All Starbucks For Life 2019 Rare Pieces

Starbucks for Life 2019 Game

The Starbucks for Life 2019 Game is your chance to win more than 2 million prizes but you will need to get Starbucks For Life Rare Pieces 2019 to win.

What are the Starbucks For Life Rare Pieces 2019? Have a look at the chart below to help you figure out which game pieces are the rarest ones in 2019, both in the United States and Canada.

These are the Rare Starbucks For Life Pieces 2019 (USA)

Prizes Rare Game Pieces Common Game Pieces Number Rare Game Pieces
Starbucks for Life – Skis – Betty the Yeti
– Snowshoes
Starbucks for 1 Year – Pinecone – Winterbird
– Professor Owl
Starbucks for 6 Months – Mixed Nuts – Stockings
– Miss Mouse
Starbucks for 3 Months – Silver Bells – Puppermint the Pup
– Sled
Starbucks for 1 Month – Holly – Ice Skates
– Polar Bear
PlayStation 4 system and a code for a 12-month PlayStation Now subscription – Snowflake – Waddles the Penguin
– Shovel
Two (2) Atom Tickets – Pear – Milk and Cookies
– Gingerbrad Man
400 Bonus Stars – Chili Lights – Pickle
– Candy Cane
150 Bonus Stars – Mittens – Canberry Sauce
– Vickers the Cat
Starbucks for Life Coffee
– Yule Goat
– Juniper the Reindeer

These are the Rare Starbucks For Life Pieces 2019 (CANADA)

Prizes Rare Game Pieces Common Game Pieces Number Rare Game Pieces
Starbucks for Life – Betty the Yetti
– Snowshoes
Starbucks for 1 Year – Professor Owl
– Winter Bird
Starbucks for 6 Months – Stockings
– Miss Mouse
Starbucks for 3 Months – Puppermint the Pup
– Sled
Starbucks for 1 Month – Ice Skates
– Polar Bear
PlayStation 4 system and a code for a 12-month PlayStation Now subscription – Waddles the Penguin
– Shovel
400 Bonus Stars – Milk and Cookies
– Gingerbrad Man
250 Bonus Stars – Pickle
– Candy Cane
150 Bonus Stars – Canberry Sauce
– Vickers the Cat
Starbucks for Life Coffee
– Juniper the Reindeer 50


Want to help us? Tell us which game pieces you think are common and rare ones in the comments below!


  1. Canada here!
    This is what I have so far
    For life: Snowshoes, Betty the yeti
    1 year: Winter bird, professor owl
    6 months: Miss mouse, stockings
    3 months: Sled, peppermint the pup
    1 month: Ice skates, Polar bear
    PlayStation prize pack: Waddles the penguin, shovel
    400 stars: Gingerbread man, milk and cookies
    250 stars: Pickle, candy cane
    150 stars: Cranberry sauce, vickers the cat
    Starbucks for life coffee collection: Yule goat

    I’ve won 10 stars and a muffin on instant wins, but I need 1 piece on each D:

    • Fellow player here. Do you have a time you usually play? You may have seen this in the rules but all of the times that the prizes are to be awarded were randomly generated by a computer and pre determined. To win, you need to be the first to play after the time an award has been designed. I read one article about a Starbucks for life winner who won after midnight. I hadn’t thought about it before but the game probably has prizes awarded around the clock. (There are over 2 million prizes after all). I would think there are less people playing over night, you may have a better chance at catching a winner then. Keep trying! I got 7 plays (free) yesterday between the bonus and repeat tokens. No prizes yet though.

    • There are probably thousands and thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of people entering this. Your chances of winning, in any sweepstakes like this really, are slim to none. Your chances of getting duplicates are pretty much guaranteed, along with 99% of everybody else playing lol

  2. This is what I have so far (USA):

    SFL: Betty the Yeti, Snowshoes
    S1Y: Professor Owl
    S6M: Miss Mouse, Stockings
    S3M: Puppermint the Pup, Sled
    S1M: Ice Skates, Polar Bear
    Atom Movie Tickets: Milk & Cookies
    PlayStation Pack: Shovel, Waddles
    400: Pickle, Candy Cane
    150: Vickers the Cat
    SFLCC: Yule Goat

