Celebrity Name For The EllenTV.com Carnival Oh Ship I Won A Cruise Watch And Win Contest

All this week, watch The Ellen DeGeneres Show and look for a Carnival Cruise Line ship. Take note of the Celebrity Name Of The Day and enter it online at Ellentv.com/Carnival. You could win a cruise on Carnival Cruise Line in the “Oh Ship I Won A Cruise Watch And Win” Contest!

Between September 19th and September 23rd, five lucky viewers will each receive a Carnival Cruise Line cruise for two including one double-occupancy ocean view stateroom.

Missed the celeb that was on-board the Carnival cruise today? Don’t panic! Check back with us every day during the week to know which celebrity was on the cruise. Then, enter the Celebrity Name at EllenTV.com/Carnival for your chance to win!

Celebrity Name Of The Day

Wondering which celeb was on-board the carnival cruise today? Check out below to find out who was the celebrity name of the day!

  • September 19: Britney Spears
  • September 20: Kanye
  • September 21: Miley Cyrus
  • September 22: Adele
  • September 23: Jackie Chan

Ellen Carnival Oh Ship I Won A Cruise Watch And Win Contest

The Ellen Carnival Oh Ship I Won A Cruise Watch And Win Contest is open to individuals who are 21 years of age or older. Furthermore, all participants must also be legal residents of the 50 United States or the District of Columbia to be eligible.

Entries will be accepted beginning on September 19, 2016 and ending on September 23, 2016. Limited to a maximum of one entry per Contestant per day during the Contest Period.

A complete list of prize winners will be posted on Ellentv.com/Carnival no later than October 28, 2016.


  1. What time will you be posting the name? I ask because I’m guessing the earlier you submit, the better. I was watching today, and the show just came back from commercial – go figure I was getting the information ready on their site and happen to look up to catch the tail end of the ship going by, without seeing who was in it! Yesterday they had a ship horn sound go off, but not today…
    Guess they want people to be watching the show, or make it a challenge? But even if you are the whole time, you might be distracted by watching the actual show. Also, Thank goodness they pick celebrities that are distinguishable from one another and its multiple choice, cause it goes be so fast I couldn’t tell you who it was.


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