Big Bang Theory Fan-tastic Sweepstakes

Big Bang Theory Weeknights and the Warner Bros. Pictures film “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald” are teaming up to bring you the Big Bang Theory Fan-tastic Sweepstakes. But if you want to enter, you will need the Big Bang Theory Sweepstakes Word Of The Day.

All this week, watch the Big Bang Theory for the Word Of The Day and you could win $500 a day, a hometown screening for you and 100 friends, or the grand prize trip to the London Premiere.

Find the Word Of The Day in our list below and text it to 46373 or go to to enter.

What Was The Big Bang Theory Sweepstakes Word Of The Day Today?

The correct “New Era In Magic” word of the day for the Big Bang Theory Ready Player One Sweepstakes are as follows.

Date Word Of The Day
October 8
October 9
October 10
October 11
October 15 NEWT
October 16 HOGWARTS
October 17 MAGIC
October 18
October 19


  1. Pope, the word of the day appears when the syndicated episodes of “Big Bang Theory” is shown, which is (usually) early evening, but it depends on your local listings.


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