The Roll Up The Rim To Win has started and for many Tim Hortons fans, it’s the best time of the year. It’s that time again where every coffee lovers roll out their Roll Up rituals.

Do you have any Roll Up The Rim To Win rituals? Here are 5 Roll Up The Rim To Win Rituals you already know only if you play every year.

165% of Tim Hortons guests roll with their thumbs from one end of the tab to the other.


Other ways includes the “Key & Roll” and the “Flatten & Roll”.

238% have to finish every drop before they roll up the rim.


Some people believe their ritual bring them luck.

327% of you prefer to roll in the restaurant.


For many, the where is just as important as the how.

425% prefer to make rolling a family occasion.


For some customers, it’s all about who they roll with.

581% redeem as they go


In the spirit of the game, some coffee drinkers pay it forward and save their winnings to share with others.

How do you roll? Share it with us below!


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