  3. US:

    Life: Betty the Yeti

    1 Year: Winterbird

    6 Months: Miss Mouse and Stockings

    3 Months: Sled and Peppermint Pup

    1 Month: Ice Skates and Polar Bear

    Playstation Prize Pack: Shovel

    2 Free Movie Tickets from Atom: Gingerbread Man and Milk & Cookies

    400 Stars: Pickle and Candy Cane

    150 Stars: Cranberry Sauce and Vickers the Cat

    Starbucks For Life Coffee Collection: Yule Goat

  4. Canada here =)
    Life: snowshoes, yeti
    1 year: red robin, owl
    3 months: sleigh
    1 month: skates, polar bear
    Playstation: penguin, shovel
    400 Stars: gingerbread man, cookies and milk
    250 stars: candy cane
    150 stars: cat, “cranberry” sauce
    Starbucks for life collection: reindeer

  5. Here’s what I have so far (US)
    3 month–pup
    1 month–polar bear
    2 tickets–gingerbread man
    400 stars– pickle, candy cane
    150 stars–cat

  6. Canada here!
    I’ve received Professor Owl and Winter Bird in Starbucks for 1 year, Stockings in Starbucks for 6 months and Ice Skates in Starbucks for 3 months

  7. So far, I have:

    Snowshoes – SFL
    Professor Owl – SF1Y
    Sled – SF6M
    Waddles & Shovel – Playstation Pack
    Gingerbread man & Milk and Cookies – Atom
    Cranberry Sauce & Vickers – 150 Stars

    I’m guessing these are all common pieces.

  8. In the U.S. and I have:
    – 1 year – Winter Bird
    – 6 months – Miss Mouse
    – 3 months – Sled and Puppermint Pup
    – 1 month – Polar Bear
    – Playstation Now Prize Pack – Shovel
    – Two Free Movie Tickets – Milk and Cookies
    – 400 stars – Pickle and Candy Cane
    – 150 Stars – Vickers the Cat

  9. Here’s what I have (US)… I just assume all of mine are common haha, but not sure:

    SFL: Betty the Yeti
    S1Y: Winter Bird, Professor Owl
    S6M: Miss Mouse

    S1M: Ice Skates
    Atom Movie: Gingerbread Man

    400: Pickle, Candy Cane
    150: Canberry Sauce, Vickers the Cat

  10. I got “Canberry Sauce” for 150 stars so that’s probably another common game piece for that. (No, I didn’t misspell cranberry. It is Canberry.)

  11. Here’s what I have that isn’t up yet (US):
    1 year: Professor Owl
    1 month: Ice Skates
    Atom tickets: Gingerbrad Man
    400 stars: Pickle; Candy Cane

  12. I have:

    Betty the Yeti (SBFL)
    Miss Mouse (SBF6)
    Ice Skates, Polar Bear (SBF1)
    Shovel (PSNP)
    Gingerbread Man (Atom)
    Pickel (400S)

    I’ve only purchased one actual item from Starbucks so far, haha

  13. Here are a few of my game pieces here in the US.

    SB for 1 year:

    400 stars:

    150 stars:
    cranberry sauce from a can

  14. Assuming I got common pieces too- I have Winter Bird and Professor Owl for Starbucks for a year, Miss Mouse for Starbucks for 6 months, Ice skates and Polar Bear for Starbucks for One month.

  15. I’m in the US. I have…

    Starbucks for a Year:
    -Professor Owl

    Two Free Movie Tickets From Atom:
    -Gingerbread Man
    -Milk and Cookies

    The other common pieces you’ve listed coincide with mine. Thank you!

  16. I have the following:

    Starbucks for 1 year:
    Winter the bird
    Professor owl

    Two free movie tickets:
    Gingerbread Man
    Milk and Cookies

    400 stars:
    Candy cane

  17. Here’s what I have so far.

    For Life:
    -Betty the Yeti

    For 1 Year:
    -Professor Owl

    For 3 Months:
    -Puppermint the Pup

    For 1 Month:
    -Polar Bear
    -Ice Skates

    400 Stars:

    150 Stars:
    -Vickers the Cat

    Assuming all are common.

  18. I am in the US. I also have Snowshoes and Betty the Yeti on the Win for Life row, and Sled and Peppermint the pup on Starbucks for three months.
    I have Vickers the cat on 150 stars row.

  19. Let’s get this started…
    Safe to assume I just got the common pieces for the following since it was the first 4 plays of the season:

    SB For Life, grand prize (Canada)
    – Betty the Yetti
    – Snowshoes

    SB for 3 months
    – Puppermint the Pup
    – Sled

    In 2018, SB made the pieces the same in Canada and the USA. Hopefully they did the same this year. GL to all.


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