CTV Watch To Win Super Bowl Contest (CTV.ca/SuperBowlContest)

This Sunday, don’t miss Super Bowl 52 and the CTV Super Bowl Contest because you could win the grand prize of 150,000$ and other amazing prizes. You have to watch Super Bowl 2018 live on CTV for the keyword and go to ctv.ca/superbowlcontest during the Big Game to enter.

On February 4th, CTV will broadcast Super Bowl LI  where the Philadelphia Eagles will try to stop Tom Brady and the Patriots. Watch the Big Game live on CTV for the Super Bowl Contest Keyword and text the Keyword together with your first name, last name and city of residence to 24680.

CTV Super Bowl Contest Keywords

  • First Quarter Keyword: Tackle
  • Second Quarter Keyword:
  • Halftime Keyword:
  • Third Quarter Keyword:
  • Fourth Quarter Keyword:

Get The Details Online At CTV.ca/SuperBowlContest

Tune in to CTV, CTV Two, or TSN and don’t miss a minute of Super Bowl LI. Additionally, you may watch online at CTV.ca and the CTV Go app.

During live coverage of the Big Game, look for the winning keyword during each of the five entry periods. Each keyword will be revealed by TSN’s Natasha Staniszewski and Tessa Bonhomme during live CTV Watch to Win Contest updates throughout the broadcast.

Once you hear the keyword, text it along with your name and city to be entered into the applicable draw. Please note that you can watch CTV’s Broadcast for instructions on how to enter.

Win Over $300,000 In Cash And Prizes

  1. First Quarter Prize: $50,000 Cash
  2. First Quarter Prize: $50,000 Cash
  3. Halftime Prize: Trip for 2 to SB53 with ARV of $9,500 with YVR departure
  4. Third Quarter Prize: 2018 Nissan TITAN Crew Cab 4×4 SV Midnight Edition
  5. Fourth Quarter Prize: $150,000 Cash

About The CTV Super Bowl Contest 2018

  • The CTV Watch To Win Super Bowl 2018 Contest is open to residents of Canada who are 18 years of age or older.
  • The Contest will run during CTV’s broadcast of Super Bowl LI on February 4, 2018 18 (approx. 6:30 PM to 10:30 PM EST) and has 5 entry periods.
  • Limit one entry per entry period per person, for a maximum of 5 total entries.

For complete details, see official rules starting February 4, 2018.


  1. I watch the 2017 and 2018 CTV/TSN Superbowl Contest and I have to ask.

    With the exception of a prize going to Sack and Que in 2018, why were majority of the prizes going to the same provinces as in 2017? Like … BC, Alberta, Ontario.

    So let me tell you seeing the same provinces win all the time is frustrating … reminded me of the 6/49 Lottery, always going to the bigger Provinces.

    I live in Atlantic Canada, and let me tell you .. we watch FOOTBALL too!

    Now a suggestion for 2019.
    Do you think that maybe you can make the contest a little more challenging then having the host tell exactly when to type/text a WORD.

    Can I suggest that maybe have the CTV symbol displayed on the corner of our TV blink 3 times or something as a 5 minute warning to summit the pre-authorized words in each Quarter, this way people will focus on the game on CTV in lieu of switching channels from the American networks at each quarter for the sake of submitting their answer. If you want views, make it challenging … a game with a game!


  2. Well i hope Brady does not win another Superbowl lets spread it around tired of seeing him well i sure hope if i have to watch him today i hope at least i win something from your contest.
    This is a very good good contest it must have been a lot of work to set this up so good for you thank you very much.

  3. Well i hope Brady does not win another Superbowl lets spread it around tired of seeing him well i sure hope if i have to watch him today i hope at least i win something from your contest.

  4. I was able to get through via text but there were NO winners in Atlantic Canada. Which sucks. I realize population is smaller and less texts etc but it should have been organized better to share wins across the country. Country does not end at Ontario border.

  5. Smells of rip off, I like a number of other people on this post entered as instructed within the timeframe and rec’d same message as everyone else “Sorry , your entry didn’t qualify. Keep watching CTV for more chances to enter. I don’t think so con merchants.

  6. One of mine went through, 2 came back saying it was received after the time and two saying I had the words, just checked and my words are correct. What a scam

  7. I texted as soon as they announced:
    My Name
    My City
    (format per rules)

    and got a reply within a couple of minutes

    Sorry, your entry didn’t qualify. Keep watching CTV for more chances to enter. Full rules ctv.ca/superbowlcontest Std Msg & Data Rates Apply

  8. Same thing for me. Sent within 15 sec. First was invalid & second one was entered too late. Nothing yet re third entry. Wondering if this is happening because I am a Shaw customer & this is a Bell contest. I would sure hope not.

  9. Anyone else sending in their keyword well within the 10 minute time limit (at 7:09 for the 2nd keyword) and receiving a text back (7:38) stating “unfortunately, your entry was received outside the contest entry time period” ?? #Citytv

  10. The contest blows! I’ve texted my entry within SECONDS for the first 2 quarters and received a message both times that it was received outside of the time period. How is that right?

  11. Scam … they keep saying that

    Thanks, unfortunately your entry was received outside the contest entry time period. Full rules: ctv.ca/superbowlcontest Std Msg&Data Rates Apply

    I entered this while the announcers were still talking and this came up shortly afterward

  12. RUSH, Ryan Daw, Medicine Hat

    I tried and did it right away. Then I got a message saying I entered my message outside the time. It was supposed to be 10 minutes to enter and I did it within the first 30 seconds. 2nd better work.

  13. Major rip off!!! Sent my text within the 10 minute timeframe -got a reply back saying my entry was received OUTSIDE the time period?? WTF!
    Plus they sent me 2 “sorry texts…” I’m sure there will be message charges for their response texts?? Can you say cash grab…. X’s the millions of people that submit entries. Wow.

  14. Hopefully the e-mail will be just as fast as the text from phone I don’t have that on my phone so I will be e-mailing fingers crossedxxxxx

    • To enter, watch CTV’s broadcast of the Game in Canada during the Contest Period. During the CTV Broadcast, a different Contest keyword will be announced on-air during each Entry Period. There are 2 ways to enter the Contest, as follows:

      1) Text the Keyword together with your first name, last name and city of residence to shortcode 24680 during the corresponding Entry Period.

      2) Send an email with the Keyword as the subject, and your first name, last name, and city of residence in the body of the email to superbowlcontest@ctv.ca during the corresponding Entry Period.

      • I am not understanding fully this contest. I replied within one minute of the announcement on tv and I receive a reply that my entry was received outside the contest entry time.

      • I’ve tried 15x to text then went to e-mail & I received an alert saying the e-mail address is invalid. I checked it 5x. Hope this is not a scam!
        Frustrated in NS

  15. I don’t have text on my cell – how else can I enter?

    What # do I text to if I find someone with text options?




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