Diesel Brothers Double JEEPardy Giveaway

Starting on November 17, you can enter the Diesel Brothers Double JEEPardy Giveaway for a chance to win your choice of a 2007 Jeep Wrangler or 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Access the Diesel Brothers Giveaway Entry page during the Promotion Period and for every $5 spent on the website, you will receive 1 automatic entry for a chance to win.

The grand prize winner of the Diesel Brothers Truck Giveaway 2017 will also receive a one-way trip to Salt Lake City, Utah to pick up the prize and meet the Diesel Power Crew.

What Is The Diesel Brothers Double JEEPardy Giveaway

The Diesel Brothers Double JEEPardy Giveaway is a truck giveaway sponsored by Diesel Power Gear. The Sweepstakes is open only to legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia and Canada (excluding Quebec) who are 18 years of age or older and located in the Territory at the time of entry.

The Promotion begins at 12:00 noon MST on November 17, 2017 and ends at 11:59 p.m. MST on January 15, 2018.

How To Find The Diesel Brothers Giveaway Entry

You can access the Diesel Brothers Giveaway Entry page by visiting any of the following websites:

To enter the Diesel Brothers Truck Giveaway, purchase one or more products from any of the Websites during the Promotion Period. You will receive one entry into the Giveaway for every $5 spent.

Alternatively, you may participate without making a purchase, by legibly hand printing your name, street address, city, state or province, zip or postal code, telephone number, complete e-mail address on a standard 4” x 6” postcard (with no outer envelope) and mail to: Double JEEPardy Giveaway, O. Box 2670, Salt Lake City, UT 84110.

For complete details and official rules, visit www.dieselpowergear.com.


    • Haha! No ifeel your pain, i have a 96 ford asspire 5 speed but good on gas and i feel like a girl, (but maybe thats cuz i am one) especially when i go from a big truck to it when i aint working. Its a beater. Every truck i had my ex took them or someone stole em.. no one wants an asspire. Haha! Keep it up Diesel Dave, Heavy D, Red Beard and the Muscle & the rest of the crew who make it happen! I hope you stay on tv building bad ass trucks forever!My 6 yr old daughter loves to watch your show with me.

  1. I’m Joe from ok I drive over the Rd I drive for other driver I don’t Owener op I would love to win a truck from them Chevy or GMC pickup I don’t own a car or truck my kids come 1st I have 5 I work 7 days a week don’t have alot of money but see ur show as often as I can Joe cranke 9166980672 from ok work out of Dallas tx

  2. HI,BROTHER’S, Kurt arnold I have a 1997 c1500 4by4 z71 with a third door last year hit a nice big snowball 12×8 chunk of ice that was in a intersection took the box out and the third door may have bent the frame it has only 120,000 miles on it and still runs and drives great, Do not think it is worth fixing I just call it a old farm truck and run it till it dies. Just bought a 2003 corvette 50th anniversary, it was not the kind of musel I did want, Wanted a 1966 chevy two offered the man 2,000 more then he was asking ask for one favor to pick me up from the airport he was a hour away. Told him I need to see the car drive the car. And you do not have to worry about getting me back to the airport. No he wanted 5% down and the rest in a week, To me that rose a bunch of red flags it was a strip car geared very low the paint job had to be 10 to 12 grand alone he had a stroker motor in it and that would have never made it back to Wisconsin driving so it would have to be carried by semi into the front of my house. Wondering that my felling for my truck if I would have towed it behind my truck in neutral would the miles of the 1966 would have rang up, Now this would have been on a two wheel car towing rig thanks kurt A, Good job on your show about a supper ATV Diesel with the original frame that is what I use my truck for to tow my two atv’s in Milwaukee there is a 50$ wheel tax on every car and I have three it does get expensive to just register them close to 600$ a year on ssi it a big chunk of money thanks again men God bless you keep your missions up where ever you can talk about them.

  3. Not asking for me luck of Irish all bad just think there are a lot of people who can’t watch your show who could use a truck to start a business or just to go to and from work threre are a lot of people out there
    Who need a hand up not a hand out if you read this thank you love show

  4. I’m Tom Hooker and in my 4th year as a cancer survivor. I had to sell my diesel and I’m looking forward to getting back into one. Not to mention it would be the first time you could advertise donating a truck to a Hooker. If not thanks for all you do for others and I love the show. Take care guys.

  5. First I would just like to say , you guys build some bad ass Diesel trucks. Heavy D you and your crew are awesome I would love to just hang out and have a blast of course also win a giveaway . Sure we’re on hard times but when you do your drugs especially the hammer would be outstanding . I am a local#1Ironworker that 10 years ago I broke my neck my femur both in my of my wrist etc. it would be awesome going to the union hall in one of your trucks that would be freaking awesome !!! PS not looking for no sympathy just to win a giveaway would get my spirits up extremely. Sincerely : call Rocco Landini . My wife goes crazy every time I Watch your show. Especially when she always tells me you didn’t just watch that is just awesome just turn 55 Anna static getting something awesome I’ve got socks and underwear for my birthday !

  6. My name is Jaymz. I love your show. I drive a Silverado “gas” truck. I can’t afford a Duramax yet but someday… If you guys need a top notch fabricator and welder I would love the chance to come work with y’all. I have been a pipe welder/ Pipefitter for 20+ years and have an extensive background in art as a tattoo artist etc. please let me know if there is any way to come out and show you my skill set and creativity for all thing off road and bad ass. I think I would be a great fit for the Diesel Brothers family. Have a great day men. Sincerely Jaymz Reed.

  7. I watch your show every time it comes on I would love to win that black truck you have on TV right now or the Civil War either one would do I’m not picky I need a truck for very bad to the brothers I can’t read too good and can’t spell too good I’m letting the phone do all the writing and stuff for me but I can drive good that’s about the best thing I can do so if you can’t get ahold of me on Facebook if I win please thank you very much

  8. Yeah it would be great to win a especially when times are tough family health issues set you back but as you know family comes first I watch your show every week you guys are unbelievable what you build always said someday possibly winning but my luck isn’t that fortunate but will always enjoy watching keep up the good work

  9. I have lost my leg lost my job every thing been going down hill know we lost my house I do not believe in luck any more every day something else happen to us I love working but know I pray to the man up stairs to up us there time we have no food and times we sleep on the street one of these days something may go are way love your show 267-536 -6855-mike

  10. Watching a new episode as i write. Good show guys as always. Family man of 6 an we could really have some out door fun with a diesel. Keep up the good work guys.

  11. I love the truck you and your crew builds I work on diesels every day I’m a diesel technician my wife works at a parts store but I’ve never owned a diesel can’t afford one we have kids so they come first so we can’t afford to even enter but we won’t you to no that we love the show and keep building them trucks


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