the Giveaway page, the most recent giveaway it showed was from Wednesday (the day before Thanksgiving). I did not see on the show today anything like, “This Giveaway is Closed”, so I wrote to Technical Support but didn’t hear back from them. Did any of you happen to see anything on Monday’s show that would indicate that the giveaway was closed? The prize was for “Miriam Quevedo Hair Care”. Thanks for your input!

    • Hi , Susan …
      You are in fact correct about Monday the 26th’s show , & I ‘ M inclined to once AGAIN chalk it up to the maaaaaany glitches that appear to occur on the Doctor’s website , whiiiiiiiiiich in turn continues to make me wonder whether ANYbody e v e r wins ANYthiiiiiing , regardless what the website/TV show asserts

      • Thank you for taking the time to respond, Jim! Believe it or not, I actually got a reply from Tech Support as well. They said: “Thanks for reaching out. We’ve had reruns for the last three shows, that’s why there was no giveaways listed for those days. You should see a new giveaway today.” Yeah, I’ve wondered, too, at times if anybody wins anything, not unlike Publishers Clearing House! If there ARE any winners, I’m sure they’re few and far between. Thanks again and have a great Holiday Season!

        • You’re welcome , Susan , & back at you regarding the upcoming Holidays
          Heh , regardless whether their daily giveaways work alllllll that well , I happen to like the show/find it informative , & with allllllll the women in my clan , I’ll liiiiiikely continue to enter these things …
          Juuuuust in fact got done watching the show on 11/29 , & they DID note the giveaway for this episode was closed …

    • The show that aired on Monday 11/26/18 was a repeat of the show that originally aired on 9/21/18. There’s never a giveaway on a day when the show is a repeat.

  15. Hi, Jim! What had happened before is that The Doctors site wasn’t closing the contests promptly, which they have been lately. Friday’s is closed now as it should be. I personally asked for the word for the 8th on the 9th, as it was never listed up top. Also, my comments page is currently in a really odd order. The most recent two are first, followed by some from the 9th, and then one dated the 13th under those. By the way, for those that can’t see the grid up top, today’s word is BROWNIES.

  16. Maybe I’m missing something here , but I’m reading requests for words of the day looooooong after the 48 hours I was under the impression each daily contest is open for …

    I actually found that out by tapping the contest rules , & then reading them …

    Just seems like a shame to waste time entering contests that are already closed , which is why I always delete any words older than three (3) days …

    The topic came up when I looked at a winzily email comment , which I received on November 13th , wherein several folks seemed to be looking for the 11/8 word , which I had already deleted anyway …

  17. Anyone happen to catch yesterday’s (11/8) word? I saw the show, and even saw the prize for the day (starter home security system), yet somehow managed to miss the actual word for the day itself. Thank you so much! πŸ™‚


  18. Hmmmm… Well, this is very odd. I just watched and saw today’s (Tuesday’s) word: PROOFREAD. However, when I click on the “Kut from the Kloth” $125 gift certificate giveaway link, it says “Sorry, this giveaway has ended”. Perhaps they start them at a specific time of day and I am just too early? (The show is on at 11 AM in my area). Anyone know? Thank you.

    • I can only reply, not comment for some reason. I missed yesterday’s word, 11/08/18, and it hasn’t been listed. I got a phone call when they announced it. Can someone please help?

  19. Hi, Vanessa! I’m gathering from the comments that, for some odd reason (Firewall, some sort of Blocker?) some of y’all are unable to view the words up top. So, Monday, 10/29: CUSTOMIZE, Tuesday, 10/30: KEY, and today, Wednesday, October 31st (HAPPY HALLOWEEN, EVERYONE! πŸ™‚ ) : VIGILANT! (Bloom Mineral Beauty).

  20. Oh! So you’re our mysterious word person! I did get them on my own for the past few days, but I have missed a few recently, due to doctor appointments, emergency room visits (severe food allergies that no one can figure out so far), taking my Mom around here and there, etc. Although I don’t enter if I don’t want/need/have a use for the prize, so I have skipped two or three of of the past five, I think. Weirdly, however, I also missed Friday as well. So thank you SO much, Richard! πŸ™‚ Really, really appreciate your time and effort!

  21. I had a doctor appointment on Tuesday, Oct. 16th, so I missed The Doctors Word of the Day. Would anyone care to share that word with me? Thanks for your help!

  22. Oh, shoot! I wasn’t home today; I was out taking my Mother shopping. (She buys these HUGE thirty-five pound bags of bird seed for the winter, so she couldn’t really go by herself for them). Anyone know the word for today, 10/17 for the Sash Bag? Thank you in advance.

  23. Friday, October 12th – Aroma Kits from Le Nez Du Vin/Le Nez Du Cafe (French for “The Nose of Wine” and “The Nose of Coffee” ~ These are evidently fairly expensive scent kits to teach someone how to tell the subtle differences in scents of various wines and coffees; it’s sort of a really fascinating concept and prize. I might even order the less expensive coffee set myself… if I don’t win it, of course! (HA!HA! As if… But, hey, you never know!) ): SENSATION! Thank you so much to the other recent contributors as well. πŸ™‚

  24. Ooops! Looks like I forgot to post yesterday’s somehow. Sorry about that! Thursday, 10/4 – Amazingly nice prize today! $1,100 Value! It’s a Hybrid Mattress from Tomorrow Sleep – Word: SHUT-EYE! (Yes, the word is/was hyphenated as presented on the show). If you go to the actual mattress site there is currently also a $50 off mattress coupon through 11:59 PM Monday, October 8th. (The lowest priced Twin Memory Foam Mattress is $445, Hybrid Twin that adjusts to your own personal body temperature and support needs is $545; they range up from there to just under $1,000. They also have matching pillows made of the same materials available as well). And now for today, Friday, 10/5 – Beverly Hills MD Deep Wrinkle Filler – RESEARCH!

