Discovery Get Your Cut Sweepstakes Code

The Get Your Cut Sweepstakes is all about the gold total! Following the new season premiere of Gold Rush on October 21st, Discovery is running this promotion where viewers are invited to watch the show for the Discovery Get Your Cut Sweepstakes Code and a chance to win a portion of the gold total.

That’s right! Every Friday through March 2017, watch Discovery Channel’s Gold Rush Season 7 episodes and enter at because you could win your cut of their gold.

We still don’t know how much gold Team Parker, Team Todd, and Team Tony will rake in. But according to, Todd Hoffman has an ambitious 5,000 ounce goal which is more than 2,000 ounces than his best-ever total.

Now, if you want to increase your chances of winning, be sure to visit us every Friday stating at 9pm for the latest Discovery Get Your Cut Secret Code Word. This could be your best chances to win this year.

Discovery Get Your Cut Sweepstakes Code

October Gold Total

  • October 21: 416.13 oz
  • October 28: 365.86 oz

November Gold Total

  • November 4: 219.65 oz
  • November 11: 112.9 oz
  • November 18: 278.66 oz
  • November 25: 148.2 oz

December Gold Total

  • December 2: 192.4 oz
  • December 9: 585.20 oz
  • December 16: 108.95 oz
  • December 23: No Code Available This Week
  • December 30: 102.65 oz

January Gold Total

  • January 6: 340.30 oz
  • January 13: 0 oz
  • January 20: 273.40 oz
  • January 27: 291.70 oz

February Gold Total

  • February 3: 319.05 oz
  • February 10: 357.40 oz
  • February 17: 471.95 oz
  • February 24: 690.16 oz

March Gold Total

  • March 3: 656.40 oz Gold Rush Get Your Cut Sweepstakes

Must be a legal residents of the United States to participate. In addition, all entrants must be at least 18 years of age or older at the time of entry. The Sweepstakes is set to begin at 9:00 p.m. ET on October 21, 2016 and end at 3:00 a.m. ET on March 4, 2017.


  1. I’ve just started this, I wonder if it matters on how late you enter the contest,if entered 4 times already and entered tonight’s secret code I like watching gold rush

  2. The official rules are all screwed up. They are showing the dates for this December as 2017. The rules indicate that there will not be a code for the 23rd. Then it says the next period is begins 9:00 PM December 16, 2017 and ends December 30, 2017 at 8:59 PM. So, this is void and suspicious. Even if they recognize that the year is a typo, you still have to have your code for the 30th by 8:59 PM, which is not cool as they did not show a code at all, nor did they indicate that the code would not be shown on the next show.

  3. they showed the total ounces on treasure quest snake island, the show after gold rush, approximately 10 minutes into the show they flashed it on the screen

  4. It is not a word, it is the total amount of gold for that weeks clean up. It is usually at the end of the show but I just read that it was shown 10 minutes into the next show. Hope this info helps.

    • yes it is gold total and you have to put oz after numbers or it won’t submit your answer and won’t let you try a second time, i already submitted 2 weeks

  5. The total/CODE is listed in lower right corner of the next show, Treasure Quest, a few minutes after the start of the show. Hope this helps.

  6. Ok, it’s REAL simple. There’s a banner near the final cleanup that says to “STAY TUNED TO TREASURE QUEST: SNAKE ISLAND” for the code. There’s a banner announcing next week’s show and time about 10 minutes in and then, about a couple minutes later, comes the banner showing that night’s total (tonight’s was 278.66 oz). Make sure you put ‘oz’ at the end as it’s part of the code.

  7. Thanks, Kevin & Richard. I figured that’s what is was, glad to know more people out there have the same way of thinking !
    Good luck to everyone ! Happy thanksgiving as well.

  8. This site isn’t making it clear what the CODE is, they have a YOU TUBE channel called WINZILY where they are GIVING you the code in 7 second videos. The CODE are the GOLD TOTAL they have listed above. So for November 11th, the CODE is 112.9 that’s what you enter as the SECRET CODE.

    DISCOVERY has not made this CLEAR what you are looking for and I have NEVER seen ANYTHING on the last 3 episodes that tells you “The Code is”. So go to WINZILY You Tube channel to find the Code every Friday night in a VIDEO they make. Very misleading on Discovery Channel’s part and this Website also for not stating “THIS IS THE CODE” obviously the guy who wrote this page IS NOT VERY THOROUGH!

    • The secret code is the gold total of each episode. You simply have to add their totals.
      Episode for 11/11/2016: Susan got nothing. Parker got 103.7. Hoffmans got 9.2.
      103.7+9.2= 112.9
      112.9 is the gold total which is also the secret code.

      Discovery wasn’t clear at first on this since they are using SECRET CODE in the entry form instead of GOLD TOTAL.

  9. I do believe you have to add up the gold totals for that episode and thats the code. They wont show you the code anymore. Best watch with a calculator lol

  10. I didn’t see the code for 11/11/16 I recorded episode rewatched didnt see the code. I have seen other posts saying they didn’t get codes either.can someone give me the code. Thanks in advance.


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