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It’s Disney Channel Mission Time!

Attention agents, you’re about to embark on your secret spy mission. Disney Channel’s KC Undercover star Zendaya recently invited her fans to go to DisneyChannel.com/Mission to participate in the KC Undercover Sweepstakes for a chance to win a spy-themed scavenger hunt in L.A. with her. It’s a super secret super special spy mission just for you!

The Promotion, sponsored by Disney Channel and Best Western, offers K.C. Undercover fans a chance to win mini tablets, Best Western Travel Cards or a 3-day/2-night trip for a family of four to Los Angeles, CA.

Best Western Zendaya Spy Mission
Screenshot Credit: YouTube.com

Fans are also encouraged to explore today’s Best Western with the help of Zendaya through an interactive 360° video experience. Spies in training must find clues that are hidden in top secret places in order to take the quiz at bwspymission.com to earn their own spy badge and unlock an exclusive video as a reward.

Entering The KC Undercover Sweepstakes

Starting on May 9th, participants who want to enter the K.C. Undercover Sweepstakes can do it in two ways.

First, they can register for the Sweepstakes by completing and submitting the official entry form at DisneyChannel.com/Mission. Second, they can send the keyword “MISSION” to 347639 (Disney) using a cellphone. By registering for the Sweepstakes, an entrant will earn one entry into the applicable weekly entry drawing for a shot at an iPad mini 2 then one entry into both the first prize and grand prize drawing.

Fifty first prize winners will each get a $100 Best Western Travel Card redeemable at any Best Western branded hotel. The grand prize winner will have the opportunity to participate in a spy-themed scavenger hunt in L.A. and meet Zendaya, star of Disney Channel’s K.C. Undercover.

Entrants are allowed to participate once per day throughout the Sweepstakes Period. All entries must be received by 11:59 p.m. on September 4, 2016.

More About The Disney Channel K.C. Undercover Mission: Vacation Sweepstakes

This Disney Channel Sweepstakes is open only to individuals who are legal residents of, and physically located within, the 50 United States or the District of Columbia. Participants must be between the ages of 8 and 18 as of date of entry. A parent, legal guardian or grandparent of an eligible Child can also participate.

The Sweepstakes runs from May 9, 2016 through September 4, 2016 and consists of 18 weekly drawings, 1 first prize drawing and 1 grand prize drawing.

There is a limit of 1 Entry per person per day. Maximum of 7 total entries per Weekly Entry Period. A total of 119 entries per entrants will be accepted during the entire Sweepstakes Period.

The list of winners can be obtained by sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope to: K.C. Undercover Mission: Vacation Sweepstakes, c/o Ventura Associates International, LLC, ATTN: BW, 60 East 42 Street, NYC, NY 10165. All requests must be received between September 30, 2016 and before November 30, 2016.


  1. I love k.c undercover. it’s my favorite Disney channel show. I really want to meet you, Zendaya. I hope you choose me to win. My sister really wants to go to so I want to invite her if I win. Please pick me. I love scavenger hunts and I think this will be really fun.

  2. Zendaya I hope I win and not just for the money because I want to see you I try to watch Disney channel but sometimes my brother and sister do not let me I love zendaya

  3. OMG I hope I win so bad………. ! I KC undercover it’s my fave show ☺☺☺☺ on Disney I hope you choose me I wish everyone the best of luck ☺☺

  4. i hope i win this would be the first time i went to LA the first time i have met a famous celebrity in person i love zendaya she is my idol and i would do anything to meet her iv watched shows and all the movies she is in my favorite is kc undercover shake it up and frenemies

  5. I want to win
    Zendaya Coleman u r my inspiration love I girl and I hope that I get to meet u. Also I’m about to be a senior in HS

  6. My little sis met Bekey G, my brother met R5 and I didn’t met any one who’s famous, so this is my only chance to meat u so I hope to win. And if it wasn’t for u who else will inspire me, your my hero

  7. Hi zendaya my name is contrel dixon and I love you show and I want to enter but my email is not work but I hope someone will win and I love you song especially Replay it is my favourite I can want for a new episode of kc under cover we love what you are doing zendaya hope you get this and I hope big fans like me have fun a I will be watching on TV can wait

  8. I,really want to bring my 2 sister and my Mom to this vacation I really don’t hang out with them at all I really would like to go to a difference place I really don’t go places a lot and it would be my first time meeting a famous person

  9. Hi zendaya I just wanted to say im a big fan of u and you sing beautiful and are a good actor I really want to meet u and get to know u oh and it’s crazy but my cousin looks just like u u also inspire me to be open because I use to be shy and you are really beautiful and a species person “girl power” I may not know but I love u very much and it would be a good opportunity to meet u and have girl time.

