Starbucks For Life Game 2017

Winning the Starbucks For Life grand prize is not an easy task when you play the Starbucks For Life Game 2017. First, you need to obtain game plays by making qualifying purchases at participating Starbucks locations. Then, obtaining bonus game plays by completing Starbucks For Life challenges will certainly help you get closer to the goal. But ultimately, you will need to get Starbucks For Life Rare Pieces to win.

Each game play will result in either an Instant Win Game prize or a Collect and Win Game Piece. And you will need to collect all 3 game pieces for a chance to win a prize. Two of the three Game Pieces will be common ones while the third one will be a rare one.

Have a look at the chart below to help you figure out which game pieces are the rarest ones in 2017, both in the United States and Canada.

What Are The Starbucks For Life Rare Pieces 2017

U.S. Rare Game Pieces for 2017

PrizesRare Game PiecesCommon Game PiecesNumber Rare Game Pieces
Starbucks for LifePartridge The Pear– Oliver the Reindeer
– Waddles
Starbucks for a YearSnowshoes– Coffee Bear
– Candy Cane
Starbucks for 6 Months Holly Berry– Brad
– Wild Cuddlefox
Starbucks for 3 Months Silver Bells– Winter Sparrow
– Cozy Yeti
Starbucks for a Month‘Tis The Ski-Son– Christmas Pickle
– Vickers the Cat
Starbucks for a WeekGrandma’s Mittens– Peppermint Bark
– Mixed Nuts
125 Bonus StarsFireplace Feels– Snowflake
– Pine Cone
75 Bonus StarsMilk & Cookies– Professor Owl
– Chili Chandelier
50 Bonus StarsIce Skates– Canberry Sauce
– Yule Goat

Canadian Rare Game Pieces for 2017

PrizesRare Game PiecesCommon Game PiecesNumber Rare Game Pieces
Starbucks for Life– Oliver the Reindeer
– Waddles
Starbucks for a Year– Coffee Bear
– Candy Cane
Starbucks for 6 MonthsHolly Berry– Brad
– Wild Cuddlefox
Starbucks for 3 MonthsSilver Bells– Winter Sparrow
– Cozy Yeti
Starbucks for a Month‘Tis The Ski-Son– Christmas Pickle
– Vickers the Cat
Starbucks for a WeekGrandma’s Mittens– Peppermint Bark
– Mixed Nuts
125 Bonus Stars– Snowflake
– Pine Cone
75 Bonus StarsChili Chandelier– Professor Owl
– Milk & Cookies
50 Bonus Stars Yule Goat– Canberry Sauce
– Ice Skates


These Are All The Game Pieces For The Starbucks For Life 2017

Want to help us? Tell us which game pieces you think are common and rare ones in the comments below!


  1. The following are what I would describe as the RARE pieces. These are the ‘official’ names Starbucks has attributed to them:
    I have pictures posted on my twitter account:
    Hope this helps.

      • Thank you.
        I received an e-mail earlier today that my signed “Declaration of Compliance” forms had arrived, and been accepted by HelloWorld. It cost me C$51.44 to FedEx (Toronto, CANADA to Springfield, MICHIGAN) my declaration by overnight delivery in order to not risk not meeting the FOUR DAY requirement for delivery of those legal documents, as per the rules.
        Anyone else find it odd, IN CANADA, that if you win so little as FIVE BONUS STARS, you have FOURTEEN days to claim your prize. But, if you win any of the TOP THREE prizes, you have to meet a very strict time deadline of FOUR days for delivery of your signed “Declaration of Compliance” forms from Canada to the United States !!! As per the contest rules, if your “Declaration of Compliance” forms don’t make it to HelloWorld in FOUR DAYS, your prize is forfeited, and awarded by a drawing from NON-winning eligible game plays.

