Starbucks For Life Holiday Edition 2016

Today, I’m running to a Starbucks near me because the Starbucks For Life 2016 is on. And just like last year, I will be wondering what are the Starbucks For Life Rare Pieces 2016 during this Starbucks Holiday Game.

This year again, there are four “Collect And Win Game” prize types including Starbucks
for Life, Starbucks for a Year, Starbucks for a Month, and Starbucks for a Week. Just like previous edition of the Promotion, each prize type has three unique Starbucks For Life Game Pieces. Two game pieces for each prize type are considered as common. These game pieces will be awarded regularly to players. However, there will be a limited number of the third Game Pieces for each prize type, also known as the Rare Starbucks For Life Piece.

If you are lucky enough to collect all 3 unique game pieces in one row, including this year’s rare ones, you win the prize associated with the game pieces.

I have created a list of all Starbucks For Life rarest game pieces in order to help you figure out what are the common and rare game pieces. Check it out below and be sure to come back each time you get a new game piece on your game board to find out if you have a Starbucks For Life Rare Game Piece.

List Of All Starbucks For Life Rare Pieces

I’m already doing some research and I’ll have the answer for you! Also, keep in mind that the rare game pieces in the United States might not be the same as the ones in Canada. We’ll figure out this detail too.

Starbucks For Life Game Pieces

Starbucks For Life Prize

  • Oliver the Reindeer (Reindeer)
  • Silver Bells (Silver Bells)
  • Snowflake (Snowflake)

Number of rare game pieces: 5
Rarest Game Piece (USA): Snowflake
Rarest Game Piece (CANADA):

Starbucks For A Year Game Pieces

Starbucks For A Year Prize

  • Winter City (CityScape)
  • Polar Bear (Polar Bear)
  • Chili Lights (Chili)

Number of rare game pieces: 25
Rarest Game Piece (USA): Polar Bear
Rarest Game Piece (CANADA):

Starbucks For A Month Game Pieces

Starbucks For A Month Prize

  • Cozy Yeti (Yeti)
  • Snowboots (Snowboots)
  • Brad (Ginger Cookie)

Number of rare game pieces: 125
Rarest Game Piece (USA): Snowboots
Rarest Game Piece (CANADA):

Starbucks For A Week Game Pieces

Starbucks For A Week Prize

  • Goat (Goat)
  • Candy Cane (Candy Cane)
  • Caramel (Bernard)

Number of rare game pieces: 500
Rarest Game Piece (USA): Goat
Rarest Game Piece (CANADA):

125 Bonus Stars Game Pieces

125 Bonus Stars

  • Ms. Sprinkles (Cat)
  • Grandmaโ€™s Mittens (Mittens)
  • Christmas Pickle (Pickle)

Number of rare game pieces: 50,000
Rarest Game Piece (USA): Grandmaโ€™s Mittens
Rarest Game Piece (CANADA):

50 Bonus Stars Game Pieces

50 Bonus Stars

  • Place by the Hearth (Fireplace)
  • Ski Champion (Ski)
  • Professor Owl (Owl Scarf)

Number of rare game pieces: 100,000
Rarest Game Piece (USA): Ski Champion
Rarest Game Piece (CANADA):

What Are The Starbucks For Life Rare Pieces?

Now that we know what are the Starbucks For Life game pieces, what are the Starbucks For Life Rare Game Pieces?

At this point, we are still trying to figure out all this. We will keep you updated soon.

However, it appears that the rare pieces might be different depending on your country. Many Canadians seems to be missing completely different game pieces.

Please let us know if you managed to get most of game pieces. The remaining ones should be the most sought after game pieces. And be sure to indicate your country when you leave a message!


  1. Just one day left and I played almost everyday, completed all the challenges a while ago but still collected none of the rare pieces. Has anyone won any grand prize – life/year/month/week?

    • Yes, I have but don’t really know what to do about that It’s happened twice to me. But I have been a little lucky, winning the 125 stars once with the mittens and the 50 stars twice with the skis. I do play everyday, by either making a purchase or getting free plays online. However, I won the 125 stars on my 5th attempt and the 50 stars both times around Christmas. Nothing since then, so I have my fingers crossed. Good Luck!

  2. Missing all the rare pieces and I’ve completed all challenges I drink Starbucks everyday as so does my wife. We make separate purchases off the same acct. but still no luck.

  3. Third year trying, and not a single rare one!!!!! Nothing!!!! I think we need a winner in each state something for all the time and money………..ugh

  4. Agree with others from Canada, rarest pieces seem to be the same (given that I play a lot and am missing all of the rare ones on this list!)

  5. For Canada, seems to be the same rare pieces. Definitely Snowflake for LIFE, Polar Bear for YEAR and Goat for WEEK. Also, the Mittens and Skis for BONUS STARS. Hope that helps!

