Irving Pump Up The Fun Rare Stickers 2017

The Irving Pump Up The Fun Game 2017, an annual Irving Oil promotion, has just started. This means that millions of customers will be fueling up at Irving gas stations this summer in the hope of finding Pump Up The Fun Rare Stickers 2017 in their game pieces.

Participants have the opportunity to win fun prizes such as Irving gift cards, free gas for a year, a Ford F150 XLT and the grand prize of $100,000 in cash. But first, they must complete any of the 8 winning combinations to win. And that is if they can find the Irving Pump Up The Fun rare pieces that will enable them to complete a prize category on the Collector Card 2017.

But what are this year’s rare Pump Up The Fun stickers? Check out our list of all rare stickers for the Pump Up The Fun 2017 below to find out.

What Are Irving Pump Up The Fun Rare Stickers 2017?

The Pump Up The Fun rare stickers and common stickers are as follow:

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[Updated on July 4, 2017]

PrizeQuantityCommon StickersRare StickerOdds of Receiving The Rare Sticker
$100,000 Cash1SPRINGFIELD (300), GREENFIELD (301), FRANKLIN (302), BRIGHTON (303), MIDDLEBOROUGH (304), BELLINGHAM (305), NORWOOD (306)NORWOOD (306)1 sur 25 812 000
Ford 150 XLT3DEER LAKE (307), VICTORIA COVE (308), CLARKE’S BEACH (309), HAWKE’S BAY (310), PILLEY’S ISLAND (311), SUMMERFORD (312)VICTORIA COVE (308)1 sur 8 604 000
Camping Trailer3BONAVENTURE (313), LÉVIS (314), MAGOG (315), PORT-CARTIER (316), RIVIÈRE-DU-LOUP (317), TROIS-RIVIÈRES (318)RIVIÈRE-DU-LOUP (317)1 sur 8 604 000
$5,00010BEARDSLEY (319), PETITCODIAC (320), SHEDIAC (321), ZEALAND (322), ST. ANDREWS (323), HAMPTON (324)ZEALAND (322)1 sur 2 581 200
FREE GAS For a Year20FAIR HAVEN (325), LONDONDERRY (326), ISLAND POND (327), BRETTON WOODS (328), HOOKSETT (329), SWANTON (330)ISLAND POND (327)1 sur 1 290 600
GoPro HERO Session150KENSINGTON (331), HUNTER RIVER (332), CATALONE (333), GRANVILLE FERRY (334), MOUNT STEWART (335)HUNTER RIVER (332)1 sur 172 080
Happy Camper Package500DEER ISLE (336), MILLINOCKET (337), WATERVILLE (338), BLUE HILL (339)BLUE HILL (339)1 sur 51 624
$50.00 Irving Oil Gift Card1 000BEACON FALLS (340), CRANSTON (341), CHAPLIN (342), TORRINGTON (343)TORRINGTON (343)1 sur 25 812


You have 1 chance in 28,466 to win one of the 1,091 prizes in the Collect To Win portion of the Game. Keep playing until September 5, 2017 to increase your chances.

And don’t forget that duplicate Collect to Win stickers may be played on the S’more Fun Giveaway Sweepstakes Entry Form found on the collector card for a chance to win a $5,000 vacation getaway. You can also look for PINs found inside select game pieces and enter them at for a chance to win $5,000 or $25,000 cash.

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