Starbucks Road Trip Game 2017 (

Good morning, Canada! The Starbucks Road Trip Game 2017 is on! Stop by Starbucks every morning between March 16th and April 30th, 2017 and play the game online at (English version) or (French version) for your chance to win thousands of prizes.

Instantly win coffee for a year, breakfast sandwiches, tall brewed teas, travelers, Bonus Stars, and more!

Over $185,000 in prizes are available to be won. More than 145,000 instant winners. New winners every day!

What are you waiting for? Sign into Starbucks Rewards to get started and use your Starbucks Card today!

How To Enter

During the Promotion Period, purchase any item at a participating Starbucks retail location in the Canada using a Starbucks Card registered to your Starbucks Rewards account or a registered digital Starbucks Card on your Starbucks mobile application for payment.

Then, visit either (French version) or (English version) and sign into your Account and you will have received one Instant Win Game play. Follow the links and instructions to play the Instant Win Game. If you are a potential winner of a prize, you will be provided directions for validation.

What You Can Win

Tier 1 Prizes:

  • FIFTY (50) GRAND PRIZES: Brewed Coffee for one (1) year. Winner will receive a daily credit to his/her Account for one (1) year for one Tall brewed (Hot or Iced) coffee redeemable at participating Starbucks stores in Canada. ARV: $876.00.

Tier 2 Prizes:

  • TWO HUNDRED FIFTY (250) FIRST PRIZES: A Traveler.  ARV: $15.00.
  • TWO HUNDRED FIFTY (250) SECOND PRIZES: A Whole bean Coffee. ARV: $17.53.
  • TEN THOUSAND (10,000) THIRD PRIZES: A Breakfast Sandwich. ARV: $4.05. FIVE THOUSAND (5,000) FOURTH PRIZES: A Tall Brewed Tea. ARV: $1.90.
  • THIRTY THOUSAND (30,000) FIFTH PRIZES: A Tall Brewed Coffee. ARV: $2.00.

Tier 3 Prizes:

  • THIRTY THOUSAND (30,000) SIXTH PRIZES: Ten (10) Bonus Stars which will be automatically added to their Starbucks Rewards account used to register for the Promotion or awarded in the form of a Star Code. ARV: $0.40.
  • SEVENTY THOUSAND (70,000) SEVENTH PRIZES: Five (5) Bonus Stars which will be automatically added to their Starbucks Rewards account used to register for the Promotion or awarded in the form of a Star Code. ARV: $0.20.


More About The Starbucks Road Trip Game 2017

Starbucks Road Trip: Morning Edition is open only to legal residents of Canada who are at least 18 years old and who are members of the Starbucks Rewards loyalty program at the time of entry. Begins on March 16, 2017 at 12:00 a.m. ET and ends on April 30, 2017 at 11:59 p.m. ET. Each Entrant may earn up to 2 Instant Win Game plays per day during the Promotion Period by either making up to 2 purchase transactions with a registered Starbucks Card or App per day. Sponsored by Starbucks Coffee Canada, Inc., 5140 Yonge Street, Suite 1205, Toronto, ON M2N 6L7, Canada. Administrated by HelloWorld, Inc., 3000 Town Center, Suite 2100, Southfield, MI 48075, U.S.A.

For a winner list, visit The winner list will be posted after winner confirmation is complete. For complete details, see official rules starting March 16, 2017.


  1. I have won so often I still get disappointed when I lose. Two teas in the first day and 10 or 5 stars almost daily sometimes twice daily bringing my total so far to 160 stars won. The games are not rigged. If you read the rules they are on a predetermined schedule and if there is no prize waiting at the time you try you wouldn’t win no matter which of the three choices you pick.

  2. I totally agree with everyone’s comments about being rigged. I have played over 20x and those mini games have got me nothing. Better off just not having this faulty gameboard with the games that do nothing but choose the opposite of what you pick.

  3. It was definitely programmed to cheat in order to limit the finite number of prizes available. I expect the program just worked a little too well. No doubt they are trying to hide it and have introduced a new promo to pull the wool over your eyes. Buy 7 get 75 stars, Buy 9 get 175 stars. I’m sure someone will be taking legal action? Then we can all get in on the class action!

  4. I basically found the biggest loop hole in this game. In all of them actually. I have had one instant play and I’ve played about 100 times of each game with the same one. I would press the one I think will win and when I saw another move I pressed back on my iPhone reusing the instant play. But that didn’t at all add to my chances of winning.. No no… But instead lead me to the other flaw in this game. Every mini game is rigged. I press one and the other will move but the same one every single time. PATTERN!! I played each game at least 10 times each choosing all three options three times. ALL of them opened up no winner with the EXACT same on that WAS the winning one. Press the pink flower? The bee will go to the
    Orange flower every single time. Press the red flower? Bee will go to the pink one.. Every single time. that goes on with basically all of them and it’s kind of insulting that Starbucks thinks we are this stupid.

  5. Starbucks should be ashamed of itself. I have played over 60 times, always picking the exact same option, only to have the winner reveal itself in the exact same spot each time. Lame.

  6. This game is a total joke and rip off. In my opinion it’s completely rigged. As mentioned above, I too have played about 25 times with no win. I’ve even tried just doing the same game to see if there’s ANY possibility of winning but it doesn’t matter which thing you choose, it’s never a winner. The rules of probability don’t apply to this game at all.

  7. I have also played twice daily for the past 2 weeks and out of 30 tries I have won only twice-each time getting five bonus stars.

  8. Curious how others have done on this app game. Both my wife and I have played 2x every day for the last 2 weeks. Zero hits. 0% out of 60 tries. And there’s appears to be a pattern to what you pick as the winner and which one actually wins in each mini-game. Interesting.


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