  6. Having fun playing for free by clicking on **no purchase necessary** and also making purchases. I’d LOVE to win it for Life!!! Can you imagine how much fun it’d be to give a cup of Starbucks to someone and pay it forward one day and drink a cup the next??!! In memory of my Bestie who passed away… Still reloading my beloved gift card!! XOXO

  7. Can’t seem to get either the snowflake, snow boots, polar bear or the goat. Sometimes I wonder whether or not the system is rigged being that I drink Starbucks almost daily.

  8. Greeting from Canada. I have all the symbols except the following. Seems to be the same ones as you ๐Ÿ™‚

    Starbucks For Life: Snowflake
    Starbucks For A Year: Polar Bear
    Starbucks For A Month: Snowboots
    Starbucks For A Week: Goat
    125 Bonus Stars: Grandmaโ€™s Mittens
    50 Bonus Stars: Ski Champion

  9. Omg I’m actually looking forward to this I have all the game pieces but the rare, at first I was getting a new one and after I started missing the 3rd for each one now there just repeating.

  10. Ugh I have collected all the common ones! I just need the rare ones Fingers still crossed! I played everyday and still haven’t one 50 stars or 125 stars yet… There’s still time though. Commenting from U.S

  11. I’ve completed 12 challenges, have two of every one of the 1-5th prizes and I have not one anything except three of a kind keys for duplicate game pieces. Any other codes we can use? I really want to win this thing!

  12. I’m from the U.S. and I’m also missing all of the rares. I’ve endlessly being getting a bunch of commons, and then EVERY SINGLE TIME I get a free play from getting three keys, the game lags and I get nothing. So yeah, this game seems to be rigged or something.

  13. Also Missing all the rare pieces. Iโ€™ve been receiving the same common game pieces (over 18 times).
    I have 2 game pieces on each prize.
    I just need 1 rare in any cat. to win something.
    How do you get the rare pieces?
    7 challenges complete.

    Canadian player

  14. Missing all the rare pieces. I’ve been receiving the same common game pieces (over 12 times). I’m starting to think this game is rigged. I have 2 game pieces on each prize. I just need 1 to win something. How do you get the rare pieces? I’ve completed 8 challenges already.

  15. I am misses all the rare pieces from each section of the Starbucks for Life game board. I only need the โ„ to win the Starbucks for Life.

    • According to the rules, each potential Grand and First Prize winner will be sent an email to the email address associated with his/her Account and required to sign and return a Declaration of Compliance, Liability Waiver and where not prohibited a Publicity Release (“Declaration”), and an IRS Form W-9 which must be received by Administrator, within three (3) days of the date notice or attempted notice is sent, in order to claim the prize.

  16. I’m in Montreal, QC and all the missing pieces I am missing are the rare ones. So I think its safe to assume that are rare game pieces are the same as USA.

  17. From Canada: so far i have a full board except for the RARE ones (same as the USA RARE pieces as far as i can tell. Missing: Snow Flake, Polar Bear, Snow Shoes (as they are called up here in Canada), Goat, Mittens, Skis… good luck everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. In USA: I have won the 50 stars award and 8 bonus stars. I am missing all the rare ones listed above for the US. I have also completed 4 of the challenges. So wish me luck for a big win. Will update if I get any of the win for week, month, year, or life awards. Btw if you win one can you win another? I.E. if I win Starbucks for a week am I automatically unable to win the Starbucks for life award?

    • It’s in the very small print at the bottom of a few screens. I find it at the bottom of the “Game Board” screen. There’s a link at the end of the first paragraph that starts with “** NO PURCHASE NECESSARY”

  19. I found this under the rules of the game, it lists how many game pieces are given out.

    Grand Prize – “Starbucks for Life” 5
    First Prize – “Starbucks for a Year” 25
    Second Prize – “Starbucks for a Month” 125
    Third Prize – “Starbucks for a Week” 500
    Fourth Prize – 125 Bonus Stars 50,000
    Fifth Prize – 50 Bonus Stars 100,000

    • Yes, this is also the number of potential winners for each prize.
      5 winners will receive Starbucks for Life, 25 will receive Starbucks for a year, etc…
      That is if they can obtain the one of the rare piece available for the prize.

      • It is pre-determined when the pieces will be released. The first person to play the game after that time gets the piece. For example, if they release a rare at 7PM, the first person to open a box after 7PM will get that piece. This is why you have a better chance to just open one every now and then, rather than blowing through ton of plays at once.

  20. Starbucks for Life game is a complete waste of time!!! Don’t bother people! I’ve completed most all of the challenges and are missing ALL off the “RARE” game tokens. Be advised Starbucks is not generous with handing out the rare tokens. Won’t be playing next year. The star bonus offers are where it’s reliable and worth your time.