    Love, Raquel Nicole geigel

  10. The reason i want to win this is because since i was little i never had a big sister and zenday has always been one to me i love zenday parents they want the little girl to be the best person she can be and my mom is never around but i look up to her parents and zenday you probably get message like this alot this message is from my heart i will always look up to you now matter what and even though i never meet you you have a place in my heart by the way i think you should have been aligh because you are a great singer happy birthday sorry i know im late

  11. I am such a big fan i like all of your videos and i hope i win and my favorite one is when you thought dexter was a boy a and it was a dog and if i win me and you are going too have so much fun. by mijaina hubbard

  12. Hi my name is Anthony Gunter and I really love your show. I think you are a great actor and you are very beautiful. I’ve seen every show and movie you were in. For example: shake it up, kc under cover, so you think you can dance, and zapped. My favorite music video from you is I keep it under cover and dig down deeper. I hope you pick me because I really would like to meet you and get to know a little bit more about you.

    I hope you enjoy your day!!!!!!!

    Sincerely Anthony Gunter

  13. Zendaya I forgot to add on to my comment this is my only chance to meet you since I live in Virginia I would do anything to meet

  14. Hi zendaya I hope you can pick me to be the grand prize winner I know there is another 1,000,000,000 people depending on you to pick them but you can pick me to. Its my dream to meet you and hopefully you can make it come true. My sisters want to see you to. Whoever it is I’m happy for them we love you zendaya!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Zendaya I really want to win this for my family they mean everything to me and I want to win this for them and you inspire me to follow my dreams and have watched everything you played in and I love you your. My hero

  16. I am the BIGGEST FAN EVER I watch k.c. undercover everyday all day I will not stop for nothing else.P.S.,I hope I win and see u in person good luck to everyone else.

  17. My name is Thomas and I really want to go so can I please go because it’s everything to
    your number one biggest fan

  18. Please pick me Zendaya!I love K.C Undercover,Frenemies,Zapped and Shake It Up.I also see you on Cover Girl.YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!

  19. I love you kc you is the best spy ever and ever time your shoes come on I watch it it is so great I can not wait to I see the new one and you to on shake it

  20. zendaya i hope you pick me because i think you are so amazing and you inspire kids to be themselves and not care what others say also you have a great voice and great dance moves and i love everything about kc undercover and you are so funny that you make me laugh every time i see your show and i want to just to wsh everyone a very good luck

  21. Hi I am a huge fan of Kc undercover I would love to see Zendaya on Kc undercover you are my Hero I look up to you inspire me and I would love to visit you I record your tv show I love to see you on tv and I have to say I love you outfits and your eyebrows are all ways on Point who does tham you are the best I hope you pick me.

    • I will give my life for Zendaya I am her biggest fan ever I mean I’m her biggest biggest fan if I don’t win I hope a lucky lucky person does PSI love Zendaya’s glasses

  22. ZENDAYA I love you so much and I still watch SHAKE IT UP on Netflix your an amazing singer and actress I hope you pick me and I love your show KC UNDERCOVER i record every single eposide i will die i really want to HUG YOU TALK TO YOU AND SPEND 24HOURS WITH YOU PLEASE PICK ME and good luck to everyone who applied

  23. I hope I win. I am so scared. I really want to be in first place I want to win this for my dad because he is sick. This is my mom’s birthday today

  24. Hi zendaya it’s me Adelina Bravo. I just want to say that I like your show I’ve been watching you since you first started in your other show on Shake It Up it was kind of sad to see that show go come to an end but like all other shows shows must come to an end anyway I’m glad to see you in this new show and I really like to meet you I think we will have good time hanging out it’ll be like a dream come true I hope to God that you choose me to win anyways I just want to say God bless you and I hope you choose me

  25. hi Zendaya i just wanted to say im your biggest fan i love your last name Coleman cause thats my last name im wacthing your show k.c. undercover and let me tell u u is rocking that black and white jumpsuit with them heels.I entered this contest because i love your show and my mom said that i can enter and we will get to have a summer brake i really want to see u because u look like my big sister.by your biggest enourmos fan.
    PresleiSavannah LaTasha Coleman.p.s. i dont care if i win just wanted to apply for my first time.

    • P.S. I love shake it up also you are rocking in those cloths I am 8 years old. God bless you Zendaya also who won cause these was a year ago in 8 now but in 2016 I was 7.

  26. I would love to meet zendaya because she is my favorite singer and actress and it would be the best first vacation ever

  27. It’s has always been a dream for me to meet zendaya and be in a t.v. show with her .zendaya inspires me it would be a dream come true to meet my favorite actress/dancer/singer .I ‘m only 11 my birthday has just pass and l wish to win so l can see my favorite actress! I love you zendaya!

  28. I am a big big big big big big fan of Zendaya and cant wait to bring my family with me on the trip and meet her. I really hope I win this amazing sweepstakes!

  29. If can get the tablet and watch you all day that will be the time of my life.Watching Zendaya for 24 hours.If I can be the one who gets to see you,zendaya,I will hug to to deaf because that is how much i love you.P.S.,I still watch Shake it up.My family loves you.


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