    • Thank you Debi Lee for taking over the blog and LISTING the WORDS! Unlike the last guy who would only give one word a week or 2! Thank you everyone that is writing comments now as of September 21st 2018. Thank you! I ment no offense to you. It was the last guy who ran the blog. I understand. I get each episode at 8am. So today’s word for 10/10/18 FLEXIBILITY! Thank you Debbi

  25. Oh my! I just now noticed that one of my previous posts never posted. So sorry, Brittany! I had said “You’re quite welcome” to you. And that “The Doctors” just happens to air in our particular area (in PA) at 11AM, so it is a convenient time for me. I can’t exactly guarantee posting the word every single day, due to doctor appointments, etc., but I should, hopefully, be able to do it with a decent amount of frequency. It was a bit easier before, because they had re-broadcast the show at 3AM, however, they just discontinued doing that this past week, unfortunately. I used to be on a different board, however, my computer went down for about six months, and, when I finally was able to get back on, the entire board had vanished. There were multiple winners on that one, so, hopefully, someone in here will win and come back and tell us about it. Thank you.

  26. Just noting that there are currently a couple of issues here. First, up top, 10/1 wasn’t the Strivectin Skin Care Bundle, that was Friday, 9/28. 10/1 was the Gift Box from Beauty Kitchen and the word was, indeed, “BARK!”, as I had previously posted. The other issue is that today, Wednesday, 9/3, the prize is actually a Gift Card from Zenni Eyeware, with a value of up to $250, however, on the actual “The Doctors” site giveaways page, the information underneath is incorrect. It gives the information for the Zoya Nail Polishes Set again, but with Monday as the day. The correct word for today, Wednesday, September 3rd, for the Zenni Eyeware Certificate is STRIKE!

    • Debi Lee, Thanks for your help in the word of the day. I cant always catch the show but want to enter occasionally for some of the gifts.

  27. 10/1/18 – Happy First Day of October Everyone! – Gift Box from Beauty Kitchen (valued at $263!): BARK! (It was a segment about the benefit of pets and baby talk)

  28. Thank you Debi Lee for taking over the blog and LISTING the WORDS! Unlike the last guy who would only give one word a week or 2! Thank you everyone that is writing comments now as of September 21st 2018. Thank you!

  29. Tuesday, 9/25 – PhoneSoap Cell Phone Sanitizer (Lori Grenier sells these on QVC; they’re worth about $100): ROSES! (I, myself, didn’t enter again as I have no use for this either, however, I have heard from others that they work quite well, and they do seem to be a really good idea, so good luck everyone! πŸ™‚ )

  30. Monday, 9/24 – $100 Gift Certificate from Totalee Phone Cases: OVERBOARD! (I didn’t even enter this one myself as I have no real use for the prize being given, even though they are extremely nice, but I don’t mind helping others in here try to win)

    • Hi, Jim: I actually wrote to The Doctors TV Show once to ask them the same question, but I never got an answer … so we’re not the only ones asking about this! I’ve never won anything, with or without the exclamation point – but I decided to use the exclamation point from now on, just because that’s how they’re showing it on TV. Hope you have better luck than I’ve had, LOL!! Susan in Wisconsin

  31. Hi! Slight correction, don’t know if it matters or not, but the word today, May 3rd, is actually MEMORIES because it is a thing to record your family history and memories. Does anyone know yesterday’s, May 2nd, word? I was actually watching, but somehow missed the word. Thanks!

  32. Hello, ladies: I missed The Doctors Word of the Day on Tuesday, February 20, 2018 because of a doctor’s appointment (what a coincidence)! Might one of you be good enough to tell me what the Word of the Day was on Tuesday? And was that for the Philips Hue White Ambiance Starter Kit (lights)? Thank you very much πŸ™‚ Happy Hump Day!

  33. Did you hear the word of the day in Wednesday’s show? Enter it below, along with your contact information, for a chance to win a RapidLash beauty bundle.

  34. What was the word of the day for Feb. 13, 2018??! Today is the 14th but the site is still asking for the word of the day from yesterday… is that typical? I’ve never done it before so idk if you have 2 days to do it or what… help plz? Thank you!! Ps… dingle berry skin tags- lmao!

    • Hi, Samantha: Tuesday’s word was RECOVERY. I don’t know if we have to type in the exclamation point, though! I guess there won’t be a word today (Wednesday) because The Doctors program was pre-empted by the awful school shooting in Florida.

  35. What was the word of the day for November 21 and 22?
    Enter for Your Chance to Win a Robin McGraw Revelation Firming Neck and Decollete Cream
    Enter for Your Chance to Win a Power Peptide Eye Cream from Robin McGraw Revelation


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