  21. I’m in Canada and am missing the middle pieces (polar bear, mittens, and skis) but got the other two. Looks like they’re rare for us too. Thanks for your work!

  22. I’ve won 125 stars and have all the other commons – now it’s just daily plays to try to get the rares and collect duplicates for more chances to win. Thank you for the info on which ones I’m missing!

  23. I won 5 stars, 50 stars and 125 stars yesterday! So excited! Just crossing my fingers this will be a lucky year for me. I’m missing all other rare pieces. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Good luck everyone!

  24. Thanks for posting all of the information. I’ve been keeping track of the things I’ve received in a spreadsheet one by one. This made it a lot easier.

  25. Thank you!! Love this info: for US
    Till today: 12/8/16 – I have earned so far:
    SFL: i have Oliver and Silver Bells
    SFY: chili lights and winter CT Land
    SFM: gingerbread and cozy Yeti
    SFW: candy cane And Caramel
    S-125: hanging pickle
    S-50: prof Owl and place by the hearth

  26. Looking at myself and some friends we have:

    In Life: Oliver the Reindeer and Silver Bells
    In Year: Winter City and Chili Lights
    In Month: Cozi Yeti and Brad
    In Week: Candy Cane and Caramel
    In 125 Stars: Ms. Sprinkles, Christmas Pickle and Grandma’s Mittens (Mittens appear to be the rare one)
    In 50 Stars: Place by the Hearth and Professor Owl

  27. Hey, this is how the board looks to be set up (US)

    Starbucks for life:
    snowflake (rare)

    Starbucks for a year:
    polar bear (rare)

    Starbucks for a month:
    Snowboots (rare)

    Starbucks for a week:
    goat (rare)
    candy cane
    st. bernard

    125 stars:
    mittens (rare)

    50 stars:
    ski (rare)

  28. In the US.
    So far I have:
    Silver Bells in Starbucks for Life
    Brad (gingerbread man) in Starbucks for a month
    Professor Owl in 50 stars

  29. Have there been ANY winners? I’ve been sitting on all of the game pieces (other than the rare ones) since the 2nd week of this promotion. I’ve only won 10 stars. I play 4x every day. Today is the last day. The rare ones have to be released in the next few hours, right?

  30. My husband and I each go to Starbucks daily and we play with the “free plays” as well. We’re missing all the rare pieces that you have mentioned above. We have two pieces in every category with the exception of the rare piece. Mochanut, Starflies, Little Boom, and Cold Brew Cooler. From what I read it appears that there’s a specific time algorithm that gives out specific pieces. I’ve won bonus stars too, but no rare pieces.

  31. Same here. I’ve had over 60 game pieces and still need the rare ones in each category. No winners? I feel scammed. At least give one day free or something.

  32. I have all of them except the rare ones as well. Has anyone even won? it seems odd that its only a few days away and no one has won!!! i have received multiple!!! of the others but no rare ones Fingers crossed for the starbucks for life ๐Ÿ™‚ i feel a winner coming ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. What are you people paying for???

    Right at the bottom of the playing page in very tiny writing it states….

    “**NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. A purchase of any kind will not increase your chances of winning. To enter without making a purchase, click here.”

    You can click that link and fill out the form 4x per day and they will send you 4 separate emails with a code in each one for a free play. ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. I received a swim kitty game piece and it says to keep on playing but the game piece isn’t showing up below on my game board. Am I supposed to do something to get the piece to apply to the game board?

  35. I have all the game pieces except one (the rare ones you mentioned) for every single category. I’m just patiently waiting to get one of the rare pieces.

  36. I had a cold brew cooler that appeared mid ice cube tap! When it finished melting it turned into a sweaty yeti! Took a screen shot. Maybe a glitch? It got my hopes up…

  37. So many of us have 2 PCs in every category, just waiting for the rare ones. Makes me wonder if Starbucks doesn’t release any rare pieces till the last week or two of the game. Thoughts??

    • According to the official rules, “Each Rare Game Piece will be associated with a random, computer generated winning time during the Promotion Period. If you are the first player to play the Game at or after the randomly generated winning time you will be awarded a Rare Game Piece.”

  38. just so you know if you’re playing, if you pay for each item separately, you get a star for each time you make a purchase, just saying

    • It’s up to a maximum of 4 plays per day though and if you spend $10 or more per purchase it’s 2 play pieces so I don’t know if it makes a difference at all. At least this is my understanding from the rules. Of course if youre you’re not spending 10 then make 2 transactions and it will get you more pieces.

  39. I’m in the US. Missing only Mocha Nut, Starflies, Little Boom, & Cold Brew Cooler. I’ll be very happy to win any of the prizes. Good luck to us all!