  2. These are all the ones I have so far. Assuming they’re NOT rare.

    For life:
    Oliver the reindeer

    1 year:
    Coffee bear
    Candy cane

    6 months:
    Wild Cuddlefox

    3 months:
    Winter sparrow
    Cozy yeti

    A month:
    Christmas pickle

    A week:
    Peppermint bark
    Mixed nuts

    75 bonus stars:
    Professor owl
    Chili chandelier

    50 bonus stars:
    Cranberry sauce

        • I am so sorry, I forgot to specify that I am in CANADA.
          It appears Starbucks treats these STARBUCKS FOR LIFE contests as linked, but treated as independent events when it comes to prize allocation. We don’t get “FREE” food, beverage, or tumbler prizes here, just an opportunity at BONUS stars along with the various game pieces.
          Just as a note- In Canada, somewhere buried in the often arcane laws that govern this type of publicity contest, there is a statement that any knowledge in the purvey of the sponsoring agent must be disclosed. As you don’t have much control over a randomly assigned puzzle piece, Starbucks has chosen not to disclose what the “RARE” pieces are. However, with respect to many other similar contests run in Canada, the “RARE” pieces are simply specified in the rules. Life is so much easier knowing, even though your odds of winning remain the same.

  3. Also on my board I have all the ones Megan has and also the following :

    Starbucks for Life: Waddles (a penguin)

    A month: Vickers the Cat

    125 bonus stars: snowflake and a pine cone

    50 bonus stars: cranberry sauce, Ice Skates and Yule Goat

    And I also won an instant win of 10 bonus stars ♡

    Thank you Richard Cloutier for this Winzily page. Love the chart!

  4. It looks like:

    Waddles and Oliver the Reindeer are the common pieces for life

    Coffee Bear and Candy Cane are common for one year

    Brad and Wild Cuddlefox are common for 6 months

    Winter Sparrow and Cozi Yeti are common for 3 months

    Christmas Pickle and Vickers the Cat are common for one month

    Peppermint Bark and Mixed Nuts are common for 125 bonus stars

    Professor Owl and Chili Chandelier are common for 75 bonus stars (milk and cookies rare)

    Cranberry Sauce and Yule Goat are common for 50 bonus stars

  5. **My results are only based on 2 players. I won 75 bonus stars. My husband has 2 pieces for 75 bonus stars not including milk & cookies. That’s why I assume it’s rare, but maybe he’s lucky enough to have a rare piece as well. : ) Every Other piece we have in common Other than “Candy Cane” for one year. He has that piece and I don’t. I hope that helps!!!! Good luck everyone!

  6. I think it’s probably the Ice Skates (rather than the Yule Goat) that is rare for the 50 bonus stars. Have gotten the goat 3 times now, and still no Ice Skates. U.S. player here.

  7. I’m pretty sure the Yule goat isn’t the rare piece (in Canada). It was the first I got and I just got another one (also have th cranberries). I’m thinking ice skates are the rare piece.

    • You may well be correct. The order in which you get the pieces does not always mean that the “RARE” one will be the last one to complete the row. I remember getting the “RARE” piece for ONE month on the first day, and it took me until the final last two days of the contest to pick up what was known to be a ‘common’ piece.

  8. My boyfriend and I both just won the 3 months prize, and I’m pretty sure we have a rare piece for the life prize because we both have 2 pieces and the reindeer is the same for both of us, just different secondary pieces!

    • Congratulations! Lightening can strike twice. My Father also picked up THREE months too, as well as a ONE month prize. Is it possible to post somewhere a screen shot of both you and your boyfriend’s LIFE prize line? I too have the reindeer. as well as WADDLES the PENGUIN. So, presumably that would mean that whatever “OTHER” piece there is in the third position, is the winning “RARE” piece. If you can’t post a photo somewhere, could you please share the name of that “RARE” piece.

      • When I wrote my comments (above) I had not seen that the complete list of puzzle pieces had been posted at the top of this thread. Problem solved. And, congrats to anonymous et al.


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