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5 Roll Up The Rim To Win Rituals You Already Know...

In January 2016, Tim Hortons customers from Canada and the United States answered an online survey about how they roll up the rim. Find out what you probably already know if you play every year.

Wow! We Already Found All 50 Ellen Emojis In The Emoji...

Can't find all emoji locations on and We did! Check out list of all 50 Ellen Emojis and enter the Emoji Scavengoji Contest for your chance to win!

Celebrity Name For The Carnival Oh Ship I Won A...

Missed the celebrity name that was on-board the Carnival cruise on Ellen today? Check back with us every day to know which celebrity was on the cruise.

Here’s What People Are Trying To Win Right Now

A list of stunning prizes that are currently trending online. This week: PlayStation VR, up to $100,000 in cash, a Carnival Cruise, and more!

We Have The WE tv Code Word For The Feel Like...

Missed the WE tv Feel Like A Million Bucks Sweepstakes Code Word? We have it! Check out our list every Friday for a new chance to win.

Steve Wilkos Word Of The Day

There's no need to watch The Steve Wilkos Show for the Word Of The Day. You only have to visit us everyday in the first 15 minutes of each show to get it.

Free iPhone Giveaways 2017: The Ultimate List

Here is the ultimate list of free iPhone Giveaways 2017. No survey and no need to complete an offer.

Ellen’s 12 Days of Giveaways Winners 2018

Wondering who are the winners of Ellen's 12 Days of Giveaways? Check our list of Ellen 12 Days Winners and look for your name to find out if you've won today's giveaways

This Is The Live Kelly Go Animated Character Image Of The...

Missed the Live Kelly Go Animated Character Image Of The Day during today's show? Luckily for you, we snapped a screenshot of it and you can find it right here on Winzily!

Holiday Sweepstakes Guide 2017

Looking for the perfect holiday sweepstakes? Check out Winzily's 2017 holiday sweepstakes guide for the best 12 Days of Giveaways and holiday contests for you and your family.

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