  40. Iโ€™m in the U.S., NY, and Iโ€™m still missing: the Mochanut, Starflies, Little Boom and Cold Brew Cooler. I have 2 for each row. I though I was a lucky one, but it seems like a lot of other fans of Starbucks are in the sale situation with the same game. Getting so tired to have the same over and over again! It’s not even funny at the end plus we are limited to only 4 games per day.

  41. Like others, I’m thinking through “strategy.” I used to play all accumulated game pieces at the same time each day. After reading through the official rules, it seems that at a randomly generated “time” the rare pieces will be released. Today’s strategy to find those rare pieces (yes, I am missing the same ones as everyone else here in USA) is to play at 4 different times. Crossing my green strws that this new strategy pays off and pays for coffee. Good luck everyone.

  42. Just got little boom once and cold brew cooler a few times. In Canada as well. We’re probably onto something here. Got all excited for nothing ๐Ÿ™

  43. From Canada, I received the following multiple times:
    Tea captain and Starla
    Graham+Marsha and PSL
    Little boom and chair
    Yeti and cool brew

    Swim kitten
    Grand toss

  44. I am in the US and I am missing the Mochanut, jar, lil’ boom boom, and Cold Brew Cooler.

    When I remembered to play the game on Sunday night, I had accumulated 21 plays (yes, I spend way too much money at Starbucks!). I got at least duplicates on all of the ones I got so I assume none of them are the rare pieces. Based on the info above, I am not clear as to what is needed but I can’t believe that I would get a winning piece more than once so I have to believe that the ones I am missing are the rare ones. Side note, pretty disappointing that out of the 21 plays, I didn’t get any bonus stars! I do wonder if the person that mentioned he/she was in Canada is on to something and the rare game pieces that are rare are different for the two countries. That would make the most sense to me as to why there is so much confusion. As mentioned several times above, it would be helpful for everyone that replies indicate if they are playing in the US or Canada.

  45. I’m in the U.S., and I’m still waiting on the Mochanut, Starflies, Little Boom and Cold Brew Cooler. Looks like those are indeed the Starbucks “rares”.

  46. I’m in the US.
    Starbucks for a Month: missing Little Boom, received multiples of Strawndack Chair and Swim Kitten
    Starbucks for a Week: missing Cold Brew Cooler, received multiples of Sweaty Yeti and Grande Toss

    So I think Philippe or Scott must be correct – the rare pieces are either different for US vs Canada or they are different per account.

  47. I am missing cold brew cooler and little boom as well, and I have both the other pieces in those two categories. Those seem to hold the most discrepancy among players, so maybe with some coordination we can figure this out. For those of you that DO have cold brew cooler and little boom, which ones ARE you missing? If most people do have those two pieces, but are all missing the same other ones, we can get a better sense of the rare pieces, and finalize these results. The more people that have those two pieces respond the better, as we will get a more accurate and cohesive set of results. Game on!

    • As Philippe D suggested, maybe the rare pieces are different in Canada too. Players should indicate their country when they leave us a comment about the pieces they already got. This would certainly help us figure out the finale list of rare game pieces.

      • It also depends on WHAT you ordered. I suspect of this.
        What did you order? did you go starbucks twice a day with two recepits that almost over $10 to get the boom? Did you ordered cold brews coffee?
        I suspect that I ordered grande large coffee and end up with Grande Toss. I also ordered few things end up with octopus.

  48. I’ve gotten Little Boom once and Cold Brew Cooler 3 times. I’m playing in Canada though, so perhaps the rare pieces are different by country?

  49. I have both little boom and cold brew cooler. Maybe the rare piece for week and month depends on your account, but this would mean it isn’t completely randomized. Hmm sketchy..

      • Forgot to say that, but in Canada as well. Swim kitten and grande toss are the rare ones to us. Looks like Starbucks for life and a year are the same for both countries, it’s a month and week that are varying.

        • In Canada and I just got the rare piece for 50 stars and it is also the ski champion. I now have all three. I’m waiting to see what the others are. I’m just missing the rare pieces. I have everything else and play everyday.

  50. The pieces I currently have are:

    Life – Tea Captain & Starla
    Year – PSL
    Month – Swim Kitten
    Week – Sweaty Yeti, Grande Toss

  51. I have Little Boom and Cold Brew Cooler…and I am pretty sure I have received multiples of both. I think Swim Kitten and Grande Toss might be the rare pieces.

  52. I have also received Little Boom and Cold Brew. As stated I am missing Staflies and Mochanut. So maybe several of of us here will win SB for a week or Month? It will be interesting to see if I keep getting repeats of the common pieces for the remainder of the contest. So far, I’ve been lucky enough to warrant n the 125 stars. Good luck everyone!

  53. It seems Starflies is the winning yearly one unless I got really lucky. I have Grahm & Marsha and PSL.

    Starbucks For A Year

    Graham & Marsha


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