Monopoly Game At Safeway Is Back Starting On February 8th


The Monopoly Game at Safeway is back and it’s bigger than ever with over 100 millions additional prizes this year. The Safeway Monopoly Game 2017 starts on February 8, 2017 and will run through May 9, 2017.

Starting on February 8th, shoppers can play the Collect & Win Game for a chance to win over $200 million in prizes and money saving offers. This year’s prizes include $1,000,000 cash, a $1,000,000 vacation home, a vacation trip, a new car, and more. But only a few lucky shoppers will find the rare Safeway Monopoly pieces.

Earn BONUS Game Tickets by purchasing specially tagged products. Inside game tickets, you will find either a Special Discount Offer, Online Game Code, Instant Win Prize or 2 FREE Game Tickets Coupon PLUS 4 game markers.

Moisten the glue strip on the back and place on the matching game play area on this official Safeway Monopoly Game Board. Complete the game play area with the appropriate game markers and win that prize.

Inside certain game tickets, you will find an INSTANT WIN PRIZE or a 12-digit alphanumeric code for the Online Game. To play the game online, go to and register. Then type in your 12-digit online code to see if you are a potential winner. Every code is automatically entered into the MONOPOLY Sweepstakes.

Safeway's Big Book of Savings Ad
Safeway’s Big Book of Savings Ad (February 2017)

Get ready to shop, play, and win because it starts February 8th!


  1. I am trying to play the codes on the game pieces but where do I enter them….you have too much junk on this website to find how to enter

  2. i am trying to sign up for this game but the problem is your Safeway monopoly website does not list Novato an i have trying to do that


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